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Hi, mom!
Thank you so much for planning to take me on
a vacation to the UK and Switzerland.
Come soon. I’m waiting.
Hey, idiot! Can’t you check the signal?
That face!
Are you alright?
Is your baby okay?
– No, madam.
Oh, no! I guess she is a cop.
– Why didn’t you wear a helmet?
Sorry, ma’am.
– Okay.
You have a baby. Be careful.
– Good morning, madam.
Nothing happened, dear.
‘Yousufguda police station…’
Hey! Are you listening to FM or what?
Pick it up and talk.
Yousufguda police station receiving.
Didn’t Feroz come?
– No, madam.
Oh! Didn’t he come?
What’s with you? Are you taking care of them?
Go and remand them.
– Okay, madam.
Why didn’t she wear a uniform?
Sir…Is madam available?
– Yes. What’s the matter?
I have to tell her an important matter.
– She is busy. Please wait.
– This is my leave letter.
Place it in an envelope and
give it at the DC office. – Okay, madam.
Madam…You spoke with me
at the hospital. Do you remember me?
It is the government hospital, madam.
You came in search of a girl named Raasi.
What’s with her?
I saw that girl, madam.
She sat alone at the Mytrivanam
railway station.
Hey! Madam is starting the vehicle.
Go fast.
How long have you been
working in that hospital?
It has been 2 years, madam.
Where did she come from?
She said that she’s from Srinagar colony
for the first time.
The second time she changed
it as LB Nagar, madam.
Where should I search for you?
I told you not to go alone anywhere.
Brother-in-law…Please don’t do this.
– Come.
Come and get in the car.
Get in.
– ‘Oh! I am coming, buddy.’
‘Get the bike. Come fast.’
– Madam…She’s the girl in that car.
Are you sure that she’s the one?
Yes. She is the one, madam.
Okay. You get down.
Yeah, Jhansi.
I heard that you’re going
abroad with family.
Haven’t you started yet?
Forget about it.
You are in search of a boy
who raped a minor girl.
Did you find him?
Not yet. Das went in search of him.
Why? What happened?
Chief! It’s a cop.
I will take care of everything.
Speed up and drive fast.
Speed up, man.
Don’t spare that guy, sir. Thrash him.
Chief! Escape.
Get down, you idiot.
– Madam…
She is my uncle’s daughter.
Madam…she is my uncle’s daughter.
What did they do?
They’re snatchers and this guy is a rapist.
Oh! Did you find him?
– Yes, sir.
Lock them up in the cell.
Hey! Come here.
Remove your pants.
Do it.
Lift up your hands.
Did you rape?
A girl without a mother
should be responsible.
How can you trust an idiot?
Leave it.
Don’t hide anything and tell me the truth.
Who is that person? How did you get
acquainted with him and why did he cheat you?
Don’t hide anything and tell me.
Look at me.
Don’t get scared of anyone.
I will be there for you.
I will arrest that person who did this
to you and torture him.
Please don’t harm him, sister.
He is a good guy.
I pity him, sister.
He did not do any mistake.
It is my mistake as well.
Jhansi! Do you have time to talk?
Yeah, Feroz.
That rapist guy accepted his mistake.
Did he agree to avoid getting thrashed?
– He doesn’t sound like that.
What did that girl say?
That girl accepted everything.
They had a mutual understanding
and did it. Damn.
This will be a rape case.
Why because she is under 18 years.
This guy looks confused.
Bloody Lilliput!
Yes…He looks like that.
Okay…It will be a minor rape case
if we mention the age.
Let’s present him at the court.
Okay. We should talk with PP.
You talk with that person.
One more thing.
Let’s handle this case off the record.
Young guys! Their lives will be
ruined if it becomes news.
We should do something about it.
Sister! Will he come there?
That guy.
I want to see and talk to him, sister.
I haven’t seen him for months.
Let’s see.
What is it?
He is a young guy who does not have parents.
– Yeah.
Did this young kid spoil another
young girl’s life?
Don’t try to act smart.
Sir…His adolescence made him do that.
He will not repeat that.
Forgive him and let him go.
What? Should I forgive him?
– Hmm.
Say that in the court.
They will forgive him and release him.
Hey! Who are you?
– We are Gali’s friends, sir.
Friends? Should I arrest you along with him?
Go away silently.
No one should be here. Go away.
– Gali.
Hey, Gali!
Hey, brother-in-law!
Where are you? What are you doing?
Where else will I be? I am at the court.
Tell me. You will finally come to us anyway.
That’s right. We cannot get rid of you.
We should perform our duty with your help.
Okay. Go ahead, then.
Hey…There’s a serious matter.
It is a minor rape case.
Jhansi is handling the case.
– Hmm.
They’re young. So, she says that
it is better to deal with it off the record.
I thought so.
Your humanity comes out only
when you deal with Jhansi’s cases.
What should I do now? We should get
judge’s signature, right?
He will easily sign every case
that’s handled by Jhansi.
Don’t worry.
– Okay.
I will make everything ready.
Are you coming with the accused?
Sir! Will you get my girlfriend?
My friend! This is a good case.
– Hey! Go away…
Hey, Jhansi! Haven’t
you got the promotion yet?
You are sincere. You will not get it.
You can sit.
Bring that guy.
Is it this guy?
Did you take their testimony?
– Yes, sir.
Give it to me.
What happened?
Did they beat you?
Look at your tummy!
Hey! What’s that romance?
Bloody Romeo! Come here.
What’s your name?
– Gali.
