Jeremy Corbyn apologises for antisemitism in Labour party

Our party, can I make it clear. Just say sorry, – Wait a minute, I and our party
– No, just say sorry. Let me say, can I say something? – Our party …
– I want you to say sorry. Our party and me
– Yeah do not accept antisemitism in any form. – So are you sorry for anything that’s happened
– Obviously. Obviously I’m very sorry for everything that’s
happened but I want to make this clear: I am dealing with it. I have dealt with it. Other parties are also affected by antisemitism. Candidates have been withdrawn by
the Liberal Democrats and the Conservatives and by us because of it. we just do not accept
it in any form, whatsoever. And I think the Chief Rabbi’s comments
really ought to be taken for what they are. He hasn’t contacted me about it. I’m very happy to meet him, very happy
to talk to him, very happy to talk to any representatives of any part of the
jewish community in our society because I recognise that antisemitism
is a poison and it’s very dangerous. And if it’s allowed to run on, you know
what happens. You know the history of Europe
in the 20th century. But any other form of racism is equally unacceptable;
islamophobia or anything else.

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