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  1. And let me be clear on this if he want to start killing people because they have took in life in other countries what is we going to do about this white naturally Donald Trump he have did it as well


  3. Rivals in Iran had been tired of Soleimani getting too close to Russia. Like Kim's uncle was too close to China before his death

  4. It's ok that he has killed hundreds of American's and thousands of innocent people but it's not ok for us to put a stop to it? An eye for an eye.

  5. Trump Has Balls The American People Should Stand Behind TRUMP U.S. Is not a country to be Mess With!!!! KEEP AMERICAN GREAT… TRUMP 2020

  6. Who tells the truth? Who tells the lies? We the people will never know. But regardless we are along for the ride.

  7. Only thing certain is Donald Trump's certainty to be lying most of the time when he opens his mouth.. how do we trust anything he says? Isn't that clear enough By now?

  8. Oh dear, I think what Trump is doing with Iran right now can have consequences down the road. We really cannot have another 4 years of this guy because I don't trust him when it comes to foreign relations. I think Trump picked up a rock and threw it at a bee hive.

  9. I submit the possibility that Donald Trump had. an arbitrary fit of vindictive rage that inspired that missile launch on that General.. I don't know how as he proclaims that Iran will not exist anymore. But I hope we and Congress get a clue before he launches that one. That thing called a war… I sometimes wonder about his cryptic possibly psychotic words after being elected.. "there will be great Wars and many Heroes". .. I keep thinking toy soldiers are a lot cheaper for this King.

  10. Peacefully! Now the accusations against the most Republican Party members as the key warmongering supporters & military industrial complex appointees become clear & real, due to their uniform support on attacks that can simply escalate war fires around the Middle East. This is something dangerous to the world.

  11. Yeah yeah yeah “ weapons of mass destruction “, Bush ploy that worked on the sheeples after 9/11! He thinks we are going to re-elect him because of this! How many Americans will die because of this stupid stunt.?

  12. I love how we have to glorify the female firefighters when they got the job only pass a modified physical test. Which made it less hard to do the job and as you see. They need relaxation pods and yoga. Typical quote hire bs.

  13. Just why we hesitate to initiate these obvious and easy Maneuvers to assassinate leaders .. better to change them.. to control the masses.. our complacent plan foiled.. now he's a martyr with more power.. To inspire his following…. and so obviously transparent in their eyes, our methods of futility..

  14. The video footage only shows a burning car ( possibly hit by fireworks or flares) nothing else that combined with Engels hysterical reporting ( really grotesque) and a previous ABC adventure story about “ The hand with the famous red ring dangling out of a window” discredits this story and again all it is is a burning car and something burning behind it It’s very possible the US was played here or fooled after staging demonstrations in an attempt to provoke or manipulate a situation and no matter how you interpret it it’s stunning fools behavior from all sides and irresponsible behavior that’s meant to harm innocent civilians worldwide

  15. +5M people march in Indian cities IT back-office hubs of the world . Are our citizens , goods, services & investments safe and secure in India anymore, over 300M+ minorities Christians, ,Muslims suffer persecution by BJP govt.

  16. Republicans can't stand to lose. I knew that there would be a false flag attack of some kind to try and make Trump look good you people are horrible and should be embarrassed

  17. He stopped a war! 😂😂😂 What does Trump know about war other than how to avoid one with a fake deferment. All Trumps supporters should grab a rifle and pay for this war.

  18. It is some dumb racist idiots commenting about war like they gonna fight as soon as it breaks out Trump is protected are you dummmies

  19. Our soldiers are not toy soldiers. They are real people with family who love them. Just because the govt has the technology to use in a deadly strike doesnt mean you have to show how big your d%#@ and balls are. The former presidents chose not to take action for a reason. Furthermore how can we trust that he acted on intelligence when he ignored Intel in the past? What a coincidence the strike occurred during his impeachment.

  20. Treasonous traitors on this panel Democrats are lovers of thy enemies Iran Syria China, America supports Trump not domestic terrorists in the Democrat party.

  21. Are we so brazen because other countries dont have missiles that can reach us? Or is it that we trust the security we have is infallible and to notch. Come on , stop poking bears because while "impt top officials are safe in their protective bunkers,the rest of us "casualties of war" are defenseless. Furthermore what happens when our beloved troops get captured? They are going to be tortured without mercy. Why does Iran and other countries identify us as their enemy? Jehova my provider, please continue to keep watch over the righteous. Amen. I pray that true Christians take office in 2020.

  22. The military leader was a real evil crazy……but he never attasked civilians, it is a fact. Trumpovich attack has assured 1000s civilians will die.

