My Homemade “Mechanical Television” with Sound

The finished project with viewing screen to the right Video amplifier, sync separator and disc speed controller Count down to allow disc to reach correct speed before showing the video


  1. Excellent work! Could you please post the circuit diagram, because I would like to make a mechanical TV like yours!

  2. For the mechanical television I'd suggest moving from a disk to a belt, perhaps something with roughly the dimensions and speed of a belt sander, which could probably net you something in the regon of 15 to 20 fps. The obvious advantage here is that you could present the playback in rectangular instead of a slightly curved pattern, not to mention the overall size to screen size ratio could be somewhat minimized. I would also advocate forgoing any image capture in favor of a converter for playing back pre-existing video – perhaps you would then only need to set up synchronization pulse(s) with the belt to either buffer the converted images or provide automatic speed adjustment. Also if you forgo the crude image capture you can obviously up your resolution depending on your playback device.

  3. Sad to say No one cares about Genius stuff like this, They always are trying to say “yeah it’s made in China” But it’s not.

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