Inside Anfield: Liverpool vs Arsenal | Exclusive tunnel footage from the Reds’ 3-1 win

7, Mkhitaryan.
9, Lacazette.
11, 21, 24.
We see now,
the line-up changed a little bit,
I’m not sure, maybe Willock
will play on the wing,
and then they still have
Pepe and Aubameyang,
absolute 100 per cent speed, maybe with
Willock and Ceballos in between the lines,
plus the two 6s. So that’s the challenge,
they will pass, play long, in behind,
all these things.
It will be interesting, for sure.
– All the best.
– Thank you.
That’s it?
How you doing, mate?
Good to see you.
That lens missing me or what?
Get a few of me today.
Ox! Yes, mate.
FROM OUTSIDE: ♫ Si senor, give the ball
to Bobby and he will score… ♫
VIRGIL: Come on, boys, eh.
♫ You’ll never walk alone… ♫
– No changes?
– No.
No, I said ‘changes’.
My English is terrible!
If you are ready, then let’s go, come on.
What are you waiting for? Come on!
Come on, boys, 45, let’s go!
FANS: Yes!
Yeah, we know what he went through,
we know how hard he worked to get back.
It’s really inspiring actually.
He’s still a young lad,
feels like he’s been around forever!
I admired you when you played…for Arsenal,
but I’m glad you’re with us now!
It was sloppy from me, I should just clear
the ball, I’ve tried to get my foot on it,
but he didn’t know I was coming so I probably
had more time than I thought.
But overall, like I say, that’s us
being really critical of ourselves,
and I’m delighted with the team performance,
I thought everyone was brilliant
and we deservedly got the three points.
Hey, give him a wink.
Shame. You really messed that one up.
Well, Jürgen, that was brilliant to watch,
it was a relentless performance tonight.
Yeah, always new words, so now
it’s ‘relentless’ and all that stuff,
it’s really nice and it’s all true,
the boys put in a proper shift.
It was, from a defensive point of view,
for sure the best game,
against an incredible threat.
So, one chip in behind,
like the chance was pretty much,
it was not even a good pass,
Hendo missed the ball,
then they had the big chance
and we needed Adrian to save us.
Very good again. But apart from that
we had to really defend well.


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  3. I can imagine Klopp running towards the changing room when the whistle is blown at half time even when he is in his 70s. What a manager.

  4. Anyone can tell me why now Klopp always put Adrian on a game instead of Allison? I thought Allison played well last season..
    Why he benched now?

  5. 6:52 klopp:” lets goo come one what are you waiting for” while looking into Arsenal’s players hiding away, then gives a tab on momos nick to gently kill the game. What a great 3 points.

  6. 8:25 damn van dijk moves exceptionally quick for a big man- reaches it first despite being couple yards behind

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  8. I couldn t believe we signed Matip for Free ( what a Great Central Back ), Robbo for only 8 mil pound ( Best LB in the 🌎) Mo Salah for 30 mil 😂YNWA

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  10. The last Liverpool goal is just brilliant… Fantastic pass by Fabinho, legendary dribble of Salah to get through Luis, and then just a great run and a classy finish! Really nice to see yet another promising start of a season!

  11. يسلمووووووا
    ليفـــــــــــربول الردز 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  12. i swear someone is laying a joke on Salah by giving him the tallest kid during the lineup when he is already not a tall a guy! XD

  13. The truth is i cannot ignore people stretching out there hands for the love of seeing me play,players should do well on that ✌✌✌

  14. I love the grey Liverpool FC grey T-shirts I’m wanting one. Oh yes my birthday is in September so I will drop hints to my other half!

  15. ربنا معاكم وتفوز بالدوري ان شاء الله علشان خاطر فخر العرب والعالم محمد صلاح

  16. طب بذمتكم ان محمد صلاح فخرا وعزا مبتغيرش هو وزوجتة حتي لو راح اسراءيل ادب واخلاق يروحوا ذي مابيجوا زوجتة تشرف المصرين بادبها واخلاقها ربنا يوفقة

  17. I am from northeastern Brazil and I admire the football Liverpool have been playing for some years now. Congratulations to the team and you fans!

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