How to Write News Articles : How to Write Newspaper Headlines: Part 1

Hi! This is Peggy Charlton from Expert Village.
Every news story or featured story tells the story first in the headlines and every one
knows what a headline is. A headline is a catchy, very few words in bigger bolder print
than in the news story. The headline definitely needs to reflect what is in the story. There
are magazines that are quite not journalistically sound that a lot of times writes crazy headlines
and then you come in to read this story the tabloids paper and it is not anything like
it was on the front. You know those headlines that say I had an alien baby and this like
that so you need to be very truthful and I will get into that later in your liable aspect
of writing. Your headlines always needs to reflect in your story and I will give you
some example.


    STORY- a baby in china has been born with a green face, it turned out he is human "thank god"

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