IDF Responds Forcefully to Palestinian Rocket Fire – 12.9.19 TV7 Israel News

Shalom and good evening, this is TV7 Israel
News broadcasting to you from Jerusalem;
And in today’s top stories;
Palestinian Islamists continue to fire rockets
and mortar shells from the Gaza Strip toward
Israel’s southern communities – prompting
a series of Israeli retaliatory strikes.
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu
held a meeting with President Vladimir Putin
today in the Russian resort city of Sochi,
where they primarily discussed the situation
in Israel’s northern neighbor, Syria.
U.S. President Donald Trump has not ruled
out the possibility, in which the United States
could ease sanctions on the Islamic Republic
of Iran, if Tehran seeks a diplomatic resolution
to its dispute with Washington.
Palestinian-Islamists continue to fire rockets
and mortar shells from the Gaza Strip toward
Israel’s southern communities.
Last night three projectiles were launched
from the Hamas-controlled territory in the
direction of Kibbutz Yad Mordechai and Moshav
Netiv HaAsara, thankfully exploding in non-populated
areas – causing no injuries or damage.
An IDF tank immediately responded to the attack
by striking two Hamas military outposts in
the northern Gaza Strip.
Several hours later, air raid sirens were
sounded on multiple occasions in several Israeli
communities throughout the region; however,
The IDF Spokespersons Unit released a statement
shortly thereafter, notifying the public that
they had been “false alarms.”
It also noted that ‘during the “false”
sirens’ the Iron Dome Missile Defense System
had been deployed unnecessarily.
The IDF announced that Israeli Air Force fighter
jets struck a number of “terror targets”
in a Hamas military compound, situated in
A northern district of the Gaza Strip.
In its statement, the Israeli military underscored
that it “will continue to operate against
attempt to harm Israeli civilians.”
Furthermore, the IDF reiterated that it “holds
the Hamas terror organization accountable
for all events transpiring in the Gaza Strip,
and emanating from it.”
Now in other news;
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who also
serves as Israel’s Defense Minister, travelled
this morning to the Russian resort city of
Sochi, where he met with Russian President
Vladimir Putin.
According to a statement released by the Prime
Minister’s office, the two leaders discussed
“regional issues,” including the situation
in Israel’s northern neighbor, Syria – with
an emphasis on tightening the “coordination
mechanism” between the Russian and Israeli
“This is a very important journey.
At this time, we are operating in several
arenas, basically a 360-degree scale to ensure
Israel’s security in the face of attempted
attacks by Iran and its proxies, and we are
working against them.
The Syrian arena is a major arena, and from
time to time you hear about it.
It is important for us to continue to maintain
the IDF’s and Air Force’s freedom of action
against Iranian targets, Hezbollah targets
and other terrorist targets.
And the purpose of this trip is to continue
the important coordination, that prevents
clashes between us and the Russian forces,
and of course to continue to advance the common
goal we have agreed on – which has not yet
been achieved and is far from being achieved
– and that is the expulsion of Iran from Syria.
And that’s the purpose for which I’m going
(to Russia).
” An informed Israeli source told TV7 that
Iran’s nuclear activities also topped the
two leaders’ agenda.
Israel’s National Security Advisor Meir
Ben-Shabbat, Director of Military Intelligence
Major General Tamir Heiman and Operations
Directorate Commander Major General Aharon
Haliva accompanied the Premier on his state
After his talks with President Putin; Prime
Minister Netanyahu held a separate meeting
with Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu.
It is important to note that on the eve of
Netanyahu’s arrival, Moscow warned Jerusalem
that it would seriously exacerbate regional
tensions by extending Israeli sovereignty
over the Jordan Valley, which is one of the
three districts of the West Bank.
The Russian Foreign Ministry also stressed
that such a move would undermine hopes of
establishing peace between Israel and its
Arab neighbors.
Now to Vienna, where;
The Iranian Ambassador to the International
Atomic Energy Agency has claimed that Israel
and the United States were involved in a plot
against his country’s nuclear program.
The allegation was made after former U.S.
National Security Adviser John Bolton said
that the Islamic Republic “may be concealing
nuclear material and/or activities,” just
several hours before the I-A-E-A Acting Director
General was set to travel to Tehran.
Subsequently, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin
Netanyahu urged the international community
to hold the Islamic Republic accountable for
yet another secret nuclear weapons facility,
which he alleged “Tehran had attempted to
conceal” after it as exposed by Israeli
intelligence agencies.
Iranian Ambassador Kazem Gharibabadi responded
to the accusations by claiming the United
