More benefits for illegal immigrants to take effect in 2020


  1. People are leaving New York in mass. It's really not that great. Dirty and corrupt. Over crowded. Too expensive. Bad water. Over rated.

  2. I think those waiting in line to become citizens should band together and file a class action suit against the Democrats that they are allowing illegals to enter the U.S. and receive benefits and special treatment over those who are waiting patiently. They have a very good case. Why would anyone take years to become citizens if illegals get preferential treatment.

  3. Its Agenda 21 and borderless globalism being slowly implemented over time. The only people it will not effect are the ruling class that decided it for us.

  4. Were are all the seniors benefits increase???? They worked and paid into the system and yet congress gives all the money to illegals . Not that long ago these congress men would be taken out and hung

  5. My wife's SSN was used by an illegal to obtain employment and the illegal didn't pay any taxes which ended up having to be sorted out by my wife and the IRS. Our residence was broken into by an illegal and several of our electronics were stolen. This is the reality of having illegals in this country, let's not reward their illegal behaviors with benefits that Americans pay into. How about giving those benefits to homeless Americans? Americans need to speak up more, remember…the squeaky wheel gets the grease.

  6. I can’t even get into a doctor with how few doctors are in my town. Now every illegal immigrant can get health care? There’s no way I’ll ever see the inside of a doctors office again.


  8. On my God, these Democrats have lost their minds! Illegals need to go home and take those Democrats with them😠

  9. Cut all FEDERAL FUNDS FROM CA & NY. We do not want our money going to these two states…period. People need to realize that State Law does not exist without Our US Constitution. Pull all funds. Put that on the Federal Ballot 2020 and let us see how the vote goes.

  10. The hypocrisy of the left knows no bounds!! Leftist on one hand want to give non citizens rights and privileges while on the other hand want to take citizens rights and privileges away (second amendment for starters).
    All Democrats are traitors to the constitution!!!


  12. No! Illegals if given our tax dollars then I as a natural born citizen should be allowed legally to withhold those stolen monies from my sweat equity. Simple facts if my elected officials reward criminal activity then criminal behavior is what they should expect.

  13. We need to get rid of the dems or its just going to get worse. New Jersey is turning into the california of the east coast

  14. Maybe they can CC permits without background checks also This couldn't't possibly be about getting more votes right

  15. The dirty Dems cannot win votes from citizens because of their awful anti-American agenda…so they just import hordes of desperate third world brown people—most of whom immediately pop out an anchor baby & petition another 20 to come do the same. All at taxpayer expense.
    Wash, rinse, repeat.

  16. I agree but what about immigrant babies. They are not criminals. They never think about that. That's why Obama was loved because he was not quick to judge

  17. Illegal is ILLEGAL. These Licences will Not say they're illegal. NO TRUST!
    What Stops them from being chosen for Jury Duty? WHO WILL KNOW. Illegals do NOT Have legitimate ID.

  18. No Benefits for Ilegals
    Why is it so hard to listen to the American citizen. Dems only do this for their vote. America wake up n fight

  19. If a large group of us withheld half of our tax contributions the gov't would set things right. None of this 'pay first to find out what they'll use our money for' stuff. If we simply allow this we deserve a questionable future for ourselves and our children. Think Ch%&%ina and how they're living???

  20. This is for Globalism. Flood in taxpayer subsidized cheap labor and drive out citizens. Homelessness, poop, needles is to DRIVE OUT citizens. Subsidized housing and flooded in illegal immigrants take up and drive up housing costs that citizens with lower wages (because of flooded in labor) can not afford.

    If you vote Democrat or Libertarian because you take votes away from Trump, you vote for illegal immigration and all that goes with it.

  21. Time to put the marines on the border and use force to stop these people. Time to arrest these mayors and government workers allowing and promoting all this crap for votes.Time to get all people o b a m a hired out of our white house and government and time to arrest o b a m a. Time to get communist out of our congress. Time for republicans to quit taking bull crap from democrats.

  22. BULL SHIFT; driving in america is a god given right not a privilege given to us by the government on the other hand you need to be a citizen of america to drive on our streets ,vote work ,but do not aquest to the government saying driving in america is a privilege no no no ,it is our right as long as we do no harm to our neighbors property or inflict harm

  23. This is the worst thing the US could do the EU got much the same idea and its costing the UK millons thats one of the causes of Brexit Illegals should always be sent back

  24. Illegals are not immigrants. Immigrants enter the country legally through the immigration process. Those that enter illegally are criminals and the only benefit they should receive is a swift journey right back across the border, preferably using a catapult. Coddling the illegals is nothing more than spitting in the face of those real immigrants with enough respect for this country and it's laws to enter it in a legal manner, but then, the left doesn't have any respect for this country and it's laws either.

  25. Can confirm that illegal immigrant students hold back English speaking students. I moved from a town with practically no illegals to a city crawling with them and to my surprise the schools were literally three years behind my previous school. We were learning basic algebra in 5th grade. Moved and didn't see it again until 8th grade. Unbelievably rudimentary vocabulary, couldn't read the usual mandated literature, "science" was a joke, etc. You get the point. Why is illegal immigration even an issue? It's beyond obvious folks, it's ILLEGAL.

  26. I like Tom Homan he 🤔 thinks logical, common sense. Common sense isn't so common! I consider myself Independent, and I will not be voting Democratic this year.

