Inside India’s Crackdown on Kashmir | The Dispatch

It’s Eid, the biggest
Muslim holiday of the year.
These streets
should be buzzing
and the stores open
late into the night,
as thousands of
families gather
to shop, pray and feast.
But few people here
are celebrating.
The city is on lockdown.
We’re inside one of the world’s
most militarized regions,
contested by both
India and Pakistan.
Kashmiris fought to maintain
a degree of autonomy
for decades.
But last week, India stripped
that special status away
on its side of the border,
a move that could
lead to more unrest.
But these protesters
could only be heard
on the back streets
of their neighborhood.
India has sent in thousands
of security forces
to confine and silence
all opposition.
In Srinagar, Kashmir’s
largest city,
they have eyes on each block.
Checkpoints are everywhere.
“They have betrayed us.
It was a backstabbing
to us as Kashmiris.
They have make a prison —
this Kashmir is — the whole
Kashmir is now a prison.”
And people have almost
no way of communicating
with the outside world.
Indian authorities have
cut off the internet,
cell phones and
even landlines.
So, to place a call,
some try to come here.
It’s a government building
with a few phones
that may or may not work.
With the absence
of communication,
there is an absence
of information.
It’s not clear how long
the restrictions will last
or how much longer people
will tolerate them.
For now, the streets
here are quiet.
But there is no peace,
and the anger simmers.


  1. Indian prime minister and his team killing the Kashmiri's, they are following Hitler Nazi party idiolgy. They are killing other relagions if they not accepting Hindutawaa religion. Search (mob beating Muslims in India) this is not happening only on Muslims, all relagions are living in life thread at India. India is biggest thread for peace world and world should stand up against evil idiolgy.

  2. India say they cancelled the articles of independence in kashmir because they want to in-power them. Now you see this with your eyes, Kashmiri's are happy???

  3. This is the only true way of containing terrorism. These people cause trouble wherever they go!!

    Why always these people??

  4. 2:16 Shame on You Indian government how u lock down these poor people in there holiday so Sad no communication Nothing.
    How people will survive??
    This time is Scary Nation raising against other nations.

  5. NY Times: What you are doing is SO important. Continue to tell the stories that cable news is unwilling, or unable, to tell. There is a world of struggle and strife beyond the American "left" and "right". Remain objective, clear-eyed, and empathetic to those who do not have a voice, the world-over. These stories are critical in keeping us connected as a global community.

  6. Worlds largest false deomocracy which has been shining over the US and UK through business opportunities who in turn legitimise its brutal occupation of Kashmir which is occupied forcibly holding hostage of majority muslim region. Now india tries calling it an internal matter. If it was an internal matter what is 500000 plus army doing in kashmir and why is it cut off from rest of the world since 11 days

  7. I’m going back to watch mr. Rogers where it’s always a beautiful day in the neighbourhood. Won’t you join me?

  8. perfect rest….everywhere in the world Muslims want to take someone else's country by force and push Islam through their throats … that is not possible! These idiotic fanatics harm their own good Muslims!

  9. it is clear, Muslims in Jammu Kashmir (70% of the population according to indian statistics) hates india and its army

  10. This is a flash point for WW3 same said about China invading Hong Kong, and France and Germany building their “European Military” we are in the build up of a new World War

  11. India sucks. They will pay a very big price for this extremism. Kashmir will soon be independent nation InshAllah

  12. Everything is fake!!!!!!!
    The protests are true but from Pakistan occupied Kashmir but not in India!
    You should ashamed of yourself for calling you a so called journalist!!
    We are Indians and we all are proud to say it loud!!!’n
    Jai HIND!!! 🇮🇳

  13. I think everyone should see past new york times is trying to show here on india's independence day pakistani population in london attacked the indian population these guys are just doing these cheap tricks to gain attention to make it seem kashmir is under some military occpuation which its not it was legally given to india by signing a act of accession in 1947 now media houses like new york times and bbc are spreading misinformation by saying article 370 and 35a was gauranteed when kashmir joined india thats also not true it was a temporary provision under the indian constitution

  14. Shame on your journalism NYT ! Showing situation just from Kashmir and what about the celebrations from Ladakh and Jammu ? But then expecting fairness from your isn't fair ! :p

  15. Just pointing to all viewers: Kashmir is just 20-25% of J&K and media is just highlighting this 25%, rest of the are is Jammu region and Ladakh region where almost all restrictions have already been lifted. Moreover people in these regions are more than happy with abrogation of article 370.
    Also keep in mind that the valley area highlighted here is infested with jihadis and Pakistan propped extremists.

  16. Behen ke loudo,cricket helmet diye ho army walo ko…….

    Kuch karo mudi chacha,budget badhao military walo ka.

  17. where the international media was sleeping when hundred thousands of Hindus were forced to leave Kashmir because of atrocities on them and their women by Pak sponsored Islamic terrorists??

  18. This video is so well made that many western brains will remain washed for a long time now… Congrats to the makers and "Reality" RIP….

  19. Don't bother my friends time and Modi will give you peaceful and healthy wealthy life be patient for sometime

  20. Everything looks peaceful except a few habitual complainers type of people that even New York Times comes across. It's normal.

  21. Stop spreading propaganda Kashmir is an integral part of India and it will always remain that way so mind your own businesses​ please!