What is your father’s name?
Why are you silent when
I asked your father’s name?
What’s your age?
You neither know your father nor your age.
But, you know everything
else very well. Idiot!
Hey! You guys who came
for the social service.
Did you see that? He did everything
and he still tries to be a lover boy.
How will you save this society?
No one can save others.
Excuse me, sir. Is it okay if I take care of this girl?
My husband is a gynecologist.
He will take care of her delivery.
Does he have his own hospital?
Yes, sir.
Aatma Women Foundation.
He gives free treatment to the homeless.
Is it?
Do one thing.
Ask your husband to file a petition.
Your husband can take her after
she delivers in a government hospital.
She’ll stay there until then.
You will be defamed
if something unusual happens.
Why should you get yourself into trouble?
Sorry…My mistake. That will affect your job.
Why are you taking care? Tell me.
– Your honor! The girl is a victim.
So, she is good custody.
That is for good reason.
Miss and Mrs. Jhansi is assistant
commissioner. Good protector.
Sorry. That’s productor.
This is very important, your honor.
So, please put her below Jhansi.
This is my judgment.
You please give the same judgment.
Orthodox or unorthodox?
– My father is an orthodox and mother is not.
Jhansi! Study this guy’s history
and get the age certificate.
Yes, sir.
Keep him in the prison for a few days
and do the inquiry.
Take him. You type the order.
– Okay, sir.
Yes, buddy.
Hey! Look at him. The funny guy is here.
Hey! Look at this guy.
Hey! Look at him, buddy.
– Look at his face.
Hey! What’s your case?
He is asking about your case.
Why are you silent? Can’t you speak?
Be careful with your step.
This is the order to present at the hospital.
This is a note for the guy.
Hey, Raasi.
Don’t cry, Raasi.
You attend this.
Hey! What happened?
Don’t cry, Raasi.
What happened? Why are you crying?
Tell me.
Listen! What happened?
Hey, Raasi.
Don’t cry. I will come.
Why are you crying?
Tell me.
Don’t cry, Raasi. I will come.
– Hey, Raasi…
Hey! Start the vehicle.
Don’t cry, Raasi.
Don’t cry.
– Listen! Nothing will happen to him.
Get up now.
Ask him to drive fast.
Raasi. Don’t cry.
Raasi! Listen to me. He will come back.
He will come back.
Feroz! Start the vehicle.
Hey! Come fast.
– Greetings, sir.
Hey! You will get thrashed. Go away.
– I know.
Hey! Just go.
What is your name?
– Siva Raju.
– 16.
Come here.
What is your name?
– Gali Raju.
‘Your name?’
– ‘Bharath.’
– ‘17, sir.’
‘What is your name?’
– ‘Kumar, sir.’
– ‘16.’
Why are you taking my blood, sir?
To check if you are a womanizer.
What? Womanizer?
That’s related to women, right?
Why will I be?
I am a male.
I will become a father soon.
– Okay. That’s good to know.
Hey! What did you do to that girl?
It is okay. You can tell me.
She cried so badly.
Why will he say if you ask him like that?
Ask him how he did it.
Tell me. How did you do?
– Hey! Stop bothering him and come silently.
‘Hey! Maintain a queue.’
‘Go inside.’
‘Go, man.’
Give him less food.
– Why?
That’s for your good.
– Go without making any nuisance.
He’s indifferent.
Hey! Should we feed you?
Hey! Feed him.
Open your mouth.
Don’t fight.
Hey…Don’t fight.
Oh, no.
Don’t fight.
– Hey! Listen to me.
Hey! Stop it.
Don’t fight.
Hey! Stop it.
Stop it. Don’t fight.
Warden Sir. Come fast.
Look at them.
– Hey…
Look how they’re fighting.
Stop fighting. Listen.
Hey! Leave him.
Hey! Leave me or else I will bite you.
Hey! Leave him.
I said, leave. – Sir…
Stop it…
Did you start it as soon as you got in?
Let us pull his legs.
He is a rapist, sir.
Go away. Otherwise, he will rape you.
I will see what he can do.
Sir…Don’t hit me.
They did it, sir.
Leave me.
Don’t hit me, sir.
– How dare you pull my legs!
I will thrash you if you don’t be calm.
We snatch chains roam around the streets.
We will not change if they keep us
in the prison. – That’s right.
That old man is taking food for the rapist.
Buddy! You bit his hand.
Hey, boy…
Forget it. He is a fool.
Eat something.
I don’t want it, sir.
Why? Aren’t you hungry?
I am very hungry. But, I don’t want it, sir.
Does it hurt?
Nothing like that, sir.
I am deeply saddened.
– Why do you talk like an elder?
No! I’m not sad that he hit me.
I am feeling bad for what he said
about my mother. – Let him talk.
He will be cursed if he talks
about dead people in that manner.
No, sir.
He said that about my girlfriend.
She is like my mother.
Hey! What are you saying?
No, sir. People like me will treat
their girls as their mother.
Does it go to Ameerpet?
– Yes. Get in.
Hey…The auto is here.
Yes. I sat.
I will come.
Do you think that I am your mother?
You came and simply sat on my lap.
You can go in the car if you want that space.
Why? You should go. Look at your attire!
Your dad gave me this dress.
Look at your face! Get up.
Get up.
Brother! I should get down here.
Get down…
I do not have change.
Give him 10 rupees when you get the change.
Hello! Excuse me.
What? What did you say?
I just called you.
Stop talking in English.
Shut up and come.
He acts like a foreigner.
