Latest Robotic Surgery System Arrives at UC Davis Health

We’re one of the first hospitals in the world to have
access to the single port robotic platform.
It’s exciting in that it allows us
the potential to do surgery with
less invasive techniques.
A single port surgery is cosmetically very
nice for the patients, in addition to
decreased pain if you only have a single incision.
It will also allow us to do some natural orifice surgery,
which is no incisions.
[DING] “da Vinci is ready.”
It’s one tube
that all of the arms go through.
Well it’s great for me because as a
surgeon who takes care of patients with throat cancers,
this is going to allow me the ability to
tackle tumors that historically we were not able to do.
So I think it holds great promise
for giving our patients better outcomes with less
side effects of the treatment.

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