New: Trump Could Be Impeached Partly For Admissions On Fox News | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC


  1. Trump is going to win again in 2020. The only thing the media coup will accomplish is a civil war against the deep state.

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  3. Rats & mice give the Ghoul iani a free haircuts , while he was sleeping on his back , they pulled half of the hairs on his coconut 🥥.

  4. Lmao Trump an Barr getting close. PMSmbc ratings 👎 Now That's MAGA deeeep up in a democrat 👉deeee P👌😂🇺🇸

  5. Joe Biden doesn’t need President Trump to tarnish his reputation, he’s doing that all on his own.
    He belongs in a nursing home.

  6. Exactly that's what I heard.. you don't have to spend money probing into an investigation you already did but just say this so I look good in next election.

  7. Before Trump was elected 9 republicans called him every name they could think of, Now they have a chance to oust him and their spineless, I blame republican party for the mess, they let him take over their party now he is their savior

  8. It doesn't matter what Trump does he won't be removed from office. We only have politicians in office not Patriots who really don't want the true facts to come out. That's why over 70 white house documents won't be released and over 12 people refuse to testify. Facts don't matter. This is the time we live in now.

  9. You said at the beginning you were not going to talk. All I heard was talking points.
    The fact is Biden is not Trumps only or even biggest opponent.
    I could care less about being on the left or right, dem or rep. But I do care about facts and you have shown absolutely nothing relevant or even completely accurate. I watch and read all sides and this is just another talking point to continue plot to try and turn Americans against our president. Well, it's not working. 2016 will be repeating itself in 2020.
    Now if Trump does something terrible between now and then, then so be it, let the Anerican people make their own decision to vote the mean orange man out.

  10. Why did Don McGahn resign? What happened to all of 45's lawyers. They are either in jail, on the way to jail, or resigned for some odd reason.


  12. The Speaker of the House Nancy is eroding the institutions of our great nation. As she muddles around with the "fake' impeachment and flies to Europe to attend and support the Paris Climate Change deal. The USMCA Trade deal sits on her desk. All Americans are watching your reaction. Please don't let us down. We need the trade deal passed NOW! Nobody cares about the stupid Paris Climate deal.. lets cordially sit down with the Speaker and tell her to knock her bad behavior off.

  13. What Ukraine and Russia need is 200, 000 peacekeepers to descend on them with all the advantages of what life would be like without war and hate. But 200,000 peacekeepers are not to be found in America, nor in the whole world. The prison incarceration rate and the number of murders in America demonstrate this inadequacy. Every Ukrainian with any intelligence was working to stop Trump from being elected. Trump's business interests in Russia are greatly affected by how the Russian government views them. Trump has a conflict of interest. As such many a Ukrainian thought that their lives and quality of life were dependent on Hillary Clinton winning. Russia thought the opposite. Added to these two, everyone in the world with any hope for a better future wants to have an effect on your elections.

  14. Though, anything said on FOX wouldn't be taken seriously by anyone with an IQ over 60. But we'll make an exception this time…

  15. This is how Dems lose. How do u even raise as a possibility that Trump truly believed the Batisma/Biden propaganda? Nothing about Trump suggests sinceeity.

  16. I am not a big computer wiz but I don’t think you have to literally take the computer server in order to find out what information is in the server. There are other ways to get that information. Correct me if I am wrong.

  17. A stable genus would know when to keep his mouth shut 🙊🙊🙊🙊🙊🙊🙊🙊🙊🙊🙊🙊🙊🙊🙊🙊🙊🙊🙊🙊Bigly sad to see Trump's mental illness getting worse

  18. There's a bombshell coming when the Fisa report comes out on Monday. The left will have egg splattered all over its face.

  19. Could be? Try HE MUST BE as he's RACIST & has no heart except HIMSELF!!!!
    If not, how about ELIMINATED from U.S.!!!

  20. Those garbage tabloids at every supermarket in the United States have become increasingly right wing nonsense, and there are many more being fed online by Russian misinformation ops. They have totally rotted the brains of many in our country BY DESIGN. The propaganda specifically seeks to make them feel more significant and to feel like they have a spiritual imperative to support the GOP. I have been around or known these types of people all my life. They are really gullible, really bad judges of character, and worse consumers of information. And now, they have taken over the GOP and the presidency.

  21. regarding the crack commandment "never get high on your own supply"

    whilst I can see that is a good principle, I would like to know what the angle is,
    in case its different from my own angle.

    my angle is just that if you have a shop selling food, you shouldnt
    eat the food you are selling, because its there to be sold and not to be eaten.
    in a business setting, where I use "business" in a generalised sense to include
    politics, and lawyers, accountants, etc, ie where it could be in house, or not directly
    involving money, that everything should only be for its intended purpose,

    to only get legal advice from the lawyer, for the premises to only be cleaned
    by the cleaners,

    with the food shop, the food should only be bought by the customers,

    I did once go to a greengrocers long ago, and the guy would nab an item and start
    eating it and offered me some, and it seemed completely inappropriate,
    its the only time I have seen someone do that, and I remember it to this day
    because of the strangeness of a shop person eating their own food!

    if a person does something different from his hat, this is unprofessional and
    can lead to legal problems in a dispute. Insurers could refuse to pay out if
    something unauthorised was done, eg if you are driving faster than the speed limit
    you will be liable even if its the other person's fault.

    in a business setting you need to be alert for things which are even vaguely inappropriate
    because such things are usually harbingers of future trouble,
    and even if the inappropriate things are in your favour,
    in particular such things could be a trap.

    there is the story of a guy who got invited to a free stay in a luxury hotel
    in a far off country, with banquets etc. Some weeks later he gets invited
    to another such, weeks later another, and another.
    Then one day he is invited to another, has a good time,
    and wakes up in the morning and something seems wrong.
    Eventually he finds these stitch marks on his abdomen,
    basically a kidney has been harvested. The kidney could easily be $80000,
    and each hotel stay was say $1000, basically a bed and some food.
    So it wasnt worth it. Inappropriate to have free hotels and banquets.
    Sorry, I cannot participate because it doesnt make sense.