Samosa…Hot Samosa!
Please wait for a minute.
Hey! Do l look like your sister?
Why do get angry if I call you?
Give me money. I will buy Samosa
and give you the change.
You are my customer. I do not have change.
Will you run away with my money?
Why are you walking fast?
Stop saying that.
I get nothing with those 10 rupees.
Hey! Why are you talking like that?
Hey! What is it?
You call me as you like.
I will hit you.
Do you think 10 rupees is nothing?
Shall I say what all you can buy
for 10 rupees?
2 Samosas. 4 Flatbreads or
2 Idli from a hotel.
Or you can buy fried snacks.
2 Parrots, Sugarcane juice!
2 Fried dumplings or even a fried
egg for 10 rupees. Do you know?
Hey! Maintain some distance.
It won’t look good when someone sees us.
Oh! Is it? She wore a man’s shirt
and is worried about others’ opinion.
Hey! Give me my money.
I have to go here to work.
I came here for work.
I will go inside and ask for the change.
– Hmm.
Captain! Look at his behavior.
Let him come. I will punish him.
Tell me the truth.
Will you run away with the money?
– Hey! Just go.
Hey, Gali!
Buddy! Is it your wedding?
No! You came with a girl.
Hey! We came together in an auto.
– Why? Haven’t you found a chariot?
Do you know who he is?
He takes care of that girl.
He’s her brother-in-law.
He will smash you if you try to disturb her.
He is a strong man.
Be careful. Go.
Raasi! Why did you come
late for sister’s wedding?
Where is your dad?
– My dad is not feeling well, madam.
My uncle and brother are coming.
Okay…Go and meet Farhana and then go to work.
– Okay, madam.
Hey, Gali.
– Tell me, bro.
When did you come?
– Just now.
Okay…Go and do the work in the kitchen.
Hey! Haven’t you got ready yet?
Make it fast.
She’s getting ready.
– Raasi.
What’s that dress?
Don’t you have another dress?
Hey! Give her another dress.
– No! I don’t want it.
Shut up. You give.
How long will you keep singing?
Serve us the food.
You can sing later.
Guys! Is everything fine here?
Uncle! Go.
Hey, idiot! Spread that sack.
What for?
Spread it. I will tell you.
Grab the wood.
Pick it up.
Oh, my! They’re working together.
– Go ahead…
Go carefully.
Hey! What’s this?
I am asking you. What is it?
My pant is ripped.
Please. Don’t tell anyone.
Yeah, right! That’s sensational news!
Cover it up with your shirt and hold this.
I don’t have underwear.
Okay. There is a room downstairs.
Come there after some time.
What is your problem?
My pant is ripped.
– Oh no, no!
What? Is your pant ripped?
– Don’t shout. Go…
Guys! Is everything fine here?
Everything is fine, sir.
He said that to her.
Hey, crazy! I asked you to
come after some time.
Give him something to wear. He’ll wear it.
Oh, no!
Here. Wear it.
Hey! Not here.
Go to the bathroom.
No! I will change it here.
Look at you! You feel like a hero!
Hey, Gali.
Granny! Why did you wear a good saree?
– Take this.
You silly!
For you?
– I had it already.
Hey, Gali! I should go to work.
Bring me some Biryani when you come.
Chicken or Mutton?
Anything is fine. Muslims cook yummy Biryani.
It has been many days that I had tasty food.
Okay. You go. I will get it for you.
Hey! Drink this.
I don’t want it.
Don’t you know my name?
Why do you call me like that?
You did not tell me your name.
Okay. What is your name?
Ripped pants?
Gali Raju.
Okay, Mr. Gali Raju.
Have it.
Haji Khaja Mohaddin’s son Mohammed Sabir is
the groom belonging to Rajampeta, Kadapa.
Laqir Basha’s daughter Farhana Beevi is the bride
from Mastan Ali garden, Yousufguda, Hyderabad.
100 Kasu Gold was given as a
present for their wedding.
Are you willing to go for it?
– I do.
Are you willing to go for it?
– I do.
Are you willing to go for it?
– I do.
Sign here.
Hey! Check what they want.
Bro! There is nothing in this. No pieces.
There is not even one piece.
– Hey! I served whatever is available.
Shut up and eat.
– Just a minute.
Why are you shouting for pieces?
Eat. Eat well.
Will you take my money for serving me this?
– Shut up.
Hey, Raasi. Come here.
Will you do the entire work?
Sit and eat.
– It is okay, madam.
Come and sit.
That’s enough, madam.
– Eat well.
You are growing up. You should eat well.
Hey! Everything is fine here.
– Thanks, sir.
No problem.
– Hey! What is this?
My granny didn’t have food.
– So, I am taking it home.
Why don’t you take the entire thing?
You had your tummy full. Didn’t you?
You will take it easy if we are kind.
You should be thoughtful.
Will you give if he asks you?
They come to eat at our weddings.
Listen! I will not spare you
if you give without my permission.
Keep it there.
You had it all and taking a parcel for
your granny as well. Get lost.
We are kind to let you have food. But,
you expect more.
Hey, Gali.
Hey! What happened?
Gali asked Biryani for
his granny and I gave it.
Sir took it from him.
Don’t you have humanity? Get lost from here.
Why are you supporting that
street guy and scold me?
What is it, mom?
– Come, Rafi.
Do you know what Saitar did?
My Lord…!
Hey! Hey, wait.
Why did go away from there?
So, what?
I saw you. You didn’t have food.
You are still angry.
Hey! Don’t you have shame?
