Iran Vows ‘Revenge’ Over Top General’s Killing | All In | MSNBC


  1. Americans like their villains to dress all in black so they know who to shoot. They're just not equipped to deal with 50 shades of grey when it comes to Middle East diplomacy…

  2. So the orange baby has declared war without congressional approval, political assassinations are OK now, what else is new, who's going to stop him, he's ok if millions die, so long as it serves his purpose #greatamerica

  3. Now you hate how it happened with Benghazi???? Where were you when Obama and Hillary allowed Americans to be slaughtered and toasted in Libya???? One thing sure, if Benghazi attack happened when Donald Trump as president, NO AMERICAN WOULD HAVE DIED!!!! Shame on you!

  4. And now we sit back and wait for the republicans to start shouting about "the president can't be subjected to senate trial in the middle of war! 😱 He must be left alone to lead the country through this chrisis! That's totes not made by him by the way, pinky swear!"

  5. Yet one more classic example of how Trumps ego, his bragging and his incompetent ignorance is destroying the US. If he had an ounce of real brains he would have claimed that their target was not Soleimani, but one of his aides travelling with him and he was accidental colatteral damage. And then immediately apologised for the mistake. But no, that would be expecting intelligence where there is none.

  6. Timing seems to be everything, here? Every time it looks bad for the, “presidency,” they pull out this potential war with Iran. So, this is meant to, “distract,” America from the fact that their Republic has already fallen, right? A distraction from a, “Trial,” at which evidence and witnesses are not even allowed to appear, and the people with the most to lose, the GOP, are meant to sit in, “Judgement,” of the criminal with whom they have been conspiring? WAKE UP, AMERICA! The Republic has FALLEN. Your Constitution is ON FIRE! Your 2020 elections are ALREADY RIGGED!

  7. Trump started all this by his clownish and ignorant withdrawal from the Iran nuclear deal – for no other reason than it was done by Obama! Now his stupidity has put the US on a path to escalation and he has absolutely NO CLUE on how to stop it. God save us from what is coming next. The one thing everyone can be absolutely sure of is that Trump is only going to make it WORSE!

  8. They will do airstrikes on US embassies in the region. They will give Trump his own Benghazi. They know how Americans react to US officials getting killed abroad. If I was American anywhere in the region from luxury shopping in Dubai to working in any consulate I would evacuate home now.

  9. Don the Stupid coward the 3rd, who avoided vietnam, now pushes for ww3… usa people please remove the global danger from white house on next elections…

  10. I'm still want to see the Intel over the alleged attack that killed a US contractor. How they came to day it was an Iran/Iraqi government backed militia and if and if any other foreign governments providing Intel on it to sway the USA into believing it was the militia.

  11. Total trump distraction from his criminal activity as president. Like this will make us forget? This won't work trump. You're not George Bush and this isn't 911.

  12. Iran has finally been trapped. Let them do anything else to any American and we will destroy their Nuclear plants and their people will suffer for eternity. This has been a long time coming! Iran is just like the DemoKKKrats who love to push FEAR!!!!!

  13. This is just sad. I see both sides. Just breaks my heart, but if our government thought it was necessary ? They know more of what's going on than we do. So people just try to support your country.

  14. Iran has been asking for this, they keep picking with countries , well you got checked, we will never make deals like Obama did again,

  15. PMU (Quds) are religious paramilitary of Iran – involved as a fighting unit supporting Iraqi forces (Shia or Sunni). They chose to attack the respectfull symbolism of Embassy code.

    The woman said, Shia iraqis (SHIA IRAQI NATIONALS) wants not part of Iran involvement.. hmm..

    Obviously Iran went to far.. no?

  16. We need to go right up in there and blow them the F away! I'm so sick of these terrorists get rid of them! God bless Donald Trump 20/20

  17. This assassination was just as stupid as taking out Escobar or El Chapo and expecting the the flow of drugs into US to decrease.

  18. did you know they have a religion in the name of the country. prob. little to nothing to do with the subject at hand but… incredibly serious and that dedicated to a religion.

  19. It seems like another Republican president is about to start another war and there goes our economy. We will have to wait for another Democratic president to restore the economy.

  20. Americans make Iran's life hard? Your a traitor for suggesting something like that. The dictators in Iran make Iranians life hard. Idiots and liars here.

  21. Because this guy knows Right. Iran doesn’t want to go to War with us, Period. All MSNBC is giving here is Opinions.

  22. What most people don't realize is that… Marines prefer to deploy, coming back is not the same. We get a taste of war and coming back is boring. Iran has fkd up for many decades already, they need to disappear already

  23. Time to invade Iraq again, this time for real though. Send a million troops, and all the weaponry Bush didn't want to give the army.

  24. You mean to tell me the "Death to America" Iranians are NOW provoked to war?
    I say bring it. Let's settle our differences once and for all.
    Liberals can hide under their bed until it's all over.

  25. Trump seems determined to start WW3.. We cannot continue laughing at this incredible war mongering simpleton! Get rid of him USA!

  26. I think it is good for Americans, especially the children, that there is a new war brewing. Because soon, all those taxdollars go straight to Iran instead into infrastructure, education, medical aid etc. inside the U.S.A. I mean… thats the definition of "Make America Great Again".

    Right, Trumpets? 🤮

  27. Iran will retaliate not by targeting any U.S. interest. Iran will retaliate by destabilizing Syria, Yemen. They will be buying more advanced Russian anti-aircraft systems and aggressively escalate their nuclear weapons program at unprecedented speed.



  30. The USA assassinated someone travelling under diplomatic immunity. It was an act of war, where the USA has just acted like a terrorist organisation. Trump is a criminal and the USA needs to be sanctioned.

  31. So Trump pulled us out of other ways just so he can start his own. Makes sense now. He needed to bring the troops back to ensure the public narrative wasn’t trump added another endless war to those ones we already had

  32. Media never mentions our embassy in Baghdad being attacked by Iranians. President Trump caught this so called Iranian General in Iraq 15 miles north of Baghdad. Slam Dunk! Good Job President Trump, Excellent Leadership.

  33. trump and the republicans did not consult congress or the american people in this attack so its there fight not ours…your on your own trump ..lindsey…mcconnell….your deal not ours .I.E.the american public.

  34. 45 has made a HOT🔥 mess of things. That's what happens when egotistical, narcissistic, selfish, mentally deranged people in charge of anything; especially the white house. It's sad, but the U.S. is in deep and all the flunkies like pompeo and barr know it too. A hot mess for sure.🔥🔥🔥🥴

  35. Is it me being cynical or was this done now because of impeachment and the fact the polls are not going in the right direction.

  36. Terrorist leaders are like the many heads of the water beast named Hydra. Cut off one head and two grow in its place. One head was immortal.

  37. They were asking for it. All these Terrorist attacks taking place in Iran led to so many Iranian families to be stuck in such a horrible crises that it was no surprise for this to happen. I support the Iranian families caught up in this, not the terrorists. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

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