IoTeX News EP4

Hi guys! Welcome to this week’s news digest. This week we have been continuing to announce more partnerships and one of them is a partnership with Weeve. This is a Berlin-based blockchain company, that is building a decentralized platform to transform IoT data into tradeable digital assets. Currently the problem with IoT data is that it is stored with a centralized third party, hence Weeve will be solving this problem by utilizing IoTeX’s infrastructure and the privacy-preserving blockchain in order to transmit and store IoT data. As well as both of the companies will be working together and running proofs of concepts with real data buyers and suppliers and collaborating on research regarding data transmission, attestation and cryptography. The next partnership is with Celer. This is the first off-chain operating network that brings Internet- level scalability to blockchain. Both of our companies believe that in order for blockchain to have a mass adoption user experience cannot be compromised. That’s the reason why we’re partnering up in order to use their techniques to improve scalability of our root chain and sub-chains as well as look into opportunities where Celer’s applications can be more flexible and more scalable. We hope to improve IoTeX’s ecosystem and reach new levels of performance and scalability. This week on Friday, we hosted a general AMA session on our Reddit page as well as organized an event in San Francisco alongside Theta network and NKN. Pictures and insights will be coming very soon! That is it for this week! Thank you so much for all of your support. More exciting things are coming this month, until the next time!


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