Iran’s Economy And Evolving Culture Could Impact Response To Death Of Soleimani | NBC News NOW


  1. It's about time. We have a pres who doesn't kowtow to terrorists. If we had stepped up to Hitler in the beginning of his terrorism, there may not have been a WW2. Good for u Trump. Has balls.

  2. There were several missles fired at American bases, and a riot on American embassy days before, we fired a rocket at one man. Now we don’t mention what Iran did….

  3. Returning to the dark age isn't evolution, it is devolution. We've owed these barbarians one since flaccid Carter failed in his duty.

  4. Chris Mathews has a chill going up and down his leg lol.nbc the network that never met a terrorist they didn't like.🤗

  5. Don't kid yourselves. You're in a dreamland if you don't believe Iran will strike soon and dramatically.
    Americans will be dying soon.
    Their blood, every drop, is on the hands of Forrest Trump.

  6. It is almost like a game of chess. The Iranians are busy Bee's working on their nuclear project. And when they reach to a certain point conflict will break out.

  7. Bunch of terrorist Islamist have hijacked the country using its resources to cause mayhem worldwide – thank you president Trump

  8. It seems all the MSM and so called experts in the US are on Iran’s PR payroll. Is the US supposed to keep getting attacked and not respond back? There will be no boots on the ground and Iran has always hated us so it’s no different.

  9. And don't agree with your inevitable decree someone else will come to forefront. So by that logic we just allow dictators to rise up overtake make chaos because someone will just follow? Same attitude with cops on streets about drug dealers? Honestly man u serious?

  10. I know. Go hide under skirts now pants of women and let's feel good everybody. We got there cause men willing to take chances with their lives not starting day schools!!!

  11. 2016 alone, the Obama administration dropped at least 26,171 bombs. This means that every day that year, the US military blasted combatants or civilians overseas with 72 bombs; that’s three bombs every hour, 24 hours a day. No one batted an eye nor should they have. Trump did what was needed. You people defending Iran and bashing the President are the ones we need to watch out for.

  12. All the media does is try to sway you to republican or Democrat when both are wrong and just as corrupt as the other. The media will never tell you the whole honest story and whole background of the situation, she didn’t even bring up the attacks Iran did on us first. And better yet no media outlet brought up the reasoning why Iran attacked us in the first place! Wake up people and don’t believe these morons on the news. Always question what they are saying and why they are saying it because all they are hired to do is brainwash the public. Stay safe everybody and don’t trust any media!!

  13. Why was he in Iraq? He is a known terrorist who was on a terrorist list under the Obama administration. Trump took him out. We have congressional approval to be in Iraq and have troops there. He overstepped and got killed in Iraq.

  14. The real question is why was the commander visiting Iraq with it being infested with anit-militants and ISIS fighters? stop being brain washed by the media people.

  15. My government's role according to constitution is to take care of my national security, not my children or to feed me. Thats my job.

  16. Soleimani got what he deserved, he was on a restricted travel ban and not allowed to leave Iran. Yet he just flew from Lebanon and Syria before arriving to Iraq to cause more problems . That is why he got roasted into a fireball, his own fault!

  17. Perhaps, the next president of the USA will not be chosen by the Americans, it will be imposed by the Deep Zionist State, who demanded that Trump confront Iran from the self-attacks on Oil Tankers in June/2019 … With the attack they benefited: Netanyahu because they killed
    Israel's worst military enemy, and Netanyahu was renewed politically. Trump's son-in-law benefited: future candidate of Zionism, and Trump himself secured his re-election. The most disadvantaged is the American people who will suffer retaliation and self-attack Ref. 9/11 that justify the war to regain their influence in the Middle East.

  18. Don't y'all find it weird how experts say US could've killed him way earlier but instead killed him January 2. When they say that, it means US could've saved plenty of lives but decided to let it happen on purpose…

  19. Peace, peace in the Middle East? Some say peace comes with the destruction of many. I suppose that in the end truth will be known to everyone. I'm sure it will not appear like most invision it will be.

