‘Jeffrey Epstein Raped Me’: Accuser Files New Suit | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC


  1. By the way he allegedly killed himself nothing's been investigated properly or proven as yet, so media goons need to stop referring to it as suicide.


  3. put him in a glass container vacuum. and make him stand trial anyway. they could say he gits the death sentences. for his crime on so many girls.

  4. Funny how no mention of bill clinton…everyone in the world knows he's mixed up in all this..yes hillary too

  5. Now, once Epstein is dead, the most important thing is to find, arrest and fully interrogate Ghislaine Maxwell! Because after Epstein, she is the most related (GUILTY) one!

  6. David Icke has talking about these elite pedophiles for years! But he's just a cook and conspiracy theorist..
    Age of truth people. Our government is run and always run by psychopathic pedophiles and satanists

  7. It’s not an apparent suicide it’s an apparent murder !

    The corner releasing results that have suffered a broken neck!

    You got it dropped from a rope broke her neck and there’s not enough room in the sell !

  8. Take their MONEY and PROPERTY, and you take their POWER, to corrupt others and hurt more CHILDREN. Do it, America ✌️

  9. Why are laws made that we are supposed to follow, why are prisons made if we break the law, when the lawmakers are the ones breaking the law?!?!

  10. gross. And people wonder why I preferred going to the library to study on the weekend instead of college parties. The books were the best police protection. Good for her that she is not going to give up just because he decided to end his life. Kuddos. Get it girl.

  11. This doesnt end with his death(clearly wasnt willful suicide), I'm willing to bet that they had his replacement in place before he went to jail and they will keep operating just the same as any organized criminal organization would. They plague our world. It's not going to end, crime is not going to end,evil wont end until the apocalypse happens.

  12. Guy had tons of dirt on Clinton's and Hollywood celebrities, MSNBC "Trump's law enforcement agency failed "

  13. 🤯 At the age of 14 she was promised some kind of career. My first job was washing dishes. I wonder what job she was trying to pursue.

  14. Why would they not set up a single class action for the victims, rather than have 500 ambulance chasers (in this case coroners hearse) showing up one at a time? This will just lead to an unnecessary number of lawyers all drawing from the same pot depreciating the funds available to the victims. Banks will show up for unpaid debt, Govt. will show up for taxes and fines, business associates for other stuff.

  15. This so called journalist has no intention of finding the truth. He just wants to bash the President. If his fellow "journalists" continue to do the same, these sick POS will get away with this. And I'm sorry to say, that is exactly what will happen!

  16. Hes not dead they moved him…show the body. Autopsy photo we know they exist..if they didnt pull a switcheroo they let him out and used a cadaver body for his cell.. hes going to change his identity. And relocate like they all do.if you didnt finish the time and convict dies the prisoin keeps your body.and your burried out back. Facts

  17. Guards who were from the trump administration? Seriously?!!!!! Another pin placed in the trump doll from the witch doctor called mainstream media

  18. …and she is a lawyer and states the epstein killed himself when an investigation is still under way?????? Wow!!!!

  19. 👨‍👨‍👧‍👧From trump “I’ve known Jeff for 15 YEARS. TERRIFIC GUY,” Mr. Trump told New York magazine in 2002. “He’s a lot of FUN to be with. It is even said that he likes beautiful women as much AS I DO, and many of them are on the YOUNGER SIDE.”

  20. Is she still a professional street walker or a more fancy title "Callgirl " ? She just wants more $$$$$$ for her servjices ?

  21. Why isn't the media cabal talking about the Epstein Mossad? Why is a criminal foreign counterintelligence agency blackmailing American citizens?

  22. They know they can't make theses women go away , they can't make them lie ,and if it goes to trial a lot of politician will be expose, so let's fake his death, pay theses women and the guards off , and at some point everyone will put this to rest . Just like his helpers they really wanted them they could find them , interview everyone that had dealings with him. What we do know for sure two of his friends that knows and have participated in sexual parties etc. Is our old president Bill Clinton , president Trump , they were his friend and once again they can't afford to expose information concerning them ,or what they know and did or other politicians ,so let's fake his death funeral with body and all

  23. Epstein could not operate without rich and powerful protectors. The 2008 fake deal of nothingness is testimony of that.

