Lewandowski fires off after grueling 5-hour House testimony


  1. The Congress can use trained attorneys to conduct questioning. This was the case in Watergate. The attorneys focus on the issue rather than Dem & Rep congressmen/women grandstanding. What is annoying is how the right/Fox claim to be patriots. This nation was established w/ the a firm commitment to ensure that a leader (King George) cannot do as he/she pleases ignoring the law. We have three branches of government that check/balance each other. We have laws that apply to everyone. That is what makes America great & not Russia, North Korea, or Saudi Arabia.

  2. Fox news is a joke and we need to let them know they are msnbc-light. Martha McCallum is a nasty broad ..just look at her face. gnarly crooked witch

  3. Corey Lewandowski is a sharp dude. I loved the way he handled this committee. He has my respect. He gave them respect even though they gave him none.

  4. That female reporter looks too perfect. Like the blonde alien in, "They Attacked." Man. It will be almost impossible for the left to steal future elections. People from all walks have smelled the coffee and will be lining up….f em.

  5. How many times has he said he answered their questions??? Too many but what a lie!!! He didn’t answer them at all he was a smart illic and ,should be he in contempt

  6. Democrats have lost their minds. Never forget: Democrats want to fine American families that can’t afford healthcare, and they also want to tax American families to pay for healthcare for illegal aliens.

  7. I wonder why the White House has directed Mr. Lewandowski not to provide information about such communications beyond the information provided in the portions of the Report that have already been disclosed to the Committee

  8. Didn't the DemoRats go to some island for a big get together when there was a government shut down earlier this year? And they have the nerve to condemn Mr. Lewandowski for not delivering a note to the president before going on vacation. What hypocrites!! What was more important.

  9. His testimony was perfect! Show the public how it works!! Perfect starting point for the public to be spoon fed understanding of the real enemy.

  10. These people (Fox, Corey, and all the other Trump disciples) can no longer tell the truth… because of the fear that Trump will believe that you are all "Dis-loyal." How pathetic… the GOP, Fox, and all Trump supporters… need their hearts examined, as much as their heads; which are already.. clearly messed up? This POTUS is corrupt, period. Invoking "Executive Privilege" to cover up crimes that began before he was elected… is the lowest a POTUS has ever stooped to.

  11. democrats showed their true colors.  If something does not go there way they do not accept but just keep turning things around to fit their narrative.  and try to fit whatever they're doing to fit their needs.—lying, taking things out of context, and not accepting reports that they wanted.  They do not want to up hold our CONSTITUTION, they change rules to suit themselves.  They are not to be trusted.  President Trump is doing a super great job and democrats just can't accept that.

  12. Lewandowski, maybe if you would actually answer the questions Congress was asking you instead of refusing to answer all of their questions, there wouldn't be this out cry against you. You claim you went to the hearing because you have nothing to hide but then you refused to answer any of the important questions and claimed executive privilege's, etc. etc.? Now your complaining that not only Congress was asking you questions but they also brought in consultants to the committee to ask you questions and that was so unfair? Lewandowski, they are also the ones who are doing these investigations and of coarse they wanted to ask you questions??? What do you think the hearing was for??? It's to get to the TRUTH and not to listen to your spin and stone-walling! I know that getting to the TRUTH is a notion you are completely unfamiliar with, but unlike yourself, there are people out there who actually want the TRUTH be told! You are someone who is solely interested in your own political ambitions and do not care one bit about our Constitution and laws, just like the rest of your Republican cohorts and cronies in the Senate and especially, in the White House and it's whole administration.

  13. Demon democrats not satisfied……….having another tantrum……..they keep digging in an empty HOLE like their brain. They CANNOT STAND defeat, soar loosers🤢

  14. so if this douchebag admitted to not telling the truth to msnbc…what makes you think anything he's telling you here is any resemblance of the truth? you trump supporters are as dumb as anyone else.

  15. So nice to see a big smile from Lewandowski. I loved the way he left the committee members all frazzled. He should definitely run for office.