You worked a lot at the wedding.
Can’t you buy a Biryani for your granny?
Why do you let them scold you?
I asked them. My granny asked for it.
Will you plead them if your granny asks you?
Damn! Get lost.
I will not ask again.
Why are you telling me that?
– You got angry.
Here. Take this and buy Biryani for your granny.
No! I will buy it for her.
Stop over acting.
Take this.
Brother! I should get down here.
Come here.
Why are you following me?
Just like that.
Stop following me casually.
What’s wrong with that?
I will slap you if you follow me.
– Is it okay?
Why are defaming me?
I will slap you.
That’s okay.
Try to understand.
You shouldn’t follow me here.
Where should I come then?
I will tell you clearly where to meet me!
Hey, kiddo!
Go fast.
Hey! You don’t have any work, right.
Stand up and hold this.
Hey! You shouldn’t do that at this age.
Forget it, sister.
– What did you say? Sister?
Sis! I will come tomorrow.
– Okay, dear.
I waited for you. But, you ignored me.
Oh! Is it you? You look fair today.
So, you are some rich man’s son.
Even you changed your attire. But, I recognized you.
– Hmm.
Will have flatbread?
It is just a flatbread. Why are you eating like that?
Hey! I told you many times not to stay closer.
Yeah, right! You are an actress to do that.
Will you do that with an actress? Dog!
Did you just call me a dog?
Hey! [BARKS]
♪I have no one other than you♪
♪The entire world belongs to me♪
♪Relatives won’t be there forever♪
♪There will be a new life soon♪
♪Your eyes are my world♪
♪I treasure myself within you♪
♪Our eyes meet♪
♪Our hearts unite♪
♪I have no one other than you♪
♪The entire world belongs to me♪
♪A forever bonding is now flourished♪
♪A long relationship has become strong♪
♪It feels like the unity of sky and earth♪
♪My heart desires for the beautiful sky♪
♪It is the lovely emotion of hearts♪
♪It has done a wonder♪
Hey! Who’s that?
Don’t mess with me.
Hey, mechanic!
Don’t mess up with me.
– What did I do?
Why are you hitting me with the seeds?
– When did I do that?
You’re lying without any fear of cops around.
Listen! I didn’t hit you.
Don’t talk too much.
Don’t hit me with seeds.
– I swear on you. I didn’t do that.
Raasi! Hey, Raasi.
Honey! Come fast.
Check the pressure cooker.
– Okay, sister.
Honey! Come fast.
How long will you get ready?
Give me 10 fruits.
Be liberal with the price.
Sister! You have to be generous. Not me.
You talk too much.
Okay. Select good fruits and give
it to my maid at home.
Are you earning that much to
have a maid at home?
He might hear you. Lower your voice.
Okay. I do not have change.
I will give you when I come back.
Mechanic! Guard my store. I’ll be back.
He will ask my help now.
Ashok! What are you doing here?
What are you saying?
Hey! Who are you? What do you want?
Who are you, by the way?
Did you hear that? He doesn’t know us.
Get out from here immediately.
I won’t go if you ask me to.
What will you do?
I will hit you.
I thought that it was you.
Hit me.
Hit me.
Hit me.
Leave me.
Leave me.
Wait and see what I will do.
Looks like she’s young.
Lord Jesus! Save these children.
It’s a baby boy, madam.
How’s that girl?
– She’s good.
Hold him.
Sir! I would’ve come if you send a message.
Nothing. That guy’s granny came to
the police station to give some clothes.
I came to give them on my way home.
Sir. Give me. I will hold them.
Why is he sitting here?
– It’s your turn to serve.
Hey, Gali.
Come here.
Show me your face.
What’s this? Why is his face wounded?
Who hit him?
Hey! Come here.
Why did you hit him?
He got into a fight and abused others.
He’s a liar, sir.
Are you saying that he lied?
You will be doomed if you repeat this again.
Hey! Your granny sent clothes for you.
Take them.
Don’t get into fights from now. Get it?
Sir! I was calm but that guy abused me badly.
Oh! You feel ashamed for that.
Imagine how shameful that girl
who gave birth at this age is.
Don’t you have any sense?
Sir…Is the baby born?
What’s the gender?
How is my girlfriend?
What is the baby’s gender? Tell me, sir.
It’s a boy.
Sir! I want to see my baby and my girl.
Please take me with just for once.
You cannot see them now.
When can I see them, sir?
You should get a bail.
When will I get that, sir?
It might be delayed.
How long will it take, sir?
Hey, idiot! You should think about it
before doing such things.
I pity that girl. She’s not at
the right age to give birth.
She might have a hard time
taking care of that baby.
Sir! I will take care of them, sir.
You talk about love.
But, you will get separated once you enjoy.
I know it.
Sir! I am not that kind of a guy.
Hey! Idiots like you talk in this manner.
I swear that I will never
cheat my girlfriend.
Okay. You are good.
Let’s see how good you are.
I will make arrangements for your release.
You go.
Convey my greetings to
my baby and girlfriend.
Okay. You go. I will tell them.
You said that you will
take leave to spend our holidays.
Now, you got here with someone’s baby.
Do you remember that we have a child?
Did you ever think of
how disappointed she is?
Don’t look at me like that?
Your expressions are scary.
Hold the baby properly.
Good morning, ma’am. I am calling from MM labs.
Which lab?
This is regarding the DNA report.
DNA report.
DNA report?
Yes, ma’am.
I cannot hear you. Wait a minute.
