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this is the woman who floored Russian
President Vladimir Putin in a judo sparring session prompting him to get up
and kiss her on the head Olympic bronze medalist Natalya accused
Athena claims to have thrown him over her head although the actual moment has
not been released by the Kremlin two Russian media the 29 year old had been
joined in the late night Judo session in Sochi by Putin we had come from a tense
day of talks with with president Hassan rouhani of Iran and Turkish leader Recep
Tayyip Erdogan culminating in a state banquet he arrived at the gym at 9:00
p.m. in time to be partnered with MS user Tina who has previously appeared in
photo shoots wearing her bikini and showing off her toned body she posted to
her social media account after their workout to say thank you President Putin
that after such complex negotiation at the summit he found time for a
full-scale quality training I was glad yet again to be a sparring partner of
the first judo in stuff our country Putin later said it’s a well known
medical fact the level of adrenaline increases in a person who practices
physical exercises so your mood improves and you take a different look on the
world around you I can probably say that it helps you to get real Russia
newspaper Moskovsky Komsomolets MK reported cues in tina was a lot pushier
than fellow male sportsmen she kept going on and on and finally managed to
throw Vladimir Putin over her head he wasn’t upset but indeed appreciated her
persistence he got up and kissed Natalya on the top of her head an eyewitness
added this is not the first sparring fight that the President had with her
and he really values her Russians were assured that Putin trained for a full
hour and was in very good physical shape nor was he treated softly by the judo
coach judo champions treated Vladimir Putin with care but he didn’t pay with
the same attitude and threw them quite roughly on the tatami the MK reported
olympic bronze champion Ivan Kniffin table was four times with his back on
the floor Putin’s appeared to injure his thumb
during about with Olympic champion bisland muta enough and a doctor rushed
to bandage him before he continued Gazoo Tina from Brian’s competes in the
women’s 52 kilograms category and won a bronze medal at the 2016 Olympics in Rio
a new mother delivered a remarkable seven babies in a single natural birth
with all the children reportedly in perfect condition and doing well the
startling birth occurred at a hospital in the deily province of eastern Iraq in
what is believed to be the first setup of delivery in the country fires Al’s ie
a spokesman for the local health department said in a statement that the
25 year old mother who has not been named had a natural birth and was
healthy after the procedure the seven newborns six girls and one boy are said
to be in good health after receiving medical check-ups and images show four
of the tiny babies lying in a bed together other images show two of the
tots lying together shortly after the birth which it is believed is the first
case of Sept 2 plates being born in Iraq local media has since published images
of the infants who are being celebrated nationwide last year a mother at the st.
George University Hospital in Lebanon gave birth to sex two plaits three girls
and three boys all of whom survived a birth the children’s father Yousef fatal
said that he and his wife had not been considering having more children and
they now have ten youngsters to look after the Makua acceptable it’s were
born to Kenny and Bobby McCoy in Des Moines in the state of Iowa in the
United States in 1997 and were the world’s first set of surviving sub two
plates michael jackson’s pitch imp bubbles
reportedly tried to kill himself in 2003 after his master was charged with child
molestation the chimpanzee had been moved out of Jacko’s Neverland Ranch
earlier that year amid fears he could harm his children Prince Paris and
Michael jr. and according to The Times of India after the King of Pop was
charged his favorite pet a chimpanzee named bubbles tried to commit suicide
bubbles who is now 35 and lives at the Center for great apes and watch Gila
Florida was thankfully saved by medics at December and no further details about
the incident have been made available Jacko bought bubbles from an animal
trainer for $65,000 in the 1980s and they lived side by side at Neverland
where bubbles slept in a crib indeed sweets in the cinema however as he grew
to 12s T he’s said to have become more aggressive prompting the move to a
California trainer in 2003 it comes after the world’s top primatologist Jane
Goodall said she believed bubbles had been punched in the face and kicked in
the stomach whilst living with Jackson furthermore she claimed that when she
tried to talk to the star about it he flew off the handle
speaking in 2014 the expert told TMC I went to see him and we talked about
bubbles I ticked him off bubbles is still alive and he’s
beautiful but when he was with Michael he was being beaten she didn’t name
Michael as bubbles alleged abuser but Jack Gordon the ex-husband of the Stars
sister la Toya was claimed he saw Michael attacked the defenseless
creature he said I saw Michael punch bubbles in the face kick him in the
stomach the Jackson family has denied the claims that Michael was abusive
towards bubbles it was also claimed the chimp
self-harmed after learning of Jackson’s death from a prescription drug induced
overdose in 2009 however the Center for great apes founder Patti Reagan denied
the claims insisting bubbles has never been told about Michael’s death and
wouldn’t understand anyway the claims have resurfaced in the run-up to the