Nations’ nuclear watchdog organization had
been illegally pressured by Jerusalem and
“We are witnessing a U.S.-Israeli plot with
the support of their affiliated media.
Former national security advisor John Bolton’s
remark wishing to set an agenda for the visit
of the acting director general on the night
that he was on his way to Tehran, along with
the media campaign done by two news agencies,
as well as the show played by the Israeli
Prime Minister (Benjamin Netanyahu) all in
all indicate that a joint project is underway.”
The Iranian I-A-E-A Ambassador refused to
identify the news-outlets the Islamic Republic
asserted had been complicit in the incident.
He then further emphasized that the mounting
pressure by the I-A-E-A against his country
has harmed the agency’s integrity and credibility.
As such, the envoy went on to state that these
latest developments will force the Islamic
Republic to implement counter measures.
“Any attempt to divert the agency (the IAEA),
to put the agency under the pressure would
be counterproductive – both for the integrity
and credibility of the agency, and also for
continuation (of) constructive, timely and
proactive cooperation by Iran with the agency.
Absolutely, Iran will make its reactions on
these pressures.”
Meanwhile in Washington;
U.S. President Donald Trump has not ruled
out the possibility that his administration
could ease sanctions on Iran, if it decides
to pursue a diplomatic resolution to its dispute
with Washington.
When asked about the possibility that the
United States might ease its “maximum pressure”
campaign against the Islamic Republic, President
Trump did not exclude the option, while reiterating
that the White House was not interested in
forcing a regime change in Iran.
“We’ll see what happens.
We’ll see what happens.
I think Iran has the potential and I think
North Korea – those are two countries we’re
dealing with right now at a very high level.
I think Iran has a tremendous potential.
They’re incredible people.
We’re not looking for regime change.
We hope that we can make a deal and if we
can’t make a deal that’s fine too.
That’s fine too.
But, I think they have to make a deal.”
Meanwhile in Jerusalem;
Foreign Minister Yisrael Katz said that any
potential meeting between U.S. President Trump
and his Iranian counterpart Hassan Rouhani
“has nothing to do with the close alliance
between Israel and the United States.”
That said, the Israeli top diplomat underscored
-while speaking to Army Radio this morning-
that “It is important that the sanctions
on Iran are not weakened.”
Now to the Hills of Jerusalem, where;
A torch-lighting memorial was held in tribute
of the 2,977 victims of the heinous 2001,
9/11 terror attacks in the United States,
which shifted the course of history.
Dignitaries who attended the commemoration
included U.S. Secretary of Veteran Affairs
Robert Wilki and American Ambassador to Israel
David Friedman, who were accompanied by the
Israeli Prime Minister’s wife, Sara Netanyahu.
“We have gathered here at the living memorial,
created by Keren Kayemet L’yisrael (JNF),
in the Jerusalem Hills to honor the memories
of the nearly 3,000 men and women who perished
in that attack, on that tragic day.”
/ “The first people anywhere in the world
to memorialize the victims of September 11th,
this year, will be the citizens of Jerusalem.”
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  5. There's no way Iran's Regime is going to change their minds and there is no way that America will Stop any sanctions for simple peace talks if Irans Regime doesn't comply.

    So it's going to be a stalemate in this whole Situation, You can NEVER Trust Anything Iran's Regime Say's and America knows this.
    Iran's Regime Is Definitely going to have to prove themselves before any sanctions are ever lifted.

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    America isn't going to lift any sanctions until Iran's Regime Complies and Completely Proves Themselves to be Worthy of even keeping their word.

  6. Hey… if you live by the homemade rocket or missile, you shall be met with fire from the sky and die by the rocket or missile.

    Those young men (often, not all) should become something positive and effective for their community, during these terrible times that are unfolding.
    like organize an exodus of the good people of Palestine where it sits today. Plenty of similar if not better geographic locations that are in Arab countries, and they would most likely love to help end this nonsense.
    I'm not a racist, not even a Zionist purely, i am sensible…
    Israel managed to take their homeland back. It's over, their never, ever giving it up without a very serious fight for survival. Furthermore, the Palestinians have no chance of winning at all, at least right now.
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  22. I think it's foolish for the Israeli leadership to be meeting with Putin and his cronies as he is NOT to be trusted. Considering that Russia is a very close Ally with both Syria and Iran, it's a potentially dangerous move for Israel.

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