Ma’am! Can you hear me?
– It is clear now.
Tell me.
– Hello.
The two blood samples that you
sent are not matching, ma’am.
I didn’t get you.
Please repeat.
DNAs don’t match, ma’am.
What do you mean? Make it clear.
That guy’s DNA does not match with the baby.
So, he is not the father of that child.
That’s all, ma’am.
We will send the DNA report to
your personal email, ma’am. Thank you.
Give me some.
That’s enough.
Dad! Bye.
– What?
I’m sorry.
I will definitely take you for a
trip on Christmas. Okay?
I promise.
Just stop it.
I informed my friends and
my school trusting your words.
Now, how will I face them?
This is not the first time.
You keep breaking your promises.
Only your job matters to you.
Go and pick garbage with your criminals.
Soon, you will end up becoming one.
Why will she get angry if you do it right?
Listen to me, Jhansi.
Remember one thing.
You should never do false
promise to children.
They’ll end up hating you for life
if you break their trust.
Forget about Aarthi.
Hiding the truth in this girl’s
matter is a huge sin.
You better let her know soon.
Sis! What happened?
Nothing. Give me the towel.
Give it.
Raasi! Are you unable to stay away from that boy?
He will come back in a few days.
Have you ever stayed away from him?
Yes. Once I did.
Won’t you get any work here?
Listen to me and stay here as a fruit vendor.
Murali bro promised to pay me everything.
That is why I am going without you.
So, will you go like this?
It looks ugly.
How do you think should I get ready
for that kind of work?
Don’t you have at least one pant?
No one will care about you if you go like this.
All I want is your care.
Take this and buy some decent clothes.
Hey! I don’t want money.
You work hard to earn.
Your dad became old and he is not well.
Give him this money.
Place in the vehicle…
‘It’s hard to get food orders.’
‘I am pleading with people to get some.’
‘All he wants is love.’
I have money. You keep it with you.
Listen to me. I promise to buy new clothes.
Hey! Get in the vehicle.
See you.
You went to Mahabubnagar
for the work at a wedding.
What’s the issue with Murali that you had?
Take this.
– Thanks, boss.
Don’t you know the value of money?
Why did wear that dress to do this work?
When will you give me my salary?
Get in the vehicle.
We shall discuss after going back.
No, boss.
You have to give me money
for the work I did at 4 weddings.
Give it now.
Hey! I will not get away with it.
I know when and how to give that money.
No, boss. Give it to me right now.
Hey! I already told you.
Why are you asking me again and again?
Get in the vehicle.
Let’s settle after going back.
No, boss. I will take a bus to our village.
Give me money.
You’ve become arrogant ever
since you met her.
Will you take this money and enjoy with her?
– Boss! Don’t talk like that.
Give it here. I will come separately.
I will not give. Do whatever you want.
Boss! Give him his salary.
Why mess with him?
Hey! Shut up.
You’re nothing before me.
How dare you to talk like that!
Stay here.
Start the vehicle.
I asked for money for my work.
Pay and go, boss.
You had good food. That’s even now.
You didn’t pay for it.
They gave us the food.
Yeah, right! They’ll give you.
Stay here and have free food.
I’ll see how you can get to our village.
Start the vehicle.
Gali situation is pathetic, boss.
Shut up and drive.
Ramesh! This is Gali speaking.
I know. Tell me.
I came to Mahabubnagar to work
at the wedding.
Murali didn’t pay and left without me.
I don’t have money.
That is why I am coming by walk.
What? Don’t you have money?
Why did you go without money?
Do one thing. Take a ride from someone.
I will call and pick you up after my work.
I came here to give the medicine.
I will call you back. Okay?
– Take care.
Hold on…
Hello, darling! How are you?
Hello! Who is it?
Your granny.
No…It’s your wife.
Hey! Where are you calling from?
Jain’s house. Where are you?
On the road walking.
What should I say?
He took me to work and left without paying.
What will you do now?
That is why I am coming by walk.
Hey, crazy! You have money. Don’t you?
No! I bought the clothes with that money.
How will you come back?
– I will come back by flying singing my name.
Okay…I will talk to you later.
You’re done with your work.
You may leave, Raasi.
Madam! I want 200 rupees.
You can deduct from my salary.
She’s asking 200 rupees advance
from my salary.
Why are you always giving her the advance?
Interest will be not counted
if you give the entire salary in advance.
Maids don’t count on interest.
Listen, Raasi. You shouldn’t
ask for advance again.
This is the last time.
Get it?
– Hmm.
Your stop is here. Get down.
Get down fast.
Sir! Where’s the bus that goes
to Mahabubnagar?
That one over there.
We did a mistake as well.
– Sir! Will this bus go to Mahabubnagar?
Yes. Get in.
That’s what I said.
Does it go to Mahabubnagar?
Where should you go?
It will go. Get in.
Sir! Will this bus go to Mahabubnagar?
– Yes. It will. How many?
When will it go?
On time.
When will it reach Mahabubnagar?
I don’t know. I get down at Shadnagar.
Sister! When will it reach Mahabubnagar?
– I don’t know.
Sir! When will it reach Mahabubnagar?
Where should you go?
There’s still time. Go and sit.
How long will it take?
It goes at 5.
Doesn’t it go before 5?
This is a bus. It can’t go faster than this.
Go and sit.
Why are you crying?
Someone I know is coming by walking
as he had no money.
He cannot stay hungry.
Do you want to call him?
Hey! I will take the bypass road
to the right.
I will drop you there. Okay?