release of new documentary leaving Neverland which features interviews with
two men who claim they were repeatedly abused by the singer over a number of
years in 2005 Michael was acquitted at a very public trial after being charged
with seven counts of child molestation Paul Hollywood’s the stranged wife Alex
is alleged to have become embroiled in a clash with a bake-off star’s new
girlfriend when they bumped into each other at Marks & Spencer witnesses have
claimed to the Sun that Alex 54 called summer Monte’s for him 23 a slut and a
horror when she saw her at the checkout on Tuesday mum Alex was said to have
asked summer do you know how much you’ve hurt my son
a stunned onlooker told the paper I was totally disgusted by the language she
called the younger woman a slut and whore it’s just not the sort of behavior
you expect at marks and sparks they added it’s also claimed that police were
called when the argument continued into the carpark a friend of Alex said summer
left and started filming as Alex walked to her car
they added Alex was shaken and called the police
Kent police confirmed in a statement enquiries were carried out in which all
parties involved were given words of advice Alex and Paul confirmed their
split in November 2017 with the baeckeoffe star moving on with
Barr mid-summer who was 30 years his junior
last month Alex spoke out about the end of her marriage for the first time and
compared her breakup with a bake-off start to a fatal motorway smash Alex
said that although her anger had passed she felt deep hurt over the way blue
eyed Baker Paul ended their 19 year marriage
she told Prima magazine no one should underestimate how separation and divorce
can hit you I compare it to a moment where you’re driving along the motorway
and then the next moment something beyond your control happens and you’re
driving in a completely different direction you have to give yourself time
to get your head round it Alex and Paul who share son Josh together briefly
split in 2013 when the blue-eyed Baker fell for 37 year old Mexican American
divorcee Marcela Valladolid who described him as a handsome devil on
the show he went on to date more cello but they split in the September when
Paul said he still loved Alex I made the biggest mistake of my life and I regret
it he said at the time yet five years later their marriage was in tatters
again and Paul moved on with bon midsummer he maintains there was no
overlap Emiliano Salas family and other mourners have broken down in tears as
they attend the wake of the tragic Cardiff City striker salad died on
January 21st after the pipe her Malibu aircraft he was flying from not to
Cardiff disappeared over the English Channel after an operation to locate the
crashed plane Salle’s body was found and formally identified before it was
repatriated to Argentina on Friday the body of pilot David Ibbotson is yet to
have been discovered and is presumed dead on Saturday morning a wake was held
in Salle’s hometown of Progresso in the gym of the team he played for until he
was 15 club atlético in Saco San Martin Salle’s body was driven the 300 miles
from Buenos Aires – Santa Fay for the events
family members including Salas sister Ramona and aunt Mirta t’their were both
seen opening weeping whilst arriving and leaving the service well wishes late
football shirts with Salah 9 written on the back in tribute to the former star
while other wore shirts bearing his name people will be able to pass by the
coffin leave a letter a drawing for flowers said Daniel Ribeiro president of
salads boyhood club san martin de Progresso he represented a lot for us
we’re a small village and Urmi was a celebrity the only player to turn
professional an inquest in Bournemouth heard that Santa was killed by head and
upper body injuries a full funeral will take place some Saturday afternoon 5:00
p.m. UK time where Bluebird spots Neil Warnock is expected to attend
Cardiff will also be represented by chief executive can’t shoot while not
have sent to defend the Nicholas Police and their general secretary san martin
de Progresso posted an emotional Facebook post earlier this week it said
we are waiting for you like the first day you left but this
time to stay with us forever you went and you are an example for everyone
eternally in our hearts Cristiano Ronaldo has given Juventus the green
light to go out and sign Liverpool forward Mohamed Salah according to
reports Sally is on the radar of the Italian
Giants who are allegedly looking to complete a big-money move for the
Egyptian in the summer transfer window Juventus have already agreed a deal to
land Arsenal’s Aaron Ramsey on a free transfer at the end of the season but
are looking to strengthen up top – according to Sky News Arabia the Serie
Champions have ran the idea of signing lusts seasons Premier League Golden Boot
winner past the top players of the club Rhone ago is alleged to be right behind
the signing and has given Juventus the green light to go ahead and make the
transfer happen the report adds that Juventus would need to part with a fee
of around pound one hundred and seventy-five million to make the
transfer happen the 25 year old could even be sold as part of a player plus
cash deal to secure Salim the Liverpool forward is the Premier League’s joint
top scorer of this season alongside Manchester City hitmen Sergio egg Aaron
died Bala meanwhile has attracted plenty of interest from other top-flight
English clubs with Manchester United believed to be keen on signing him the
Argentine joined Juventus in 2015 from Palermo for just pound 28 million


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