News Wrap: Details emerge about the night Jeffrey Epstein died

AMNA NAWAZ:  Stocks went into a free fall
on Wall Street today, after the bond market
stoked fears of a recession.
Germany also reported its economy shrank in
the second quarter, raising concerns about
a global slowdown.
The disappointing economic news caused the
Dow Jones Industrial Average to plummet 800
points to close at 25,479.
The Nasdaq fell 242 points and the S&P-500
slipped more than 85.
We will take a closer look at the market’s
volatility later in the program.

In Hong Kong, flights at the international
airport resumed a day after tense clashes
broke out between riot police and pro-democracy
Smaller, peaceful demonstrations continued
inside the terminal, with scores of signs
calling for Democratic reforms and the resignation
of the territory’s chief executive, Carrie
We’ll have more on the protests’ impact and
China’s response right after the news summary.

Back in this country, more revelations emerged
today about the two guards tasked with monitoring
accused sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein’s jail
cell the night he died by apparent suicide.
New reports allege the guards fell asleep
during their shift and later falsified records
to cover up their failure to check on him
every half hour, as required.
Falsifying log entries can constitute a federal

Hundreds of child sex abuse lawsuits were
filed in New York today as the state opened
a temporary window for adult victims to bring
their cases to court.
A new state law lifts the statute of limitations,
giving alleged victims one year, beginning
today, to sue, regardless of how long ago
the abuse occurred.
More than 1,000 people already filed lawsuits
against the Catholic Church, including one
who called the opportunity to seek justice
a moment of redemption for– not just for
myself but everybody who’s been abused by
so many of these people for so long.
It’s time now to stop it, it’s time right
This is the only chance we get.
And thank god for that chance.

AMNA NAWAZ:  The Roman Catholic archdiocese
of New York issued a statement vowing to,
quote, carefully review the claims.
Dozens of lawsuits were also filed against
the Boy Scouts of America and other institutions,
including Rockefeller University and public
At least one woman who claimed she was sexually
abused by Jeffrey Epstein also filed suit.

Wildfires raged through a protected nature
preserve on Greece’s second-largest island
for a second day.
Hundreds of residents have evacuated four
villages and a monastery in Evia.
More than 250 firefighters are fighting the
flames by air and land in the dense pine forest.

Greece’s prime minister commended their work
today while inspecting the damage.

We know that wildfires will be with us, they
will be part of our– as they have always
been, but they’ve been more part of our daily
life as climate change is taking its toll
on Southern Europe.
And that is why it is imperative at the European
level to strengthen the rescEU mechanism,
in order to have more coordination at the
European level, to fight incidents like the
ones we had in Greece.

AMNA NAWAZ:  A state of emergency was declared
on the island yesterday to free up much-needed

In Nepal, meanwhile, a government panel recommended
new restrictions for climbing Mount Everest
today in response to the deadliest climbing
season there in four years.
The rules mandate climbers have proper training
and high-altitude experience, and be in good
health before scaling the world’s highest
The government was criticized for allowing
too many people to climb the near 30,000-foot
mountain after 11 climbers died or went missing
this spring.

Meanwhile, Facebook is under fire today over
new privacy concerns.
This time it’s paying outside contractors
to transcribe users’ audio clips on Facebook
The company reportedly had human transcribers
listen to users’ private voice recordings
to provide transcription quality control.
Facebook also said the audio clips were masked
to protect users’ identities, and it said
it stopped the practice a week ago.

And there are reports of violence out of Philadelphia
A police spokesman confirmed several police
officers were injured this evening in a North
Philadelphia shootout.
The shooting occurred in the Nicetown section
of the city.
Temple University tweeted he has locked down
its health sciences center campus.
Still to come on the “NewsHour”: will the
pro-democracy protestors in Hong Kong face
a violent crackdown from the Chinese government?
Wall Street sees significant volatility as
fears mount over another recession.
A coal plant and a dying neighborhood, the
toxic threat of cancerous waste.
And much more.

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