– Okay, bro.
Thanks, bro.
Praise the Goddess!
You go.
Praise the Goddess!
Is it Mahabubnagar?
– Do you want to go to Mahabubnagar?
This is the same road that leads to it.
You are 2 stops away from Mahabubnagar.
That’s it.
Okay, sir.
Sir…Please stop.
Hey! Stop…
Who’s it?
Hey! Stop the vehicle.
– Hmm.
I want to see the baby’s father.
Why are you asking all that now?
When will you take me out from here?
I want to see my baby.
Don’t cry.
I said not to cry.
Bloody scoundrel!
Hey! What are you staring at?
Go away.
You should hit him after the inquiry.
I will do the inquiry after thrashing.
Hey! Give him some glucose.
Why do you rage out in anger?
Listen! I took action just like
this when I was young.
I got suspended for 7 times.
Here. Drink some water.
You should deal with things with patience.
Why do I be patient?
Oh no, no! Oh, no!
What happened, dear?
Why did they thrash you like this?
Did you rob or lied?
Tell me, dear.
What’s this? How many
times should I tell you?
Why are you taking trouble at this age?
Your grandson will come soon.
Don’t worry and go.
Sir! I did not come for him.
My grandson worked for him.
He took care of him as a brother.
He gives the salary of my grandson
to me as he might waste it.
This man is a good person.
He brought Raasi that day when
he came to give money.
He told me everything that happened.
I told him to drop her at her house.
Both of us went to drop her.
I’d believe that my grandson made a mistake.
This man will never do such things.
What should I do?
Don’t cry.
I said not to cry.
Okay. Take him away with you.
It’s okay. Forget that.
I somehow feel that our inquiry
is not going in the right manner.
We’re doing it without any clues.
What nonsense are you talking?
Thank you.
But, I am talking about that girl.
Try to inquire that girl properly.
Nothing will happen without her knowledge.
Trendy girls can be trusted.
But, we can trust such illiterate girls.
They know very well the way to treat people.
They need people to earn and make living.
Excellent, Aarthi. Keep it up.
Sure, mom.
– Hmm.
Sit here.
Do you want to see the baby’s father?
You can see him.
But, you should answer
my questions before that.
Okay, sis.
Do you have any boyfriends other than Gali?
Someone at your workplace or near your house?
Okay. Have you ever stayed
away from home at night?
Did you ever stay with relatives or friends?
It will not work if you simply nod your head.
Answer my questions. Get it?
Tell me if there is something like that.
Tell me the truth.
I swear on my baby. I did not hide anything.
Hey, idiot! Why are you
swearing on your baby?
Stop crying.
I said, stop crying.
I have to take a picture of you.
Wipe your eyes.
Wipe your eyes.
I said, smile.
Okay. Go and make him sleep.
What’s all this?
Why are you acting like this?
What do you want now?
You have to solve this case
and get promoted.
Is it why you are doing this drama?
Hello! Mind your language.
I never do anything for promotion.
She’d be somewhere else if that’s the case.
You should mind your words.
I am not convinced by whatever
you say in that girl’s matter.
If you are pure, why don’t you tell her
that Gali is not the father and ask her?
She’s young. How can I directly ask her?
She will get depressed.
Listen to me.
You are ruining all their lives by
hiding the truth from her.
I have nothing else to say.
Take care.
Sir! Don’t you understand?
The doctor said that the baby
isn’t born to that guy.
No, sir.
He followed my daughter.
Many people told me about it.
Okay. When did you find this out?
She was ill and I took her
to the government hospital.
The nurse told me that
my daughter is pregnant.
I got confused after listening to it.
Why did God curse us like this?
What to do? We can never imagine God’s will.
God will let us suffer.
But, God will forgive all our mistakes.
God doesn’t punish terrorists.
Leave it. Let’s not talk about God.
What next? What did you do
with your daughter?
What can I do?
I called my son-in-law.
He takes care of everything in our house.
Father-in-law! You go home.
I will find out everything.
– No, son-in-law!
Hey, Kittu! Take my father-in-law with you.
Go, father-in-law. Just go.
Why did you slap a pregnant woman?
This is common these days.
Come with me. I will tell you.
Listen! There’s a private hospital that I know.
Let’s take her there and get it aborted.
Your father-in-law gave a complaint at the police station.
She’s young. Her life will be ruined.
Let’s take her away from here.
I will take care of the rest.
Okay. You may leave.
Will you drop me home? I have knee pain.
– Sir.
Book an auto for him.
– Hmm.
Give me 100 rupees.
You still didn’t give me 400 rupees.
Don’t ask me.
Meena…Give me 100 rupees.
I will give you when I get my salary.
You are good to plead.
Sir… Leave me, sir.
What’s this?
Listen to me, sir.
Sir…Where are you taking me?
Leave me, sir.
Your husband went on a spiritual tour.
You are shooting private videos
of women and threatening them for money.
Where did you think you are?
Stop chewing that. Spit it out.
Hey! Do you know why we brought you here?
Did your father-in-law say something?
He did. But, I don’t why
I was brought here, sir.
Stop acting before me.
Tell me.
Where’s that hard disk?
Where did your husband escape?
We got to know everything.
You spoiled her.
You blamed that guy as a
scapegoat and you escaped.
That guy was blamed.
Your teeth will be crushed.
Who’s this?
He is main accused of Raasi’s case.
He’s her brother-in-law.
Oh! Take him to the cell and tie him up.
– Okay, madam.
Leave me, sir. I know madam.
– Hey, come.