  16. Wow. Fox is so one sided! Hello! He admitted the president asked him to tell Sessions to stop the probe. that's collusion – duh! ( not to mention evil and immoral).
    Meanwhile their dear leader is chipping away at our democracy and selling out America for more money in his pocket. all Donald cares about:
    1) Donald
    2) money
    3) Ivanka
    in that order.
    wake up and stop worshipping this reality star! Can't you see he is destroying the country?

  17. This is what extreme partisanship looks like. He contradicted himself in the hearing. When the other side is always wrong about everything, you get stupid people like this. This is not a radio show, not the Hannity show. BTW, he sounds like Hannity, another partisan idiot. Extreme partisanship isn't patriotic, it's tyranny.

  18. This is red meat for the democrap commie base. Hey liberal commie socialists your being stroked by your commie leadership.

  19. Good god. Corey, you literally admitted, multiple times, to lying to the American people about anything and everything for years. Don't hurt your arm patting yourself on the back for being a lying weasel.

  20. OK I have to say it – Pink and Orange… no, just no! Don't go together. No, no, no, no, no … nope!

    Good article tho'

    And, his tie is boring.

  21. Hey, did any of you know that Shelia Jackson Lee is a supporter and fan of Louis Farrakhan? She has been seen in the audience clapping for that "hater of America." Why does she have a seat in congress? Just like IIhan Omar, Shelia Jackson Lee doesn't belong there.

  22. Lewandowski is a contemptous bastard… He should be cited for contempt n send to jail…
    Cocky bastard not trying to answer questions… Nothing to hide??? He is an accessry to Trump obstruction of justice!!!
    He is a chicken coward!!!

  23. Lewendowski, a name that will forever be synonymous with the word liar. I will never make the kind of money He makes in a year, but I am glad my own name will never be such a synonym. Enjoy the money, slime ball.

  24. I wonder if acting too stupid to comprehend or answer questions and smirking will be the same strategy for the Ukraine scandal too. This administration is a total dumpster fire.

  25. "why did you go? did you feel that you had to because of the subpoena?"

    uhhh, yes, lady… that's what a SUBPOENA is for … you are REQUIRED to show up. You are NOT required to answer questions.

  26. I always thought Trump would be a no shame lier but this character makes two.
    In national tv. His children, dad I saw you lying on national TV.

  27. Everyone has to remember if they can do this to a president they can do it to you and you have no way to stop them like the president.

  28. This is the time.   Mr. Trump will be the first president for life of the completely new United States. He must stay to accomplish the country transformation.

  29. The Demoncraps are desperate and these individuals Should be tried for treason and hung from the lamp post down the the streets of Washington DC!! Run for the Senate Corey, you got my Patriotic gun loving Veteran vote !! MAGA!!! Hail your king TRUMP bitches!!!!

  30. I'm beginning to dislike the GOP senators & Congress people. They are so weak, allowing Democrats to run this show. Democrats are actively on offense even if it's stupid things & GOP always playing defensive. Common kick these democrats – investigate the FISA, investigate Hunter Biden, Clinton, etc.

  31. Martha was waiting to be able to express the heartfelt crazy way you disrespectfully interviewed Kelly Ann today. You seem to be just as painful to watch like Nancy Pelosi. I honestly pray they remove you from the news! You are so secret of your support, but honestly your stand is clear. People like you are the reason I will stop watching one news show and VOTE FOR TRUMP!!! People like you, don’t get it!!

  32. Family finds unfortunately hes getting his 15 minutes of fame thanks to the media I wouldn't highlight this lowlife in any way

  33. As much as i like the guy…You couldnt deliver an important message and also take your kids to the beach? And yes a message of that importance is something to prioritize over a vacation..

  34. It's time for the games to stop the president needs to sue the Democrats one on one in court, the media to. They like to spend money how about we spend some like that.

  35. "There was no collusion there was no obstruction the Mueller report was very clear about that" THATS NOT WHAT IT SAID AT ALL!!!

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