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Nerds and I am back with another video and in this video I am gonna show you how to get the new working version of Terrarium TV on your Firestick. That is right guys, that is coming up right in this video and guys if you have Terrarium TV already installed on your Fire stick or on your fire tv devices and it is is not working
then please uninstall that first and after that follow my tutorial and you will have a new working version of Terrarium TV on your devices and before I go ahead,
please make sure that you subscribe to the channel and also share these videos with your friends on social media so that they can also benefit from these videos
and now let’s get right into the tutorial So right now I am on the home screen of my fire stick and the 1st step is to go onto the settings option from the top menu go onto the Settings option and in here go on to My fire TV and then go onto Developer options turn on ADB debugging. Click Ok on it, it is on and then Apps from Unknown Sources Click Ok on it and it gives you this screen, click on Turn On, which is already selected
ADB debugging and Apps from Unknown Sources has been switched on and this is the first step So I am going back to the main Home Screen again and now we have to go to the search option which is on the top left corner So I am gonna slide left and then I am gonna type in Es File Explorer and you can see when I typed in Es, it gives us suggestion below Es File Explorer and that is what we need. Click Ok on it and then it takes us onto this page where it shows us the File Explorer App. It is already selected, i am gonna press Ok on my remote and then you get this screen where the Download option is already selected Click Ok, and then you can see it Queued and it will soon be downloaded and now it is installing it and now it is installed and it is showing us the Open option and I am gonna hit Ok option on my remote and now it opens up Es File Explorer and to the left hand side you can see there is settings option there is Favorites. Go down the little bit and there you find Tools, click Ok on Tools and then in here you can see there are various options click on Download Manager and after clicking the
download manager go down to the New option which you can find at the bottom of the screen and the selection is on the New option
I am gonna press Ok on the remote and now it gives us the download popup window and in here we need to enter the address I am gonna tell you the address now but first click Ok on your remote. So make sure you enter the address and i am gonna put this address in the description of the video as well and then you need to name this file and you can name it anything I am gonna just name it C and then I am gonna hit Next and then I am hit Download Now option and there you go, right now it is downloading the file so the download is complete and now it tells us to open the Folder or open the file and I am gonna open the file
click on open file and then it gives us these three options, hit on Install and then it gives you the file linked install screen and then we gonna hit the Install option here and right now it is installing the file linked application on our Fire stick. The App has been installed, click on Open here and then in here we need to enter the code, hit Ok on your remote and then enter 93080687 and then hit Next, hit continue and then we need to enter the PIN click Ok on your remote and enter 9999 and then click on next and then hit Continue and then you get this POPUP window saying please Subscribe to my YouTube Channel and I hope that everyone has done so. Dismiss this message and there you go this is my file linked store where you will find all the applications that you need and here you can see there is the Terrarium TV Application that we need to install and I have selected Terrarium TV and we gonna hit the Download Arrow Key to the right side and right now it is saying download has started and we need to wait a little while and now the download has completed and now it is showing us a Play Button to the right side as you can see and we gonna hit Ok on our remote and now it is showing us the installation screen of Terrarium TV I am gonna go down a little bit and then we get the Install button here I am gonna hit Install So the Terrarium TV has been installed and we get two options: Done and Open We gonna hit Done and now we are back into the FileLinked Store and now we are gonna install the Yes Player for Terrarium TV as you can see it is on the top and it is for Terrarium TV, this is what Terrarium TV recommends to use with Terrarium TV Application so I am gonna hit the Ok button on my remote it is downloading the Yes player, it has downloaded and now it is showing the Play Button again, click on this Play Button and now I am gonna down a little bit we get the Install button here, hit the install button and there you go Yes Player App installed. So the App has been installed and now I am gonna hit the done option here and now I am gonna back to the main homescreen
and we are back to the main Home screen let me go into my apps and in here we should have Terrarium TV as well as Yes Player So you can see at the bottom we have File Linked, we have Terrarium TV, and we have Yes Player and now I am gonna open Terrarium TV. Click Ok and now we get this popup window saying choose default video player and we have few options in there and you can see Yes Player is the recommended player because thorough this player, you get less amount of ads when you play a movie or TV Show through Terrarium TV and you can also use MX Player and VLC player with your Terrarium TV Application but we have already installed Yes Player so we will leave it at that and we gonna hit the cancel option here and then we get this Disclaimer, hit Accept and there you go we have the new working version of Terrarium TV installed on our Firestick, as simple as that and guys would highly recommend
using a VPN with applications like Terrarium TV, ShowBox or other similar applications, it is highly recommended to use a VPN and guys before you go please make sure that to share this video with your
friends on social media so that other people can also benefit from this video and I will be back with more amazing videos so until next time take care of yourself, bye bye!


  1. This is a great video , very well done & explained ……. fixed my problems , just Subscribed , i look forward to future videos , thanks !!

  2. Great video! Was able to download terrarium without any issues. Although I do have one quick question in which you may have a resolution to. Upon downloading the es file app a random white circle w/ a blue android icon now appears in the middle on the far right hand side of the screen. This icon is now on every screen and still even appears when streaming something. Do you have any idea on how to get rid of this? Thanks for all of your help and time! Subscribed!

  3. It doesn’t let me play anything. It’ll say i have to complete the security check but every time i do it just buffers them kicks me out

  4. Yeah it works but most new movies you click on even after they’ve been in theaters for a month or longer no links pop up ever, as much as I hate to say it find a new apk

  5. i cant get past the application initialization part just keeps saying i have no internet connection i tried it using wifi and hard wired and it just says the same thing

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