I know her. Leave me, sir.
Listen to me, sir. Leave me.
– I said, move.
Madam! Don’t you remember me?
You hit me that day.
Look how he’s boasting. Shameless creature.
Madam! You hit my vehicle and
bashed me that day. That was me.
You were wearing all in black with sunglasses.
Do you remember, madam?
Leave that. Will you accept the truth or not?
Wait, sir. Don’t talk until I finish.
Madam! I swear.
I had plans to have her but
I didn’t do anything to her.
Whatever she said is right, then.
You told her to marry and threatened
to make her your mistress.
Gosh! Madam, I am not that kind of a person.
That boy did this.
But, that boy says that it wasn’t him.
Who else will it be if it wasn’t you either?
Tell me the truth.
Sir! You talk as if I brought them together.
Madam! I didn’t do any mistake.
I plead you. Please leave me.
I want to do a favor.
The witnesses and certificates provided
by us at the court will be considered.
You should help us for us to be
favorable to you.
Get it?
I should explain it to you.
Madam! Allow me to talk with him for a minute.
Thank you.
Come. I will tell you.
Madam…There’s a proper way to do anything.
The truth will be out soon.
Hey! I know that neither you nor
that guy spoiled her.
But, someone used her.
Madam is blaming you as
she couldn’t find who that is.
Why, sir?
Why are you so innocent?
She expects money. Arrange 5 lakhs
and you’ll be out of this case.
Sir! I don’t have that much.
What can you arrange? Tell me.
I will try to get it from a doctor I know.
Who’s that doctor?
My family friend.
He will give whatever I ask.
Will you give it by evening?
Sir! Give me two days.
Stop here.
What is it, Sivaiah?
Doctor! I need 3 lakhs immediately.
Why do you ask me for money always?
How much should I give you?
It’s not for me, doctor.
It is for the cops.
Sister! Wait outside.
What are you saying?
Why do the cops need money?
I told you that we should
abort her in secret.
You said it’s a sin and that she is young.
That idiot is in the prison.
The cops are asking me to give money.
They’re threatening to arrest me
if I fail to do so.
Hey! Talk slowly.
I pity you, doctor.
You tried to save my family.
Now, you have a trouble.
Okay, madam.
Madam! Are you here for the abortion?
There’s another place. It will cheaper.
Will you come?
I will kick you. Get lost.
Thanks, madam.
That cop might change his mind
after taking money.
No, doctor.
That cop is a good person just like you.
He’s just like you.
He asked for money very politely.
Doctor! Why are you giving me
this instead of money?
Go to this address and present this.
That person will give you the money.
Hey, Sivaiah! Make sure to keep me
away from the police inquiry.
Doctor! Why are you talking like that?
You’ve helped my family a lot.
You are my savior. Get it?
Okay, madam.
Why are you simply staring?
How long have you been
into this profession?
Madam! May I know why you
people are treating me like this?
Spoken English!
Show him the picture.
Do you remember that girl?
Stop nodding your head.
Do you know her or not?
Okay…Tell me.
How long have you been into this profession?
Past 15 years.
I’m not asking about your career
as a compounder.
How long have you been a doctor?
Shall I tell you?
You worked as a compounder for
a lady doctor in Ranipet 3 years ago.
She is an abortion specialist.
You learnt it from her.
Am I right?
What, man?
Is it a lie?
Tell me if that’s a lie.
Let’s consider that it is a lie, madam.
The doctor is very clear.
– Hey…Who are you?
Who are all they?
What are you doing here?
– Who are you?
Who’s that? – I’m the warden here.
She is the warden.
Give her a tight slap.
You studied in the government school at Narsapuram.
You attempted thrice for your 12th grade.
You planned to get a degree in correspondence and you failed.
Now, you are a doctor.
You did more than 100 abortions.
One girl from Rajahmundry died because of your treatment.
Madam! You got a wrong person.
Don’t go with my looks and appearance.
Don’t expect me to talk sweetly and be good to you.
I will kill you.
You can survive if you accept it.
Otherwise, you’ll be imprisoned with the evidence we have.
You’re 42 years old.
You will get arrested and never get free.
Madam! You cannot harm me.
All the girls who come to me are from rich families.
Many people from your department brought their daughters to me.
This is very common these days, madam.
Don’t try to dig the past.
You cannot face it.
I said whatever I had to.
It is your wish.
What did you say?
Can’t I face it?
Madam! I didn’t do anything.
I didn’t do any mistake.
Madam! Please.
Doctor! I didn’t take any
safety precaution. Is it okay?
Don’t worry, sir.
I will take care if something happens.
I will do it for you.
Don’t worry.
What is this, sir?
Hey! You’ll get money if you do the abortion.
Why are you talking like that?
In his case,
we will get money if we don’t do it.
That old bast**d spoiled this girl
to cover it up with money.
You ruined her life to get money from him.
Am I right?
Everything is fine.
I will call you back later.
Will you inquire me for such a dirty case?
Why are you asking me about the maid?
Shall I get juice?
Did I ask for the juice?
Do the work that’s given to you.
Tell me the truth.
Idiot! You don’t know whom
you are talking to.
This place where I was born is a holy place.
You should visit the temple to pray.
But, my house is something like that for me.
Anything is equal for us.
I will file a defamation case on
you for insulting me like this.
Go and talk to your higher officials.
No! They will talk to you and
you should follow them.
You would’ve thrashed him by now if he was an ordinary guy.
We got 4 calls from DC’s office.
His brother came in to ask for the juice, right?
