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  1. Joe likes to criticize Trump for lying, but then goes and lies about Obama. FTR, George W. Bush had already mandated that our troops be removed from Iraq before Obama had even taken office. AND it wasn't exactly something that Bush had much control over since the Iraqis wanted us out of the country. The info is readily available for every one to see, but Joe already knows this. Yet, he continues to lie. Damned hypocrite.

  2. He always says what's in it for me. Now it's what's in it for America. The answer is having humanity, decency. When he says America, he means himself. As I'll say until the end of time, I can't believe America made him her president. lost her mind.

  3. The man said they withheld money over checking into possible 2016 election meddling. That is a good thing, should stop election meddling. President Obama withheld money until corruption investigated. US democrats last year threatened to withhold money unless Ukraine worked with Mueller investigation. All these things are good.

  4. My word, that US' himmler Mulvaney, in any part of other government in the world would be already faced court martial or public prosecutor in high treason court.

  5. LOL….. Reading these comments… I got to tell you that you Democrats are so filled with ignorance and stupidity….. But what is even more amazing is, you're all so willing to come here and prove it…

    Here's the thing that you never hear from these newscasters…. How you wonderful Democrats are going to make America great…..

  6. How about more corruption in the Biden family or Pocahontas is a fake progressive and a fraud all the way back to when she was a Republican. Maybe some great news like AOC and Ilhan Omar endorse Bernie because he's the only candidate willing and capable of cleaning up the swamp. MSNBC creating distractions from issues important to Americans. No regard for human life, profits before people.

  7. No matter where you stand on this history buffs, movies, tv shows, docs etc are all going to talk about this 100 to 200 years to come

  8. How about leading your story with this: Our GDP growth, the more than 5 million jobs created, record low unemployment rates, getting over 50 boxes or our soldiers bodies returned from N. Korea for a proper burial here at home, 3 American hostages returned home from N. Korea, eliminated the health insurance mandate on the failed Obama care, the millions of Americans no longer in poverty or food stamps, a great trade agreement between the U.S. , Mexico and Canada, withdrawing from the Trans-Pacific partnership, America is now the largest crude oil producer in the world and has hit a record high, has provided us with affordable options to obamacare, unlike the democrats that have done nothing but talk about getting prescription prices lowered, Trump has driven down drug prices, leading more that a dozen manufactures to enact price freezes, reduction and rollbacks, imagine how much more we could do if the democrat house would actually participate in lowering these costs instead of getting their pockets filled by big pharma, generic drugs brought nearly 9 billion in savings in 2017 alone, Trump stopped a contractual gag clause that stopped pharmacists from informing patients about lower drug prices, Trump passed legislation for "right to try" so we could have access to experimental drugs for terminally ill patients, has secured 6 billion in funding to fight the opioid epidemic, he defunded a UN agency for colluding with China's brutal program of forced abortions and sterilization, has been fighting to secure our border, (I say "fighting" because everytime he accomplishes something, democrats take him to court to stop him), he is rebuilding our military, defeated ISIS, held an historic summit with Kim Jong-Un, ………………Maybe, if this was actual news, they would cover this instead of their 24/7 hate on Trump. This is not a news outlet, if it was it would not be so hate filled and would actually be bias. This is nothing but hate propaganda, lies, lies and more lies.

  9. I like the part where the WH Chief Of Staff admitted that it was a quid pro quo. t’rump sooo frightened that he’ll lose in 2020!! 😆😝

  10. Close your eyes and imagine if a Black president was doing what Trump is doing. How do you think the newspapers, journalist, reporters, and pundits would be talking? What do you think their adjectives would be? It sure wouldn't be abnormal, troubling or weird. Throw in the fact the Black president confessed to his crimes. Do you honestly think he would still be in office? When you open your eyes you would see White privilege.

  11. Every president from George Bush Sr. Have thrown the Kurds under the Bus. Even though the Kurds keep coming back. We never have their back. It's sad. We have historically had nothing more than back stabbing leaders with agenda driven disloyalty. Trump is just following those who really run this country. Talking heads are just as much to blame by not stating historic facts regarding past admins and who is pulling the strings of these puppets placed to ruin our Nation. Thanks for nothing MSNBC

  12. Just to be clear – we are not, in any way, looking for a "smoking gun". That is long past. We are now attempting to remove several bullets and stop the bleeding.

  13. And no consequences for these fools, that’s why they do what they do. We as Americans are the real fools and getting spit at daily.

  14. The date 10 – 18 – 19 is the end of a cycle and a new beginning. September is always the end of the cycle being in 9th month in October a new beginning and then November is a double new beginning. … more coming

  15. On the other hand, trump towers occupancy rate is full as turkey’s payment to trump for withdrawing our troops and allowing the Kurd genocide…

  16. You expect too much from Trump and company, they are Americans, products of their culture, greedy, dishonest and hypocritical. You forget that Clinton bombed a pharmaceutical factory in one of the worlds poorest countries just to deflect attention from his disgrace or that Bush lied America into a war that killed tens of thousands of civilians in Iraq. Trump is just another in a long line of criminals.

  17. BJ UK prime minister is relying heavily in his plans of doing trade deals with US through the trump administration. What a DISASTER how can anyone TRUST a single word being said by 45

  18. MSNBC………are you going to report on the TWO ethics complaints against shifty Adam Schiff? You, know, where he was caught trying to get info from a Ukrainian not all that long ago? Anyway, poor Nancy, looks like she had a load in her diapers. Probably from a bad meeting with Jack Daniels right before the Trump meet. President Trump….BEST IN HISTORY…in ONLY 3 years!