  20. Iran is finished and they would be STUPID to start a war with the United states. We have the best military technology and we will use it 🙂🖕

  21. He was just fighting off ISIS and most ppl know this. USA started the ISIS thing bc they hate the religion and will do anything to make Middle East look bad. They have done nothing but cause trouble and steal all the oil

  22. Oh man he took out the initiator and didnt give them pallets of cash for initiating a proxy war! Shame on you Potus.

  23. Well if Iranian government only has 10% of the population supporting them then US aggression certainly is justifiable strategy…
    IF the survey is right…
    If not then everything is *UCKED…

  24. It feels good to make comments about killing and making war like some commenters here. It feels good to be a coward who will not fight or see a human die at your hands. Or send your beloved brother,wife sister, father to die. It feels tough to not have to fight for your words. Or die for your opinion. Your lives are meaningless, so to you, others are as well.
    I envy you. I don't have the right to take another's life.
    I don't have the right to invade a country. I don't have the right to watch women and children blown to bits or burned beyond recognition. I don't have the right to say things that make me feel tough. I don't have the right to be a coward.


  26. america has done a great service to the iranian government and a greater mistake to the iranian nation. you mourned the 🇮🇷. wait for your turn🇮🇷😔

  27. Iran did this america did that..
    Everybody did something special, some wrong steps.
    Its equal, 1954 or the american journalist or this iranian general.
    Its a crisis going deeper and deeper.
    If nothing change now strictly, of course war becomes yes. That reality.
    Its idiotism and business for me.
    People, especially politicians cant speak together and stop violence.

  28. Why you people are afraid of iran war… US is powerful than iran and Iraq… if US call me.. I’m ready to be their troop.. let the bad things should vanised from the world. What they did… they paid.

  29. U.S government is worse than Nazi , hypocrite.Hope they and their supporters will meet it's own downfall. BTW ,In God we trust , God=Money and Power.

  30. america is the most delusional place on earth they lie to themselves base their policies based on lies and wonder that all what they do is blunders and mistakes so this nonsense here is as absurd as the rest which comes out of america and in fact americans are to racist to be able to look inside iran and those iranians who give america its informations are secessionists or terrorists such as mko al qaeda or western ngo based people out of uae who are extremely anti iranian so the west has no clue what is going on in iran on the ground and its secessionist assets are even more clueless

  31. america uses a few ngo´s and former baathists and former soldier of saddam hussein and their sons to make iran look bad so america basically uses the supporter of isis and isis itself to make iran look bad but iraqis are now in the streets and they obviously are not happy with the usa they want the usa out of iraq and out of the region here you see 100000s of them

  32. If this same exact thing happened under the previous administration NBC would praise it as bold & decisive. The left will play politics to fit their narrative to the point of praising a mass murderer. Funny there is video of Iraqi citizens celebrating his death dancing in the streets yet that doesn't fit the anti Trump narrative. Hows that working out & how are your ratings? LOL you've been at it for going 4yrs now & you are going to get him reelected again..

  33. the logic is that the dirty orange lying cheating sexually assaulting conman aka comrade spanky bonespurs needed a distraction from his impeachment.. funny how the day this happened the emails with all redacted bits show what a criminal trump is.

  34. Lock Trump and his foolish administration up already before it's too late. Also my fellow Americans, don't be STUPID if they do go to war Iran will go down but they will most definitely take a large chunk of the US with them.

  35. This guy says that Iran can easily attack a US base with a missile. That's dumb, if they do this the US will retaliate very quickly by blowing up an Iranian base or worse they will take air superiority over Iran.

  36. Thank God we have Trump as President. I hope Iran tries to flex it's muscle, or lack thereof. The will be a non-existant country after that. If we still had our 1st woman president, Obama, in office he would have bought Soleimani a Happy Meal and spoon fed it to him. Nice to have a president that has balls instead of the previous 1st lady that was the only one that had them in that family.

  37. Now they have an excuse to send more troops to the middle east instead of bringing them home

  38. All the Arab states are threaten by Mullahs, they are destabilizing Iraq and Lebanon, funding terrorist Hezbollah, Hamaz, etc. why can't the international community do something about this rogue state – what positive thing can the world get from these egoistic Supremo Mullahs?

  39. Iran with the Mullahs is a rouge state – the Iranian people must find the strength to neutralize the Mullahs – this will stop funding for the terrorist groups, reduce tension in Iraq, Lebanon, and Syria, and relieve the Iranian people and a massive foreign aid will flow into Iran to rehabilitate the Iranian economy – peace will then be achieved in this region, all well for everyone

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