NASA Lands InSight on Mars

[dramatic music]
– [Woman] InSight is now
traveling at a velocity
of 2000 meters per second.
InSight has passed
through peak deceleration.
Telemetry shows the
spacecraft saw about 8 Gs.
InSight should now
be experiencing the
peak heating rate.
Ground stations are
observing signals consistent
with parachute deploy.
– Michael Alpha, Michael
Bravo, maintain locks status.
– [Woman] Altitude convergence,
the radar has locked
on the ground.
– [Man] Yes!
– Standing by for
lander separation.
Lander separation commanded.
Altitude, 600 meters,
Altitude, 400 meters,
200 meters,
80 meters,
60 meters,
30 meters,
20 meters,
17 meters, standing
by for touchdown.
Touchdown confirmed.
[inspirational music]


  1. Congratulations nasa 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍😘😘👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  2. How did they know the exact landing on mars lander as it takes several minutes to get the exact position of the mars lander??

  3. I congratulate the sons of men who worked on that project, live longer to see your grand children steeping their foot on Mars

  4. Most comments are saying it’s fake .
    Minority’s of idiots now still think nasa is anything more than Santa clause for brainwashed adults..💪👌

  5. So you telling me you spent $850 million on this and can't even put a camera on the rover so you yourselves could actually see the actual landing? Oh I forgot, this is just one of those fake circus show you make people to believe. Where is this, in Area 51 or in Devon Island in Canada? Can go to Mars but can't go back to the Moon huh. You people in NASA will pay for all this deception!

  6. I really don't intend to be negative, but this all seems like non-sense to me. 300 million miles we can send a probe and get remarkable reception and photos, but in the year 2018 we can't get cell phone reception outside the city limits. These probes somehow have some of the best gas, rocket fuel or push air mileage in the history of the world. We can get clear photos of a alien planet, but just composite photos of our own. Whats even more interesting is none of these high failure missions rarely ever fail. They just seem to almost always go down without a hitch. Just saying.

  7. so theres no cameras to show its journey, or at least the landing? and I still get dropped calls or text messages not sent on my smart phone, but you guys can send a craft to mars and know the exact point in time and space and what it is doing because your computer screen tells you so?

  8. Mars is about to become Mount Everest II, littered with trash, oxygen canisters, tons of frozen dead bodies. Tourist destination of pioneer narcissists.

  9. It was the Jesuits, who by looking at the "lights in the night sky" knew the stars and the wondering stars were in fact Spaceballs?
    1543 – Jesuit publish book tilted, "On the Revolutions of the Heavenly Spheres"
    1572 – Jesuit recommend reforming the calendar based on Heliocentricism
    1582 – Jesuits reform the calendar using Heliocentricism (Gregorian calendar)
    1601 – Telescope invented 1610 – Jesuit claim to see Spaceballs orbiting about one another
    1651 – Jesuits map the Moon, inventing impact craters, lava flows, mountain ranges, etc
    The question: What year did Religion stopped inventing the properties of Space, and Science took over the Space ENTERPRISE?

  10. Good, very good. But, its been decades since we landed on the moon and form there we keep getting backward. This mission looks hard indeed and there are so many things that can go wrong, and this is bad. Unless you find a way to make things like that a routine operation, we cannot move forward. I keep my hopes for the things to come, with SLS and BFR. That will be progress. This, is just a job well done!

  11. It really is neat to be old enough to remember watching the first man on the moon, and still be here to see our human robots on Mars. Congratulations on a successful operation. Let the Data begin!

  12. Прям как дети. Как они радуются мультикам которые сами слепили.

  13. really? did any of you play some new video game? even there is more realistic then this "landing on Mars", to be true, not saying it didn't happened, only that is not the real video…

  14. I have questions about hurricane and thunderstorms .The first question What are the reasons for the start of the storm storm of clouds . second question Is it true that the wind is attracted toward the center of the clouds? Why is the wind attracted to the center of the clouds? . How do you launch thunderstorms from clouds? . We ask you to send my four questions to the naturalists and publish answers to the scientific site

  15. Thoroughly makes me sad that the biggest space agencies cant get together to achieve greatness. NASA has sent the only humans to the moon, has been the first agency to probe every planet in our system (even you pluto). India with the accomplishments theyve made. Russia has more human space experience than any other country. China, Europe, and Japan, even though they havent made any astonishing achievements, can still provide man power, resources and intelligence even if lacking in experience and can learn a lot along the way, this doesnt include the other dozens of space programs out there like Elon Musks SpaceX. Just so saddening that we are so divided. The only accomplishment countries have made together is the ISS and thats unacceptable. One day and with the help of the world combined, we will be the first intergalactic species to ever exist…Sad i wont see that but my hopes are high.

  16. Nasa lost it's credibility when they faked the moon landings. Watch, "A funny thing happened on the way to the moon." The evidence we didn't go is overwhelming.

  17. So much people only for celebrate. Seems aren't doing nothing. I hope the press conference will be so funny as curiosity was.

  18. Apollo 11 had a camera that clearly recording the "landing," but nothing else has and everything we see is either CGI, blows up "on accident," or is cancelled entirely.

  19. Just an innocent observation, but where are the cameras that film the unit as it descends and then as it lands on the surface from such a variety of views?

  20. Can anyone tell me why we don't have a live feed camera on the Moon that is pointed at earth??? ALL LIES FOLKS..ALL THEY DO IS LIE.

  21. Please people do not tell me to believe this lie so blatant … They are not teaching you the landing on Mars, they are just badly done graphics, because I would need the insight probe a parachute to land supposedly on Mars, not to mention the attitude of the controllers, it takes so many people to see a bad video in 3D? Do not be fooled and do not allow us to cheat with our own taxes, there are a thousand more important things to devote that money, do not allow them to get rich at the expense of our ignorance.

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