He might have bribed everyone in the department.
She’s the one.
Hello, madam.
Why are you getting angry at such people?
Ultimately, we are the power holders.
I will go and deal with it.
Don’t worry.
She’s here.
Shall I give it to her?
– Yeah, pass it on.
One second, madam.
Yes, ma’am.
– Come to my office immediately.
Offer your evidence at a Jain temple.
Be silent when you come back.
What are you staring at?
Where’s your cap?
I forgot.
What’s the issue with that automobile financer?
Nothing personal. It was just an inquiry.
Do you know what she did?
A guy agreed that he spoiled a girl.
That girl says the same.
She thrashed girl’s uncle and a doctor.
She took a statement against that financer.
But, DNA result didn’t match.
I don’t care about that.
Do you know the basics?
Any blood test should be done three times.
Repeat the blood test for the boy again.
But, repeating the blood test will
have the same result.
Do as I say.
You let go of the accused and
blamed a rich man.
You inquired him which is an atrocity.
Listen! Weaklings die before the strong.
That is the philosophy of power.
That girl and the boy are in that situation.
I cannot tell you everything in detail.
Try to understand.
Excuse me.
But, the boy is innocent.
Hello! Don’t talk.
Are you arrogant because of your designation?
I know who I should pass on this case to.
Now, I will send the third
memo to your higher officials.
That’s the right things for
people like you.
Your suspension order
will be ready by 10 am tomorrow.
Go and collect it.
You may leave. Go.
Why are you troubling madam
ever since you came?
Go away from here.
Madam! Please.
Our business will be lost
if there’s any court case.
We do the business by lending
money for interest.
Everyone who took a loan waits
for our destruction.
We will not get back our money
if people find it out.
I already bribed them.
Everyone is ready to cooperate.
DC madam must’ve told you.
What happened has happened!
Let’s keep it a secret.
I will give money to that girl.
Settle it up, please.
‘Madam! DC is calling you.’
Tell me what you want.
Property or cash?
It is your wish.
Don’t worry about your suspension order.
I will ask them to cancel it.
Bloody idiot!
We cannot help it.
That’s the system.
DC is just the mediator of the system.
The deal must’ve been closed by now.
Shit! Money is like methane.
It ruins everything in a jiffy.
There’s nothing to do. You will get
your suspension order tomorrow at 10 am.
This case will be handed to someone else.
They will do the blood test again
and change the reports.
They will close the case.
This is the reality.
No one cares about that girl with a baby and that boy.
That includes you as well.
Let me make it clear.
Do you want justice or good for that girl?
What do you mean?
You cannot get into the case after 10 am tomorrow.
All you can do is to take money from them and give it to her.
They will live happily with it.
Are you trying to settle it up?
Listen to me. I experienced all of it.
Hey, Jhansi.
Wait a minute.
Wait a minute.
Hi, aunt.
Thank you.
Go aside and play.
– Okay, dad.
Did I say something wrong?
That’s your daughter, right?
She’s all grown up now.
You have a daughter.
You should be careful.
Why don’t you tell her the truth now?
Not now.
Tell her in the morning.
Yes. What do you want?
Who’s that…?
Turn this side…
Do you like animal channels?
I mean the TV channels that show wildlife.
Oh! Is that for time pass what you did?
You did a lot off the record.
Can you brutally hurt someone like that?
Are you a cop or a professional rowdy?
You did it in the right manner
as if you know it.
The pubic treats the police
department as aliens.
You’ve done something
brutally which proves it.
He’s just alive.
You should’ve killed him instead.
Madam! What should we do with her?
No second thoughts, sir.
They will change if we suspend such people.
But, the government doesn’t
consider the memos that you passed for her.
I don’t think that your wish will come true.
Sir! I do not have anything
against her personally.
Can you please stay outside?
What should we do now?
The human rights groups will
come and protest.
The only trump card we have here is transfer.
There’s a gang that kills even their
children outrageously due to the caste system.
Go there. That’s the right place for you.
Go there and do your duty.
You will receive your order.
Go and join.
You can leave now.
Hey! What did you say?
You said that weaklings die
before the strong, right?
Don’t you know that weaklings can
create a terror to the strong?
Otherwise, you will have to face that.
Give them a memo for this too as a mediator.
Get lost.
My darling!
Stop sleeping and get up.
Your dad is waiting for you.
My baby!
Prabhu! Did you hear that?
Do you think that we should
tell her the truth? – Definitely.
You should tell her for them
to be proper in the future.
I will go and tell the boy.
You too should tell her.
I plead you.
You did a good job.
He can finally stop crying.
Lord Jesus must’ve sent you.
Help him with a bright future, sir.
You will be blessed.
Don’t cry. Your dad will come!
Does she know about this?
She knows it.
Hey! Get up.
Don’t cry because of that.
Did you tell her?
Why did you tell that to her?
I know that my girlfriend doesn’t
make any mistake.
She’s very young, madam.
She gave birth to the baby thinking about me.
Who’s the father, then?
That’s me.
That is me.
I am the father of that child.
I am his father.
You made a mistake, madam.
Go away, madam.
Come here.
Listen! I have a daughter.
She’s just like my daughter.
I did not tell her anything.
You too shouldn’t tell her.
She doesn’t know the truth.
Don’t think too much and get depressed.
You have a kind heart.
Give me three tickets.
It’s just 2, right?
It is three of us, sir.
Me, my wife and my son.
You are so young. But, you have a son.
Nice! You’ve set a new trend.

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