Mike Pompeo Urged Trump To Kill Gen. Qassem Soleimani: Report | Morning Joe | MSNBC


  1. If there's going to be more war(s), please let it be USA vs its provoked enemies. I get that US has helped a lot of countries before, including ours, but this time, it's obviously these dumb leaders fault for escalating the situation. Americans, please, choose better leaders next time. Sure ours aren't better either but at least we don't have that much power to influence the world much less to start a war.

  2. So what if Soleimani was a bad guy, the replacement is a bad guy. Plans go ahead. Nothing changes re: their plans. Tot for that means more civilian suffering.

  3. Anybody talking about impeachment and the emails confirming trump personally ordering the aid to Ukraine to be blocked…🤔

  4. I don't care who made the decision…it was the right choice!
    Great job! 👍
    A dead terrorist is a good terrorist!

  5. Hope there is still room under THAT Bus, because it it gets too hot for trump, he'll need it.
    A whole bunch of despicables ruining America from within and without.

  6. Shouldn't Pompeo check in with Trump BEFORE going on every Sunday show?  Trump makes Pompeo look stupid by later tweeting that Pompeo has it all wrong…  Shouldn't everybody be on the same sheet of music?   Or is this a cover all your bases approach?

  7. No surprise about this blood-thirsty torture-master Pompeo – he has done that for Bush and he can't stop now, dancing with another devil – I do not understand where Joe got the idea that Pompeo could be the "adult in the room".

  8. Pompeo is a religious zealot, what's known as a dominionist, which effectively blows the separation of church and state out of the water. These people are conducting another "holy war", ironically, with a profoundly
    Ungodly president.

  9. This is the quality of West Point silver spoon no good pieces of garbage that enable Trump to be the no good piece of garbage he has always been. Just sickening that these slime balls run America.

  10. Why they keep saying this is what the American people won't when they do it everybody is in the dark nobody knew who this man was until they killed him his name was never Mentioned about killing Americans until now u.s. is something else

  11. Trump said what he was going to do as president way back in 2011, please take a look: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8ecqMwLjTqQ

  12. Pompeo works for Mossad and idiots in the US government. This is going to end really badly for Americans. Republicans cannot be cured of stupid.

  13. This entire adminstration is corrupt, filled with liars, crazies, and blind leaders. The nerves of Trump to order our men and women to do his dirty work after lying about bone spurs in order not serve PUNK!

  14. Pompeo is a terrible liar. The words come out like they’re from a child who just got caught shoplifting. He’s not even trying to sound convincing.

  15. you can tell when some one is lying pampeo is only saying the trump did the good thing so trump can here this that pompeo is helping tromp so now we are spending more unesesary money on solders now we spending more time and money and trups and now we are going to have a real war for what for trump s macho men crap and all his team wow this crazy and more crazy will be if we don t remove trump from office yet we all know we have all the power to bloup a country and star a war arund the world put not because we have the power we are going to start killing people around the world and this is what trump keep s saying to the world on tv this is danger president tallking all this crap on tv this is not ok for usa

  16. Pompeo is a mess. What do these people have besides multiple criminal counts against them? I believe they think they have to annihilate everything to defocus from their perpetual liability. Crimes literally 7/24. For some reason, this administration is not being held to the fire. Is everybody compromised by Epstein's photo library/? It 's the Epstein/Barr Syndrome! hahaha.

  17. Huh, middle of impeachment proceedings, ratings at near lowest point, need a change of direction…play the war card that’s it.
    I am very tired of the wars we wage and the resources we spend and the lives we lose. Do we understand or are we closer to the people’s we claimed to be liberating? I think not. We are all poorer for the war inside and outside. We are vulnerable, naturally. Why can’t we ween ourselves off war and fear?

  18. He did not make the best decision he did not have a meeting with Congress but he had a meeting with everybody else man this is some kind of man y'all have up in the White House

  19. Well if we are going to have the war send the inmates, gang members and evil people to war first😁😁😁then send Trump family especially his sons big mouths.

  20. Everyone in the Middle East is celebrating the death of the General who caused so much violence and bloodshed while American Liberals are mourning him. I’d say let that sink in but most people here are too lost from reality to let it.

  21. This white hose is in desperate need of intelligence and new leadership. Trump administration is the most corrupt in America history.

  22. No one can urge trump to do anything. Trump will do what he wants. We want to impeach trump, trump got upset so he’s gonna destroy America by starting a war.

  23. Hey Trump we didnt forget you were IMPEACHED!! Dont change the story from impeachment by killing ppls. Trump, i hope someone claim the bounty on your head!!

  24. Pompeo is so full of it. His such a huge pathetic lier, wipe that grin out of the lying dirty face. Pure evil administration, non Americans, for sure.

  25. You idiots seem to have missed the fact this terrorist was in Iraq not Iran .
    What do you clowns think he was doing there ? Vacation ?
    Site seeing ? Shoping at the American PX ?

  26. American Journalists (Jamal Khashoggi) murdered in Saudi Arabia goes unpunished. Kim goes unpunished, Putin… your pathetic.

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