  23. Father I lift my hands to you asking for your protection for our troops in harms way. To protect the United States 🇺🇸 from any harms way. I ask you this in Jesus precious name Amen 🙏

  24. From we do not need to be there anymore and pulling out troops, to starting a war and sending in troops in less than a week. Well, guess this will distract everyone from the new Impeachment information appearing almost daily. Anyone besides me getting tired of this playboy CON artist in control of our lives?

  25. While I loathe Trump, Soleimani is a bad operator, several years ago I was nearly killed by the Houthi rebels he supports. I would question the timing of his assassination, let us see the intelligence on his purported future terrorist acts.

  26. This Is How They traffic people cuz they don't have any homes to go to this is what u call trafficking slaves out of their home

  27. It is my statement that Louis XIV was with the Russian underworld and Louis XV was with the Norwegian underworld and both worked with Louis XVI. Paul Fuller is the registered bloodline descendant of Louis XVI. Keira Knightly is the Soulmate of Paul Fuller. Marie Antoinette was not a roster spouse. Soulmate Mozart was patterned away from Marie by the underworld via a faux ancient fixed reunion.

    Louis furniture, XIV, XV, XVI, was stolen from Julian Casablancas, John Casablancas and the Emperor of China.

    The Sargent Major in 1918 Mexico.

    I retract the statement from my supplemental emails in 2017 claiming that Paula Howard, the direct registered bloodline ancestor of Polita Barnes born Peggy Marks was dressed cross gender as a Sargent Major for an espionage transaction; transferring stolen jet design plans.

    My new statement is that Paula Howard pertained to and covered for the real transaction spy; Julia Brody, the direct registered bloodline ancestor of Juliet Joslin.

    Julia Brody feigned Josephine Baker tightly, and feigned Paula Howard as Adam Zelle as General Tao, cross gender. Julia Brody transferred plans stolen from Australia while feigning a Sargent Major.

    Later at the Palladium in Los Angeles, Julia Brody attempted to displace Josephine Baker by feigning her identity tightly.

    Clara Bow pertained to Julia Brody during the laser transaction, and framed Josephine Baker for her role in covering for Rudolf MacLeod.

    Mata Hari was innocent.

  28. A fake reason, Re-election strike Trump upset about violence against Americans but did nothing about the murder of Khashoggi.

  29. Convenient war for the 2020…You know who loves a War more than anyone? A president who's low in the polls, fighting multiple scandals and has NOTHING to platform on.🖕Trump. #OD 👩‍🔧

  30. Republicans make me sick. Can't win anything unless they cheat. Don't have a re-election platform? start a war. 🖕 Trump.

  31. Well, that's it. The U.S Government has just proved that it is corrupt, unjust and afraid. It has over stepped it own justice system and eliminated a man without due process. Is it now the U.S Government policy to eliminate all potential threats?
    Who is next? Is this Justice? Prevention? Prevention is that which excuses due process by educated assumptions. Then what? turn on ourselves on all potential internals? It is clear to this (one) that the U.S Government has run amok and steeped into the relm of the oppressor.

  32. We just cannot wait, too much longer,, to find
    out what trump-da-rump is hiding in those mysterious tax returns!

    Every unlawful, unpresidential insensitive, tragic, step that non-president makes,, seems to be right after he's been exposed for the crrrookkk he is!

    Is this the only trick he has up his sleeve?
    Harm to his own human race?

    What on this planet could his family have done to him to make him think this way. Behave toward others in ways that are so obliviously Wrong.

    He has now gotten our loved ones into a red-hot WAR with a people who has been in wars in Africa for over two thousand years!

    He ought to be taken down for this..

    Blue Wave, Nancy Pelosi,, Sic 'em!!!

    We trust you know exactly how to take care of this thug and henchmen. That's
    why WE voted for youse.🇺🇸

  33. Atlanta, Westside, Adamsville Flat-lands, Native..Now residing on the Eastside Decatur, Ga..Salute to the 3 females Leadership in the DeKalb county Fire Dept…👏..👍👍…✌💨🏃

  34. Trump murdered Iranians’s top general who is connected to the ISIS Terrorists. This is like throwing a rock at the Killer Bee 🐝 Hive. Now American lives domestic and abroad of all parties (Republican, Democrats and Independents) will be endangered thanks to Trump. If only the Killer Bees could just take out the orange boy that threw the rock.

  35. Idiotic "Conservatives" following their Republican sheep. They are going to disturb their livelihoods due to the fact that our allies are not backing us up. Trump better have his shh together in order to go to war, here and abroad.

