Missing Nora’s mum appeals for information: ‘Our hearts are breaking’

Nora is our first child.
She has been vulnerable
since the day she was born.
She is so precious to us
and our hearts are breaking.
We are appealing to anyone
who has information
about Nora to help us to find her.
The police have been working
extremely hard to bring Nora home.
In order to help their investigation
we have decided to offer a reward.
50,000 ringgit has been donated by
an anonymous Belfast-based business
for any information that directly
helps us to find Nora.


  1. Prayers going out to the friends and family . As far as those people commenting non justifiable accusations toward these parents, should be greatly ashamed of themselves for their nonrespectful, non loving reaction to a parents loss of a innocent child.

  2. I dont think offering any reward will help at all. Whoever comes forward and try to claim that reward will be detained and investigated for foul play.

  3. Nora Quoirin: parents of missing girl thank Malaysian search teams ► https://www.theguardian.com/world/2019/aug/10/nora-quoirin-parents-of-missing-girl-thank-malaysian-search-teams

  4. Oh no they’ve found a body that’s likely to be Nora’s. I hope its not hers but it most likely is 😢

    Also isn’t it weird how as soon as they offer a £100,000 reward, a body has been found? Sounds a bit fishy to me.

  5. Some very sick and twisted individuals in this comment section. You should all be ashamed of yourselves. Karma will get ye for your disgusting comments.

  6. With all the maternal instinct that I have, I honestly feel weird for why is this felt emotionless. Rather than worry of Nora's safety, I felt it more like "worry of being find out" for whatever the reason is. The parents hardly shows any remorse or whatever you name it. RIP Nora.

  7. Something SERIOUSLY doesn't add up how was she abducted or how did she leave without parents not hearing it…and why does the father look emotionless…something is just not right

  8. I pray that the parents get the truth . I think she was kidnapped i really do . What a cruel world we live in .

  9. Well he looks awfully quiet and ol say what I dam well like end of day I’ve seen plenty of others pleas and turned out it was loved ones they don’t look one bit upset at all I wouldn’t even have time to do one cos I’d be out looking for my child might and day !!!!!!!

  10. I dont understand how someone starves to death in a week. Autopsy apparently revealed intestinal damage- internal bleeding from ruptured ulcer in her intestine…& "probably" died from prolonged stress & starvation. That is a big "probably". Strange autopsy result & case!

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