  19. saw a clip of Schiff walking out of a meeting with a witness…Schiff was heard to say…."…if the info we just got bears out, then we have gone from very bad to much much worse"…..think about that

  20. Old Vladie Bats has to have a tape featuring Trump with A 9" muffaloto crammed up that Orange poo shooter of his because what else would motivate him to sell out the great U.S. OF A. and all her virtues and morals or he is just a Russian

  21. I dont know how to draw…but some one should draw Donald being pick up by his collar and kicked out right out of the front door of the white house… or shot out of a cannon to turkey.

  22. When the gods want to expose you,they start by making you mad in the market square( in this case public). Then when you're done confessing, you come back to your senses😂. That's what happen to Mick….

  23. From overseas. The poor next president. Will anyone believe him/her or his/her country? Great again? 🤣🤢🤮

  24. Stop saying that "no one is surprised." I'm saying that We are actually appalled that traitor trump is still walking free! Congress must remove him now!

  25. America loses but Trump family still gets their hotel in jive turkey. Trump should have been impeached long ago.

  26. The biggest story of the day is that the passing of a man as wonderful as Rep. Elijah Cummings is not the biggest story of the day.

  27. It's gonna be so hard to teach this stuff in the history books.

    Kids: Why did the US pull out of Syria if the Kurds needed them?
    Teacher: Because the President just wanted to do it.
    Kids: Why did they put him in charge?
    Teacher: Who knows?

  28. Here's your problem America! You have a President, who is obviously seriously mentally disturbed making unbelievably crazy decisions!..And not just him, who are the 'advisors' standing back and letting him do it? The whole world, particulaly your allies, commenting on it! Opinion is you can no longer be believed or trusted in anything The white house says one thing..And next day deny they ever said it! Even though it's well recorded that they did say it!..The left hand, knows not what the right hand does!..The crazy thing is, many of you seem to think nothing is wrong! Some of you appear to believe Trump is some sort of God who's going to 'save' America from the non white un christian masses! A great nation being destroyed from within!

  29. One thing …when you say , when Obama left Iraq …? He had to when he did …BECAUSE Bush had signed a treaty guaranteeing that we HAD to leave Iraq by that day …so it was bus not Obama


  31. Trump dump Administration tactic to CRimes:
    1 Deny and lie
    2 Attack Attack
    3 Confuse and Contradict
    4 Play the Victim
    5 Deny Attack Lie
    6 Flip Over
    7 Admit : Yes We did it and it’s Ok
    8 Get Over
    9 Ah! Walk back again
    10 Start Over

  32. Mulvaney did this intentionally. it is a "cry for help". Daring to be subpoenaed so he "has to" spill the beans on Trump.

  33. when trump leaves office it will be as much of a relief as when bin laden was killed. trump is as big a threat to this country

  34. Considering all the tension going on, why not open with a little humor? Helps break the tension and settles the nerves a bit

  35. I'm still STUMPED that Republicans didn't bring up Biden on anything till he announced he's running against him in 2020! NOTHING, SILENCE!

  36. The world's distrust of America goes back a lot, lot further than last week. America did not join the Second World War to "protect freedom." Far from it. It joined only because Hitler honoured an alliance with Japan after Pearl Harbour when he declared war on the US. Second, until then America had been prepared to let the Nazis overrun Europe. Why? Because European markets would remain open too them under the Nazis. Why invade Europe from so far away? Because the Soviets were winning and if the US did not manage to invade and "liberate" Western Europe those markets would be closed to American business for ever if the Soviets overran Europe.

  37. "It's time for a new person in the Oval Office." Well, I'm gonna go further. For decades I have tried to get my mind around why people follow the worst leaders in history. We are lucky that Trump – so far – has not married his "Ya, so?" hubris with military aggression. Hitler took risks militarily and it was eventually responsible for his downfall. Trump hasn't gone there, but would he? Especially if re-elected after being acquitted by the Senate.

  38. the scariest of all is when these isis that had been let loose will go after American military and all of trump's enemies–isis will never touch trump his family and his cronies, trump gave them the blessing therefore isis will go after everybody else except trump and co.

  39. Is Joe purposefully misleading or just ignorant regarding withdrawal of troops from Iraq? The date was negotiated under Bush and Obama offered Iraqi PM to keep them but it was rejected. Obama would have needed approval from Iraqi parliament to keep them there and didn't get it. He literally had no choice, but let's not let facts get in the way of a good smear right?

  40. World leaders have worked out trump is a cheap, grubby, selfish little self-obsessed conman…… and that under his presidency the USA can be bought-off for the price of dollars in trump’s secret bank accounts.
    It will take a very long time (if ever) for the USA to regain any respect and trust globally.
    Shame on the GOP for enabling this.

  41. In a departure from the usual comments, I would like to compliment Joe on his sartorial choice today. Very nice ombre plaid blazer.

  42. Not to participate in the Red Team/Blue Team devolution, but eh.., the above portrayal of ISIS fear is reminiscent of the struggles of "As Seen On TV" infomercial actors.

  43. As much as I hate Trump I hate the anti Trump Media! What did these people learn in journalism school?!! I'm going to laugh when Trump is re-elected and everyone on this show is crying the next day.

  44. Despite all the loads of other stuff, I could mention, but Joe: what do you mean MIKA likes to chit chat at the beginning? I guess you're "pulling our legs". 😉

  45. Trump 2020! Bring our guys and gals home. let the world balance itself out. Trust that the world citizens are strong enough to take care of themselves. That is humane!

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