  36. Pure comedy. The protesters in Baghdad are throwing rocks & setting small fires. Meanwhile, the Marines are playing "Rock-Paper-Stone" to decide who gets to spray the crowd with machine gun fire 🤣🤣😂😁🤣🤣👍

  37. You can only take action to start a war coming out of the compromise of the nuclear deal. These republican lied so many times that whenever they say it's safe, I believe the opposite.

  38. He had to go , He had to go… Trump made the right move wtf are the politicians saying Trump shod not get impeached thats BS OVERLOAD

  39. Mitch McConnell is like that District Manager everyone has that is so gung-ho for corporate, they have no idea how stupid they sound.

  40. looks like Iran spoke to soon when they said Trump wouldn't do anything…… oops see…. Iran shouldn't throw rocks in a glass house…..

  41. Richard's Angel is propaganda on full tilt. Do you know the Shia supported the Americans against the Islamic State? Funny how the narrative becomes justification for expanding war

  42. The war general dehumanizing Iranians by claiming " they have a huge capacity to absorb punishment" what a racist

  43. I'm not too worried about a world war. Because in the end God wins!!
    However I am worried and my heart hurts for all the trees, koala bears and kangaroos that are perishing in the fires over in Australia.

  44. OMG, Trump's reading from the teleprompter was pitiful. Poor guy really CAN'T read well, can he? He obviously has no idea what he's reading.

  45. I am elderly and disabled. I am feeling the "reign of terror" by our own president. I can't afford to see a doctor, I can't afford to heat my home, I can't afford to buy decent food, I can't afford transportation or to pay for plates, insurance or maintenance. How do we survive in this world? I am watching my friends die because they can't afford the basic needs. I made $250K+ annually, at one time, now I can't make ends meet. Cruel and heartless.

  46. This isnt about impeachment. This guy killed THOUSANDS of Americans, and committed HUNDREDS of atrocities across the middle east amd Europe.

    It may be a hard pill to swallow, and partisanship is always an easy way out, but this Iranian HAD TO DIE.

    Please consider international facts and history of this regime, prior to just being a "keyboard warrior".

    I disagree with a lot of Trump's decorum, however, as an ex marine who has served 2 tours, there are things the latte sipping, couch potato does NOT understand.

  47. I will say it again but this is the last time… bunkers You be surprised I have one made it myself toke me some hard work but it's finished it have's food water Medicine everything you could think of wake up America

  48. Let's go ahead and suit up meet us in the desert keep your uniforms on you been wanting a taste of us since 79 😊😊😊😊😊

  49. TRUMP is WORST Then Herbert Hoover. Herbert Hoover is seen by many critics as a bad president due to his lack of effort to end the Great Depression. Many detractors claim that Hoover actually made the Great Depression even worse than it was. At the time, many people saw him as an uncaring and mean-spirited president and a poor communicator.
    Critics of Hoover say that he adhered to his conservative principles at the cost of failing to offer any real relief for the economy and the people suffering as a result of the Great Depression. In fact, the homeless who cropped up in makeshift shanty towns dubbed them Hoovervilles in reference to their plight and his failure to help.

    Hoover is also seen as having exacerbated the Great Depression due to some policy mistakes during his presidency that worsened the problem. For example, he signed a tariff act into law that caused international trade wars, worsening the economy and making it harder for those already affected by the Great Depression. Some critics also argue that Hoover was a "do nothing" who felt that the Depression should be accepted as a fact of life and that people had to endure it. Hoover's initial responses to the crisis did little to alleviate suffering, and he goes down in history as one of the worst presidents. 31st president, was elected on the eve of the Great Depression, came to the office with the skills of a consummate technocrat and manager. The Iowa native and Stanford-educated engineer ran massive relief operations in Europe both during and after World War I. He was commerce secretary under Harding and Calvin Coolidge.

    Once the Depression set in, he lowered taxes and started public works projects to create jobs, but he steadfastly resisted outright relief.

    Hoover's rigid adherence to conservative principles may not have been his greatest problem. A poor communicator, he came across as mean-spirited and uncaring. The homeless dubbed their make-shift shanty towns Hooverville's.

    Perhaps his single greatest policy blunder was supporting and signing into law a a tariff act that fueled international trade wars and made the Depression even worse. But style points alone would have cost him the election against FDR.

    Hoover's rigid adherence to conservative principles may not have been his greatest problem. A poor communicator, he came across as mean-spirited and uncaring. The homeless dubbed their make-shift shanty towns Hooverville's.

  50. 6:12 No, it's the equivalent of us taking out Hermann Goering in 1938, before the start of the war. It may have stopped it then. We certainly hope it will stop this upcoming one.

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