Liverpool vs Norwich City | Reds net four to kick-off the Premier League season

Origi, lovely weight
on the ball from Robertson.
Gives Origi something to work with.
And work well he does!
The first goal of Liverpool’s new season
is an own goal by Grant Hanley.
Alexander-Arnold for Liverpool.
Might fall for Salah.
It’s gonna come to Firmino, Mo Salah!
Goal for Liverpool, goal for Mohamed Salah.
At it once again and making it look
as easy as he normally does.
Oh, there it is, Virgil van Dijk,
opening night, how about that?
Bang. 3-0 to Liverpool.
Loves it, doesn’t he?
Absolutely loves it.
Henderson, takes it on the half-turn
and gets Liverpool moving.
Salah, Henderson again.
Liverpool clicking through
the gears again – Origi!
Well, just take it all the way back
to the start of the move.
Because that from Liverpool
was something special.
Origi the finisher, but the whole
attacking move was a work of art.
Buendia, and now Pukki!
And a goal for Norwich.
They do have something to show
for their night’s work,
and they have put a lot of work in.


  1. Liverpool has gone so might over the last 2,3 seasons. This side is inevitably awesome.
    Liverpool earning so many fans in India ??

  2. We are done for tbh. We’re not on Man City level. Even Tottenham look good. Every team has improved this transfer window but we were too stubborn. We didn’t even try for Coutinho on loan. There was players available too that would improve our bench and squad depth (Fernandez, Werner, Fekir). We struggled yesterday defensively too because we are too stubborn to get an RB. Trent should play CM and we should get a real good RB. Dani Alves was on a free. Allison getting injured on the first day is such a Liverpool thing to happen smh. Our squad never survives injuries and then we have no one to replace them.

  3. Yep ..Great start for The Reds..shame about Alisson's injury, but the lads will play through this early setback.. YNWA

  4. Pukki would have been an excellent back-up for Firmino. Does a lot of the same work and does it tirelessly.
    Too bad he is already 29, otherwise he could have had a long future in the PL.

  5. i could only watch the first half of the match on friday night. so could someone tell me HONESTLY how they thought adrian played when he came on?

  6. Please tell TAA to step up his game or forget about winning the league title this season. Ball watching all game and give Norwich their goal on his side, shocking defending by him.

  7. We let ourselves down in this match, that's my opinion. We took the foot off the gas at 4-0 and then allowed Norwich to score in the second half. Man City on the other hand didn't take their foot off and won 5-0 against West Ham and top the table. I know it's only the first match, but subtle moments like this can come back to haunt you later on……if only we did………

  8. Why does nearly all the Liverpool players have these rather high white socks on? It looks cool tho. But does it do something?

  9. We want to see longer highlights look at how Norwich uploaded the highlight. Clean organised. Like so Liverpool Fc can see this.

  10. I'm a massive Norwich fan, just want to say all wishes are for you reds this season and I hope Allison gets better asap ?? OTBC

  11. LFC need to tweak Transfer policy for 1-2 players breaking signing players 24 or under with a re-sale possible to buy a few players entering prime yrs. Eriksen (27) can create bucket loads of goals for our front 3,improve our passing helping it flow hence saving the legs of the players letting ball do work. Real,Barca buy players in prime to win trophies not buy to maybe re-sell.

  12. Now we need to do like last season but destroy them instead of just beating them cuz if we just beat small teams if we come up against man city we won't win we need the pl this year CMON YNWA

  13. ชอบลูกที่ 4 อาโนลด์

  14. It's a good stary for us guysi think with a hard work we can win the league i hope Alisson be fit really fast.

    (Grettings from Poland and yea i can not to know English very well)

  15. I want Jurgen Klopp to be BVB ( Borussia Dortmund ) and Mainz 05 manager. But what he really, really wants is Stuttgart!

  16. Just wondering how many Liverpool could´ve scored if more goals would´ve been needed… Having seen quite many Norwich games last season by coincidence, they really can attack, but their defence was shaky already in the Championship. Not predicting points, but I´d say Norwich has about 56 scored and 79 conceded at the end of the season. But to the point: Liverpool or ManCity will win the League this season. I want it to be Liverpool, and this is our season!

  17. Look at First score… Do not sale Origi because he is miracle of Liverpool แปลว่า อย่าขายโอริจี้นะโว๊ยยยย เพราะมันคือตัวนำโชคให้หงส์จิงๆ 55+

  18. Who should be van dijk partner in centre back this season?

    Like Joe gomez
    Reply Joel matip

    In my Opinion it should be gomez

  19. Premier League was a very good start. The tempo never dropped, especially in the first half. Hopefully Alisson Becker will be back on the pitches as soon as he can. he's a great goalkeeper. YNWA

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