  24. If it was in fact, MURDER, as a lot of people seem to believe, can the victims also sue NY Dept of Corrections for "letting" it happen? Or even letting his suicide happen? Someone needs to be held responsible…

  25. I want to know where were her parents during all this time how is it possible she is going to his house or wherever with out any questions by her parents . I am sorry I find it hard to believe that she could do that for so long and know one knew what she was up too? How come no one asked that question . My parents would have killed me and would have kept track of me .

  26. OK i may be a bit slow but if JE did suicide and wanted space to do so, how did he know his "carers" were asleep and that he was free to have his way? Its unlikely that they would have advised him that they were "otherwise indisposed". Seems a little odd. Any explanation appreciated.

  27. If he truly died, many employees would have had to stand down and many arrangements would need to be in place in order for this to take place. It is very convenient.

  28. Bill Clinton was in a 1st grade school room talking to the kids while jeff was murdered,,,,,,, OOPS! I ment committing suicide. Hey it worked for GBjr and 9/11.

  29. Creepy Ted Nugent song. Was he an Epstein pal?

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  30. I am so sick of hearing about the victims…your parents where the drug dealers and you stupid victims where the drugs. Piece of work "victims"

  31. Enough about Epstein. Where 👏🏿are 👏🏿the 👏🏿parents? Who tf let they 15 yr old daughter go to an old man’s mansion or private plane unsupervised??? The parents were benefiting from this monetarily and we all know it!

  32. He’s gone and they’re still going after his estate lol. Gold diggers exposed! The attorney is also looking for a nice buck!!!

  33. Start busting traffickers all throughout America! Build the wall to keep more out! C'mon, it's not that difficult! President Trump knows this and that's what the Clinton's and the democrats are afraid of! Heads WILL roll! BIG ONES! YOU CAN BE ASSURED! God is in control and appointed our leader to get the job done! 💕🙏💕

  34. LOL.. Here comes the horde of passengers trying to jump on the money train. New York even just changed the law to give them more time to file lawsuits, same story any time a wealthy man stumbles.

  35. Blaming Trump for this proves beyond a reasonable doubt that MSMBC has an agenda instead of reporting actual news. Such idiotic claims remind me why I never ever watch your news! So Sad

  36. Makes you wonder if there will be a few fatal “Accidents” forth coming. Just being a wee bit conspiratorial.

  37. Purposely Mentions trump administration like a true propagandist outlet . When it was Bill Clinton on his wall with a dress..Funny the Epstein murder showed the world who really wore the pants in that family.

  38. If I die tonight in my sleep I don't believe her one second ok No No i dont years gone by she just coming out looking money well I guess he not around he is dead same thing they too to Bill Cosby !!!

  39. Epstein and Maxwell's little black book is fascinating. FOURTEEN phone numbers and email addresses for Donald tRUMP are in it. Also, tRUMP's women, Ivana, IVANKA (think how young she was then), and Melania. But no Clintons.

  40. Everyone knows he was murdered and him doing what he did some of us knew he was doing that for the last 10 15 years at least but really he was supplying children to the 1 percent elite since the 90s. That's the real reason why he committed "suicide" it's because of the clients he had. He had presidents..wallstreet bankers… elite families actors politicians people from the royal family hosts from the GEC etc…this isnt news at all more like waiting for him to get caught already knew he was going to commit "suicide" btw he was a billionaire that worked his way up because he was literally a genius in mathematics…that's how he was introduced and worked his way up in the first place…and he would fly his clients on his private Boeing 747 to his private island with clients being the social status of the group's I listed above and much more. Again who Epstein was and did is old news funny how all this is happening now. Suprised all that lasted so long. # people the run the planet the government also in entertainment run the economy etc. World leaders of every industry in every industry you can think of.

  41. Taken off suicide watch, Guards falling asleep and falsifying logs, security cameras failing at the time of death, broken bones consistent with strangulation by hands, bruise marks on the cheek, are consistent with suicide. When it comes to conspiracy theories, that's a whopper.

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