How the London Bridge terror attack unfolded

We believe a device that was strapped
to the body of the suspect is a hoax explosive device I’m now in a position to confirm that
it has been declared a terrorist incident. One you see everybody rushing and scattering,
you’re really fearing for your own safety. And I think the major thing was just to
get out of the way and get down and then you just feel very scared,
very anxious about what’s happening. [police sirens] So that was it. So apart from momentarily looking up and
seeing what that flash might have been it’s difficult, you feel as though
you’re in a bubble, really. You don’t know what’s going on because
you’re in the middle of it. [police sirens] Anybody involved in this crime in
these attacks will be hunted down and will be brought to justice. I want to thank our brave emergency services
who responded to today’s horrific attack. Every day they put their lives on
the line for us, running towards danger in order to keep us safe. I would also like to thank members of the
public who risked their own safety this afternoon. They are the best of us


  1. BUT HK protesters who burned a man alive , who killed a man with bricks , who kept over 10,000 petrol bombs in universtiy , who fired thousands of petrol bombs , who cut a police 's throat , who burned a police with strong corrosion liquid , who shot a police with an arrow , who attacked dozens of citizens , are pro-democracy for western medias right ?

  2. "Bearded"
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    Why is the shrinking brit population in london so cowardly as to not even say мцsliм

  3. The Terrorist is from Pakistan origin and the police men who led the operation is from India. Is the the basic difference btw India and Pakistan hope English people understand after that🙏🙏 # stop Terroristism.

  4. Is it me or is there a terrorist attack everytime after a high profile pedophile has been exposed? "prince andrew"
    These attack seem to distract from what's currently in the news.

  5. He was trained in Pakistan terror training camp. I hope at least now people around the world specialy People of UK would understand the intention of Pakistan army.

  6. You can just imaging Corbyn and Abbott laying a wreath to remember the goat herder whilst chami chakrabarti claims it was against his human rights to be shot

    Labour hq will be hoping the goat herder completed his postal vote before the attack

  7. How is someone on terrorism charges let out early!! He’s clearly a threat!!!! That’s ridiculous! Bless the 2 people who have lost their lives! So sad.

  8. It is the fault of the Home Office minister to release this 'madman' at this sensitive time before the election. A deliberate election stunt. Sadly two unfortunate victims.
    Priti Patel should resign.

  9. Never mind another great oppurtunity for the loony left to buy some candles and pat each other on the back while they have a sing song saying we will not be cowed by terrorists. Until the next time. The weakness is repulsive.

  10. And surprise surprise he was known as always…… if you can rehabilitate a terrorist, out come the government excuses

  11. I would like to understand how a meeting of volatile recently released murderers and terrorists were allowed to have a meeting in the center of London, close to London bridge without any due consideration as to whether the center of the capital city next to a place of fairly recent acts of violence had been commited. Who authorised this insane decision to meet in the center and how it was not considered an inappropriate venue. I would also like to know about the guy who removed the knife from the terrorist apparently had a bag of a white substance in his pocket and what that was all about. We are not being told the full facts or the truth about this event. Something very strange when one of the people restraining the terrorist was himself a murderer out on release and had killed a disabled person in a wood by slitting their throat. What the hell is going on here?

  12. Shame on the younger generation for lighting candles and trying to be everyone’s friend. Get real and realise that the older generation often know best based on experience of far worse atrocities than this.

  13. The cop with the knife runs towards the camera, takes something out of his pocket that looks like a ziplock bag full of white substance, and throws it away. Why? The media cut this part out but you can see it in other videos.

  14. Two people killed in London Bridge terrorist attack, police confirm ►
    London Bridge attack: two members of public killed and police shoot suspect dead – live updates ►

  15. That’s why Britain should be brexit now still time so that no other nation can come very easy in millions this uk 🇬🇧 is crowded up already with refugees with no jobs how more crowded do we want it should be brexit as soon as possible 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧

  16. To our British Cousins – much love and hugs from Canada. Keeping you in our thoughts and prayers after yet another tragedy. I have to say, if I was the parent of one of those young people who were fatally stabbed, by a guy who should have been in prison, making little rocks out of big rocks, I sure as hell would want to know why he was out, roaming the streets after 6 years. Seriously? On a Terrorism charge? Sad. PS: Kudos to the brave citizens who tackled this POS and held him. Incredibly BRAVE !

  17. Yes, guardian fanboys champion, the wonderful socialist corbyn, would advise that terrorists dont serve their full prison terms. Oh, and look what enrichment that brings.

  18. Joys of labour laws releasing prisoners early and Eu stopping U.K. holding prisoners for indefinite time🤷🏻‍♂️, did anyone ask Corbyn to ask his terrorist friends what went on?

  19. It doesn't matter if you are Polish, German or British. We are all Europeans and we need to protect and support each other because times are getting worse. Please, don't insult me ​​in the comments

  20. A tender-hearted woman saw a poor half-frozen snake 🐍
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  21. That's murder he didn't have a weapon it was taken from him , the cop failed to be cool and know his surroundings he just shot him because he shat himself he should be charged for murder

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