  22. this is nothing but typical Islamic jihadi radicalisation. osama killed then same people blame islam now showing sympathy.

  23. islam is a SAITAN it will eat whole world eventually … look at france, England ….. islam is like termite it finish the origin society.

  24. 0:54 Children with toy guns, islamist jihadis in training and ISIS flags openly being waived. NY Times thinks this is just protest for freedom. Imagine this happening in California or Texas in US. These people will be sent to 20 year imprisonment

  25. @ Email.. yeah thats real peace…. roads deserted on the day of EID in a muslim majority region… Are roads this "peaceful (quiet)" …. In India on holi…. OR …. In london on christmas

  26. @ Email… Do Pray that u never observe this type of peace in ur home town during ur local celebrations… Its not peace …. Its silence of death

  27. Shame on India Britishers are wrong bcz the not give you freedom But what hindutva Rss Ideology India with Kashmiris almost 70 years

  28. J & K people enjoyed too much in India more than other states in India!!! Now if you are NOT happy GO to Porkistan!!!

  29. We need to take care of our country USA first. Why are you’ll lying about the largest democracy on earth? Who pays you’ll to do this ?

  30. All security personnels are deployed for few days only, you must have seen people with weapons like AK-47, these are send by Pak army and they want mass murder in Kashmir and later to blame Indian Govt.

  31. You have shown just a small part of whole region, Pls visit ladhak & Jammu also who are celebrating freedom

  32. Kashmir belongs to Hindus not for muslims. It belongs to India not Pakistan. We will take Kashmir back at any cost. Every Hindus on planet earth support modiji that's y we voted him.

  33. I will be very happy if New York times shows same situation of Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Oman, Tripoli after US army destroyed their cities and creates ISIS..

  34. This is Eid time, oh yeah….why not NYT shown Indian side Muslims those are 250 millions of numbers are celebrating Eid in India having Govt official holiday and who enjoying PVT and Govt job facility, subsidy on Haj Tours. SRK, Sallu and Amir Khan are the billions of dollar earning stars of India are Muslims…they stucked in some 1 millions of radicals Muslims of Valley..

  35. First of all everyone should understand kashmir is one of the part of India ! AND nobody need to teach democracy to INDIA ! Only democratic Country in the universe

  36. Restrictions are there to prevent lives lost due to Pakistan sponsored terrorism. Why do you not tell this in your video "The New York Times" ? Do not interfere with authorities working on ground who are trying to fight Pakistan sponsored terrorism

  37. as expected the hinduphobic propaganda machine is at work ..look how cleverly they again 'forget' to mention Kashmiri pundits who were brutally killed by the terrorists of the valley, the Ladakh region which btw is the largest and of course the Jammu region ..NYT, as usual, is trying its best to instigate a rot but GOI already knew this that's why eh lockdown ..we won't let Kashmir bleed again more terrorism in the region enough of Pakistan's sponsored terrorism in the region

  38. Whenever I see gun wielding, religiously motivated people protesting for land, I'm sure it's not land. It's for Islam. Kashmir has been given a full democracy and these people want Sharia. That's all there is.

  39. God will give power to kashmiris. Modi is like Hitler who was also supported by large no population like RSS bhakts here in India. So just wait and leave it to God, history is proof such dictatorship will always be crushed badly and remembered with hate.

  40. Kashmir pandits 2 lakhs killed by kashmir jihadi groups..where are now..20 lakhs wondered from kashmir..from 1989 to it modi government came..we will control pak interference in kashmir…jai hind

  41. Why US, UK and Europe never stage any protest ????? except on the Hong Kong Govt which is actually their own internal matters. Looks like US, UK and its allies only interfere into other countries internal affairs like Hong Kong, Venezueia, Syria, , etc.

  42. Zulam jab barta hai to mit jata hai.Mubarak ho kashmiriyo tumhara khoon rang laye ga.Kashmir azad hoga. Or bharat barbad hoga. INSHAALLAH

  43. The political correctness you are trying to stand with, is of no use. Without any sort of bias show how the demographics of Kashmir was changed by massacring Kashmiri Pandits. Anyways time has come to revive the old glory and the process started with the abolition of the Article 370…..Jai Hind

  44. Sham India sham India coming soon Pak army in Kashmir ready to fight
    Pak army zindabad…….islam zindabad……..All muslim zindabad

  45. Biased MSM as always…..Showing a group of 10 – 15 Islamist radicals and claim as if entire Kashmir is in chaos…your game is over…

  46. Just show the full story behind this…..Pakistan is an extremist country which failed to give human rights to its own provinces including balochistan forget about protecting the rights of kashmiri's and due to bad history of pakistan they are in UN FATF grey list…
    Even 9/11 mastermind OSAMA BIN LADEN was safely protected in PAKISTAN only….

  47. 2:57

    The 2 producers of this video are " Ahmer Khan" and "Karan Deep Singh".

    And NYT wants us to believe that they are neutral. You couldn't get more biased producers than them. They should also ask the Kashmiris about the 600,000 Hindus they drove out from Kashmir in the 90's. But again you need to be unbiased to do that which NYT definitely isn't. NYT is a propaganda piece for Jihadis and anti-India forces. Never trust these sellouts.

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