IoTeX News EP2

Hi guys!Alina here. And this is the second episode of IoTeX’s News. This is the digest of all this week’s events. So, our IoLove Creations Campaign has already ended We will distribute points and announce the winners on August 6th. Remember this is in California time so in your timezone, it may be a little bit later. Also, this Friday, we hosted our AMA session. It was actually 2 in 1. So we had a session on our Reddit page, like we usually do. And the second session, was a combined effort with CryptoDiffer. You can check out the questions and the answers in the summary blog prepared by them. As well as, on our Reddit. And, here comes something all of you have been really waiting for….. Partnerships!! They are finally live on our website. We have a dedicated section, where we will feature every single partner. You will be able to find all the partnership details. And the first partner, that we have is Lineable. This is a Korean company, that specializes in wearable devices and we have very ambitious goals for this partnership. You can actually read the details in the blog that we have prepared. And that was it for this week. Thank you so much for your support! Until the next time 😉

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  1. В следующих новостях тоже делайте субтитры. Жаль что у вашего нового партнера всего 3 человека в телеграмм канале….Верю в команду Айотекс 🙂

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