1. There's a killer named Skylar that should have been convicted of murder that is somehow found not guilty. The message sent there is if you have the baby and can't handle it just kill and bury it. You'll just get tampering charges. The same charges the coroner's get when they mishandle a corpse. A slap on the wrist. The Justice Department and its overwatch is so corrupt. It discusses me how today's justice is carried out.

  2. THC oil is not a e-juice! It was never meant to be vaped at all!
    By banning vaping, you force thousands of small thriving business to close down, direct the money flow right back to Big Pharma and Big Tobacco. All that idiocy when the vaping business didn’t even cause the problem! Millions vape and only a few, not even long term users got ill from using the wrong substance.
    Ban vaping and millions of people will go back to smoking tobacco because you ban their life saving alternative on false grounds.

  3. That's because you've kicked all the Mexicans out and you wonder that there's a cheap labour shortage. MAGA arrest paedophile trump aka individual one and vote out paedophile trump 2020.

  4. America has no HOPE, VAPING is a real epidemic in America, only 5 people been killed by VAPING total, contrast that to 100+ people die by GUN VIOLENCE in America every single day. It could be me but I think America has got it's priority wrong.

  5. Paedophile trump aka individual one "YOU ARE NOT GOING TO FEEL COMFORTABLE AROUND HERE" MAGA arrest paedophile trump and vote out paedophile trump 2020.

  6. 2017 – 2018 : (erratic, calls own self highly intelligent
    but has the IQ of a toddler, self-centred, inarticulate & boorish, booed
    out by almost every country thus far)

    2008 – 2016 : (calm, educated, responsible, articulate &
    sophisticated, well respected)

    Staffie Blue: I'm not American and don't live in America,
    and no doubt many Americans will hate me for saying this, but in my opinion,
    President Obama has outshone every US President (Republican AND Democrat) since
    JFK. He's polite, well mannered, puts his point across calmly, yet at the same
    time you just know he won't take any sh1t from anyone. It's just a pity US
    Presidents (of his calibre at least) are only allowed two terms of office.
    Notice President Obama never belittled the reporter,
    he didn't just say fake news and move on. President Obama words carry gravitas,
    and meaning, and are not just a catch phrase. Marina Phillips: Still the
    smartest man in the room! Barack. Just imagine Trump trying to answer questions
    from a reporter in such an intelligent, factual & calm way. The difference
    is staggering considering Trump can barely string a coherent sentence together.

    Karma is an unforgiving, unrelenting, vengeful b"tch,
    that never forgets…😄
    Kelly Anaconda perfect mind picture.

    Clown trump, INDIVIDUAL ONES,
    is a weak man's idea of a strong man, a poor man's idea of a rich man and a
    dumb man's idea of a smart man. Lol your beloved paedophile president trump,
    individual one, can give nicknames and you support him, but now you’re a cry
    baby when we give you a name. If you can’t take it don’t dish it! Moscow Mitch
    go back to your country! Russia! . Moscow
    Mitch, Leningrad Lindsey, St. Petersburg Pence, they bow down to IVODKAS father
    TrumPutin. The right has sold us out. Moscow Mitch McTreason is disgusting. What
    self-respecting American would not even allow a vote to protect our elections?
    He is basically saying Fcuk You to the people of Kentucky and the U.S. as a
    whole. Fcuk you too…Moscow Mitch McTreason! Kentucky please vote for former
    Marine fighter pilot Amy McGrath. Get rid of Moscow Mitch. He's joined team
    Russia. This is Karma for Moscow Mitch refusing to even hold a Senate
    confirmation hearing on President Obama’s pick for the Supreme Court. 

    Paedophile trump, individual one, is a complete sociopath,
    who's only claims to fame, are being a 5 time draft dodger, a crook, money
    launderer, illiterate, megalomaniac, sexual predator, twitter troll, demagogue,
    racist, traitor, failed business owner, tax cheat, welfare queen, con-man,
    malignant narcissist, a deadbeat who doesn't repay his debts, and a loudmouth
    bloviating pathological liar..

    How is it, that in the 75 years that paedophile Trump,
    individual one, has been on this earth, he has never matured emotionally,
    intellectually, mentally, or socially? Trump is not a sentient being in any way
    shape or form. Somebody scraped the dirt from the bottom of a filthy dirty
    barrel and somehow it became president of the United States of America…

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