  27. no we cannot allow that s–t to happen, we cannot! no. this has to stop. they will just those license to vote against, whoever they vote for , against USA citizens. we cannot allow this

  28. I want a vote to revoke all services from illegal immigrants. They have the right to nothing in this country as far as I am concerned.

  29. Someone needs to take these laws which are not legal to the Supreme Court and stop this nonsense! Who voted for this nonsense? I sure didn't and I live in California!

  30. But yet the Democrats say Trump abuses his power,breaks laws and defies the constitution. Anyone with half a brain can see Democrat’s are exploiting these freeloaders for votes and the working man foots the bill. 🤬

  31. Giving illegal invaders a drivers license is going to lead to voter fraud.
    Gee- I wonder if the Democrats thought of that?

  32. Do you Dumb Democrat Voters enjoy giving up your family income to give to Foreign Invaders these Stupid Democrats keep inviting to America. That is your Families money these Lame Brain Democrats give to foreign invaders! Thousands of American GIs living in tents on streets Uncle Sam won't take care of, but they can take care of foreigners and their Families, thanks to those Rotten to the core Democrats in the House. Dirty Rotten Pelosi from the "Shitty City on the Bay" California.

  33. These immigrants would be legal if our immigration laws weren't so stupid. News flash: immigrants make our economy function.

  34. These invaders don't look like they've missed a meal and climbing the wall sure does need some physical fitness! These guys aren't fleeing a troubled country existence!

  35. Oregon is registering people to vote ( w hether you want to or Not) ! Then when the ' BIG MISTAKE ' happens and illegals are 'accidentally ' permitted to VOTE!!!!!!! IT'S COMING! JUST WATCH! it'll happen in NY!!

  36. Trump doesn’t have a winery! Remember they made him give up his business. It cracks me up, these people give false I’d that anyone would believe so it’s not his fault. Give this man a break

  37. not one dollar should be spent on illegals while American Patriots are treated in a rat infested Veteran's hospital !!
    Not one dollar !!!

  38. Our employers hire undocumented workers and get a slap on the wrist. A huge issue is because they can get away with it. If you are upset tell your reps to change those laws. Huge corporations get away with it. Every the president just fired 7. There is a way to prove citizenship dont believe the lies.

  39. Bottom line is, Democrats want a second revolution. They want it so bad they can taste it. Importing illegal aliens, handing them freebies, chipping away at our constitutionally protected rights is all part of the agenda. The left knows that there will be a breaking point, and they're counting on it. Because even if the majority of the American military refuses to turn their weapons on American citizens, the lefts globalist allies will. UN "peace keepers", Iranian backed terrorist groups, China, Russia, ect will all show up in droves to aid their corrupt leftist pals in their bid to finally take control of America. The United States of America is the last bastion of freedom in the world. No other country has what we have. Not even our neighbor to the north, and the globalist leftist cabal hates it.

  40. In California "The Latino Legislative Caucus", a subversive cabal of Mexican-American Globalists, have rammed through Bills that cater to Illegal Migrants!!! Former Governor Brown signed them & Governor Newsom signed them into law!!! Here's a list – Kevin Leon's – SB54 "The California Values Act"/Sanctuary State Law, Luis Alejo's SB60 "The Safe And Responsible Drivers Act"/Licences For Illegal Migrants, Former State Senator Ricardo Lara's SB946 "Safe Sidewalk Vending Act"/ Allows Illegal Migrants To Cook And Vend Food on City Streets. Eduardo Garcia's Homemade Food Act/Allows Illegal Migrant home cooks to prepare and sell meals to the public in front of their residences.

  41. Well, American citizens are weak bitches and won’t fight a war. I think the USA is looking to recruit the new generation of military members.

  42. California and New York are already been lost to foreign interests, now let's foreigners pay for this and cut federal aid. Period

  43. The drivers license are for future demo voters. It is the only way the demos can possible stay in office. When did it become a right to do wrong. How screwed up can a politician be, to do something like this. You can only push people so far before they take care of the ones causing the problems.

  44. stop this insanity nothing to those illegals. they are not americans stop paying your taxes, no money to give to the illigals. kick all of them out of this country now.

  45. The only new law that should take place is one when the illegals climb the fence and try to get on the other side, once they climb then shoot them. An illegal is illegal and it’s time people wake up.

  46. Q. Did you hear what Jesus said to the democrats ?
    A. Stay dumb till I get back.
    Read Mathews 25: 31-46 to see what God says about the left (democrats) and the right (republicans)

  47. 🎤🎶🎵🎶Trump Trump Trump Trump Trump Trump Trump Trump 2020…We all Must Re – Elect "The MOFO"😁👍

  48. Not including a question regarding citizenship in the 2020 census will cause the results of the census to become invalid. This single citizenship question will accurately determine the accuracy of the number of legal CITIZENS in the United States. Not to include the question forces an unfair and inaccurate representation in the House of Representatives for Sanctuary States like California. California is already overrepresented in Congress by non-citizens because of its high illegal immigrant population who are automatically registered to vote through the DMV. This is an illegal act in itself. A lawsuit is required to force the inclusion of the citizenship question. The question is necessary to give fair and equal treatment to all CITIZENS in the United States.

  49. Democrats continue to suggest the electoral college be replaced by a popular vote. Consider the impact to elections. Only the most populous cities like NY, LA, Chicago, all inhabited by large illegal immigrant populations, would determine the President of the United States. A sneaky ploy? Was this the true purpose behind the illegal immigrant caravans coming to California and Texas ahead of the 2020 census?

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