    Giuliani directing US Ukraine policy is an example of inappropriateness,
    because all US govt policies must be directed by relevant officials,
    Giuliani is not a govt official, so he has no authority to direct govt policy.

    essentially he is acting beyond his authority.

    I dont know if "crack commandment" refers to crack cocaine?

    because once you take crack cocaine your mind becomes forever fragmented,
    so the crack cocaine dealers generally dont take the drug they trade,
    because if they do they wont be mentally able to trade the drug.

    at home you can do inappropriate things, eg when the grass gets too overgrown
    I sometimes use a hedge trimmer. But when you deal with the general public
    or with external companies, or with employees etc, you need to do everything
    the official way because you can end up in bad legal jeopardy.

    warranties often require everything to be done the correct way,

    eg I had a central heating system installed recently, and it has a 10 year warranty,
    PROVIDED I get it serviced each year before the anniversary date by
    an accredited plumber.

    so provided I keep to those constraints, and each plumber has to fill in a book entry
    about each service, then I get free labour and parts for any problem in the 10 years.

    warranties typically will say the equipment must only be used for the intended purpose.

    there is an idea called "good form" which means you only do things which are appropriate
    and relevant. The idea is that if you only do such, that everything falls into correct place automatically.

    People struggle because their behaviour is inappropriate, eg Trump is continually angry,
    anger means a person is unable to control their environment. Its a sign of INCOMPETENCE.
    An adept person is a happy person.

    a lot of workers refuse to read installation instructions, but in fact with new things you
    absolutely must read installation instructions very carefully because these point out
    any strangenesses.

    I remember this plumber trying to install a glass shower shield, and running into continual problems.
    Later on I read the instructions, and all the problems he ran into were explained away.

    There is a saying RTFI, "read the f***ing instructions"!

    basically, it is good form to always read the instructions before you install or use equipment.

    To not read them is bad form and can lead to a voiding of warranties and legal recourse.

  22. It depends how you spin it:
    – An American president digs up dirt on a political rival: Impeach him.
    – An American president, within the boundaries of his authority, investigates corruption at the highest level in government, in doing so, benefits the American people and thereby brings himself votes. The corrupt system retaliates with impeachment.

  23. Great reporting and insight. Trump hates reporters as we know. He thinks himself wiser. That's one of the reasons why he is being impeached. Don't mess with investigative reporters, new papers or media. They are the best when it comes to finding the truth. They are the real people that love this country and stand up and fight for every American. No matter Republicans or Democrats. They fight against the hate mongrels like Trump and his base. America is a peaceful country. Let's bring that peace back to America. Get Trump out.

  24. Nice report i was wondering the dates lining up on his fox interviews i hope it sinks them..rudy looks like a smiling devil 😈 evil people

  25. ~Trump Swamp Cult devotee Ingraham's face looks like a Pelican waiting at the end of a dock for fish entrails to be dumped for her to gobble as chub after the catch of the day is filleted by the fisherman and thrown out from the entrail station~“

  26. Leftism is a mental disorder. A serious disorder that needs serious treatment. It used to be kind of funny to say this but its serious. People on the left are sick and they need help.

  27. Granny Botox, Speaking on behalf of the confederation of dunces,has decreed 63 million voters for impeachment, based on no evidence other than envy and hate for the Presidents stellar achievements for all americans.

  28. What?? Oh snap! Wow. Two old fools that have diarrhea of the mouth. Eeeewww they stink. And keep quoting my boy Biggie!

  29. FOX is every bit as corrupt as Guiliani and Nunes. Why does no one focus on this fact. My 80 something mom really thinks that FOX is a real new show.

  30. "He's a joke now … he sort of earned that role. Let's face it, he doesn't want to be a member of NATO, he doesn't want to be an ally of anybody, the only friends he has are world monsters."

  31. Rudy and that slore smh! Where are their lips?? Its like just moving skin on their faces.. who enjoys kissing a woman with no top lip? 🤢🤮…..

  32. OPINION:




    ******* *****

  33. Reality check: Trump will NOT be impeached, “ Russian collusion “
    Was a HOAX, The MSM is nothing more than a propaganda outlet your being lied to for purely political motives,
    So the same corrupt people who brought us NAFTA, Wallstreet bailouts, and a recession that had millions on Foodstamps will regain power from the administration that has brought us the best economy, and lowest unemployment rates in 50 years

  34. The Republicans have been buried in stories, evidence, inferences, and proof, of Trumps illegal activities, and yet they they refuse to turn their backs on him. I wonder just how far it would have to go… how awful it would have to be to get them to face and admit that Trump is a criminal, and not fit or deserving of the office he holds?

    I think it's time to break out the really bad and personally embarrassing elements of his behavior so there's no doubt, and leaves no excuses, so as to prove that Trump needs to be removed. We all know there's likely more and worse information… if not photos… that Epstein didn't take with him to his grave.

  35. What isGiuliani doing in the Ukraine. Dems think he is still pursuing Biden….. think again. The Biden saga is over,
    so he is setting up the next play. He is setting up for 2020. A new scandal for a new era. Most probably speaking to the
    Russians, planning on affecting the next election with a new fake news scam. WAKE UP YOU DEMOCRATS.

  36. The White House assigned Trump a service dog, the Animal is more Human than the President, so he will serve as Trump, the 2020 dogs.

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