Inside Istanbul: Liverpool prepare for Super Cup Final

Thank you very much.
Well, a beautiful setting here in Istanbul,
and Liverpool are developing the taste
for winning European trophies,
so how significant would this one be?
It’s probably not the ideal time
to play this game,
one game into
the Premier League season,
pre-season out the way,
but you win a trophy, you win a trophy,
we’ve got to keep that momentum
and put it back into that trophy cabinet
alongside the Champions League,
that would be great,
so I’m sure all those problems
won’t be thought about
if we take it home.
Three, four, five, six, seven…
We are ready, we’re looking forward to it,
we want to win that trophy
and, yeah, we’re going to do everything
that’s possible to hopefully hold that trophy.
Sadio, how do you feel
after your summer break,
and do you feel ready to start
tomorrow night?
Yes, I think I’m ready,
I didn’t have holidays now for seven years,
so I’m used to it!
For sure, I’m ready, I’m here,
so…let’s do it.
Thank you very much.
Thank you, guys.
That was 2.5 hours(!)
We respect Chelsea a lot, we saw
the game against Manchester United,
and if you only saw the result
you have no idea how the game was,
because the game was a very good game.
There will be changes, they have a new
manager, they lost Eden Hazard,
brought in Christian Pulisic, brought in all
the young boys like Abraham and Mount.
It’s a really interesting team, good plan,
Frank did an outstanding job
last year at Derby,
changed the football there, in the
Championship with a football-playing side
being successful is really difficult,
but he did it.
They were unlucky at the end
against a strong Aston Villa team,
not to get promoted,
but now he’s at Chelsea,
his club, everything is fresh,
everybody will be ready,
everybody will be on their toes,
it’s the first title they can win together,
they will be 100 per cent ready
and we have to make sure we are too.
Enjoy, enjoy – yes!
Yes, Robbo!
Second balls!


  1. I Am From Maldives And Liverpool Was My favourite Club since I was 7 years old

    Edit: Sorry if I have bad english..

  2. Salah reading the quran makes me want to look up to him even more

    A like is how much luck salah will have in the super cup

  3. Imagine being andy lonergan…. on loan at rochdale at 35 thinking your career is done. Next thing you get a call from jurgen klopp to join the european champions… absolutely mental

  4. Liverpool​ สู้ๆค่ะ 🥰

  5. We are losing 0-1 🙁 hope we can come back in the second half because we aren’t playing like Liverpool. Come on you reds please

  6. im so so so so so unhappy with our defence … the defensive line is too high teams are easily penetrating us with through passes 😢😢

    look at chelsea's goal in this supercup it was a through pass to Giroud and he scored easily.
    look at Pukki's goal in the match against Norwich it was a through pass also ..

    Im concerned

  7. I have decided to come here after our game against Chelsea. I'm very much convinced Klopp is losing it. Any manager that will start Ox and bench Firmino must be on different planet. David Moyes wouldn't even do that.

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  9. Minutes 1 2020 Champions League final match will be played Istanbul Ataturk Olympic Stadium 😉
    In 2005 Liverpool had become the champion at that stadium 🙆‍♂️

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