News of Hope

My absolute most important job in the
army was a four month stint that I had as a CNO which is a Casualty
Notification Officer. The hardest part of doing a casualty notification is knowing
that you’re delivering the worst possible news to someone. We can’t fail
on that mission, that family is only going to receive that news one time, you only get one shot. There is no right way to tell somebody that the family member died but
there’s a lot of wrong ways, and it does affect you, it’s tough. A little anxious but not not the same
anxiety I would have had back in the army, more like, . more like excitement I used to command a unit
in the army that did casualty notifications the next-of-kin when a
loved one…My name is Donn Puca I used to be a casualty notification officer for the
United States Marine Corps. I was tasked with the responsibility of telling loved
ones that their family members weren’t going to return home. I’m here today to
deliver a different kind of news. In this case, I think it’d be best if you read
this. Oh my gosh. Danita. Oh Gosh! Oh my gosh! Thank you Jesus! Thank you. Thank you. It’s okay cry. Today? Today. It sort of validates how precious life is. I wish I could do this every day. When smile
came across his face it felt so good. Just amazing, it was awesome. It was a great
experience today it was really nice to actually give good new to somebody and
see the reaction. Many people in the US need transplants in fact all over the
world they do and there aren’t enough donors to go around. They’ve being waiting 12
to sometimes 15 years to get a transplant. Giving your organs when you
leave is probably among the most noble acts you can do to actually save
somebody else’s life. It benefits all of us before today was not an organ donor, I
will be an organ donor by the end of the day. you


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