1. "Simon Cowell is here!"
    Who the fuck cares? American Idol SUCKS! It's staged, always has been. Who can watch crap like that, idk.

  2. I miss Jay Leno and Kevin. They were what made the Tonight Show (Carson was way before my time).
    Jimmy Fallon doesn't cut it for me. He's not funny at all, and all he does is try to copy shit that Leno did. Even though he can't do exactly what he did, such as Headlines or Jaywalking, what he does is he tries to come up with something similar, but different. Only problem is he sucks at it and everything he comes up with is just awful!

  3. The last one i have to especially have to laugh at. In South Korea it is what they call their President. Caca. I mean no disrespect here. Personally, with disrespect I think it fits Donald Trump just wonderfully. We need to impeach him now. Get rid of him and all of his lying family who are traitors. 🙁 Songs

  4. That car with built-in "ass wiper" sounds interesting.
    Jay Leno, Letterman and Jon Stewart will forever be missed. They were legendary!!

  5. Michael Bolton – never got the guy as most in the UK, big 'star in US' ? but in UK a nobody. Vastly Overrated by any standard !

  6. (From the UK) Suspect Jonathan Ross must have tried to imitate your style Jay, but came nowhere close, and the there was that incident with that Idiot Russell Brand which destroyed him overnight and didn't do Russell much good either !
    Ross is back on live TV in UK but on a much reduced paycheck !

  7. I almost never missed a Monday night of headlines in those days. I would tune in specifically for them. 11:51 every Monday

  8. As the first generation of talk show hosts after Carson, Leno and
    Letterman were the BEST! By comparison, the current crop of late night hosts are little more than far left-wing, late night, propagandists. That's fine if your target audience are air headed college students, back in their dorms after a night of drinking. Late night's traditional audience, however, Middle America, is being ignored and quickly forgotten. No wonder reruns of Carson are beating the current hosts in the ratings. Will these present day goofs ever learn? Probably not!

  9. "Hey Kev, a white trash compactor." Lol. Stop being so scared and keep doing jokes like this NBC. It was funny. Kevin laughed. Jay laughed. I laughed. You probably laughed. No harm done.

  10. Jay, you are extremely wealthy give to single parents that cannot put food on the table. From a German immigrant. You would get so much more respect!

  11. That wasn't even the word Dunkin!! It was spelled Duncin Hinies….lol!! Like you would pronounce Dunce in Dunce Cap….lol

  12. can't understand why he finds it nesessary to violently smack his lips in the most rude fashion everytime he begins to speak.

  13. I used to love headlines. I thought about sending a newspaper clip, but decided not too. I didn't want religious people coming for me. Ok, so one year our local paper put out its' annual Easter edition. The whole top of the front page was a picture of Jesus on the cross, with two men on either side of him, also on crosses. Below it a headline that read: three men convicted in jewelry heist. I couldn't stop laughing.

  14. Ever notice how he just throws them on the floor? Some poor production assistant has to come out later and clean up a mess. why not just place them in a pile? Always bugs me.

  15. His chin is like Godzilla jay lived under power lines till his chin grew to a monster's size now he can vaporize smaller comics that pose a threat????☢?

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