Newt Gingrich: Dems will ‘rue the day’ they started impeachment dance


  1. The saddest thing to me is, because of the never-ending democrat fit since the election and the criminal level of media corruption, One of the most amazing and effective presidents of our time, will not be acknowledged or appreciated. 🇺🇸🇺🇸

  2. There's no such thing as a politically fire fight
    as combat veterans we know the difference between a warrior and a useless bureaucrat in uniform

  3. Newt Gingrich is the SMARTEST person in politics (and he was Speaker during the ONLY TIME IN OUR LIVES when Congress balanced the budget, 1996-2000). Trump has been a good president (if not CONSTANTLY THWARTED by HATEFUL Democrats), but if America was wise, Gingrich would be elected president.

  4. does narcissistic newt rue the day that he dumped his terminally ill wife for a trophy wife retread ? newt did that? we thought that old narcissistic newt was a good Christian. perhaps newt's lust has no conscience?

  5. Why doesn't Lawrence say what inappropriate behavior Trump was guilty of. We have read the Tscript We have heard the transcript read. Is Lawrence reacting to Schiff's lying, deceptive, made-up version of the transcript. These dishonest Dems don't care about anything but staying in power. How will they be allowed to even censure him without any truth on their side.

  6. What unacceptable behavior???? They all make these sweeping statement with absolutely no specifics. I call 🐄💩 on the dems.

  7. Even a partisan censure by the Democrats will help re-elect President Trump and almost ensure that 1 or 2 more seats on the SCOTUS will be filled by Republicans.

  8. When is the Hollywood Movie coming out about Gallagher I know who would be great for the part Mark Wahlberg he would be perfect !

  9. It's disgusting that these military "leaders" will put our soldiers in harm's way and at the same time tie their hands to the point where they are not allowed to fight back. Obama's plan. These people are so politicized and biased I have no respect for these elitist "officers" like VINDMAN. What a bunch of scum!!!

  10. Michigan Democrats can go fu$& themselves!! Why don’t Michigan politicians stem their corruption? Don’t sensor anyone but your own corruption ya bunch of sociopaths!!

  11. This country will suffer because we are removing a traitor from office? Gingrich the adulterer will make us "rue the day"? What a putz.

  12. We flew half way cross America to meet with active service family this Thanksgiving – when the story broke that Trump was not only in Afganistan for the holiday but actually sat down and broke bread at a table with the enlisted – THEY WERE Estatic – past Fake Poser presidents didn't even do that – real deal Trump and Our movement 2020 and 2024 DT Jr!!

  13. If the enemies domestic (and their Foreign handlers) don't get it – very soon the rangers and 81st airborne may need to be activated to over DC, Soros, and other infil-TRATORS

  14. First and foremost this country is NOT divided- that is a new talking point!! if Polls meant anything we wouldn't be 3 years into a new movement gov and Trump presidency. This is a deconstrutionist TALKING POINT that we are "plerized: and separate" Hell no – the dems say that to convince you they are Your equal with opinion – yet they are communists and obvious – inaffective

  15. Bloomburg = Anti-American= Anti self governance= antigun = 3% NO ONE LIKES YOU OR YOUR VIEWS = Just another un-electable beaurocrate looking to control lives he has no authorety over

  16. "…that this is unacceptable behavior". What exactly is she talking about? The president is doing his job admirably. No censure required, Brenda.

  17. The democrats are afraid to "censure" Trump because they know people will look at that and say, "Gee, those dimwits censuring an effective president!!!"

  18. This guy is complaining about impeachment, he impeached Clinton for lying about an affair, I think betraying your country is worse.

  19. It will surprise the world if the Dems end up backing down while holding so much evidence in their hands. Not going to happen.

  20. Gingrich is like a hemorrhoid. He's a pain in the butt, he pops up at the worst possible times, he serves no conceivable purpose, and he keeps returning to cause more grief.

  21. A Captain Kangaroo Court brought to you by Adam, Joe, Nancy, Chuck and George. Even the Clintons could tell you the Biden’s need to testify about Ukraine corruption,

  22. The entire upper crust of the US military has been appointed by the same monsters that infected the government with moles and fellow travelers over the past 24 years.
    The deep state goes beyond the civil servant aspect. The military as well is not immune to corruption. Remember. The officer corps is promoted by senate approval. Each administration appoints flag officers that are friendly to their views.

  23. I did not know that the constitution had a charter to remove the Presidents first amendment rights? Strange move by a senator..

  24. From Thailand 🇹🇭 Your American leftists are mean & wicked! If Trump wins a second term your Pentagon will take over your CNN ! TRUMP must rule with a MILITARY JUNTA ! We are a non racist quasi Facist state & we are not divided! Your liberal democracy must be msorphed to a non racist Quasi Fascist Democratic State! Duterte in the Philippines has a 80% approval! Manila is a beautiful city!

  25. Unacceptable behavior from the President???? Have you idiots examined your own actions and behaviors over the past 11 years???? Assholes.

    Dangerous to keep him around….TYPICAL LEFTIST…

  27. What is the difference between "War fighter." And the word we have had in English for many years " Warrior." ? 🤔

  28. The Democrats are making this election in 2020 so easy any caveman can win it. Except Hillary, she can’t win shite

  29. Gingrich ought to know what he's talking about, he did the exact same thing to Bill Clinton. Of course that would make him a hypocrite, which he is. A slimy hypocrite.

  30. I'm a swing voter. I voted for Obama, then voted for Trump. Obama said his administration would be open and transparent, it was anything but. Some reporters said it was the most closed vindictive administration they had ever covered.
    Don't know if I'll ever vote democrat again. Trump will get my vote 2020. He has a wall to finish.

  31. Deep state looks like it goes to some top brass that think they know better than anyone else in the military also go figer just like the Democrats power hungry freaks scary people..

  32. Bloomberg's chicken and scared of the Chinese they would love to have that coward in office they would be running America in no time,

  33. The mentally challenged people in the comment section, appear to have failed to the watch the video, for which they commented on.
    Newt lays it out plainly between 26 -30 second mark. That's right,,, it's actually in the video above. Push play next time.
    Any Questions?
    Didn't think so.

  34. yeah, obama's military ''line in the sand'' policy where the enemy shoots first and the u.s. soldier dies second………boyscout mentality!

  35. In favoring censure rather than impeachment Rep. Lawrence assumes President Trump did something wrong, and that everyone understands just what this is. Well…what did President Trump do wrong? I know what Joe Biden did wrong. Moreover, a censure vote still leaves the truth in limbo, while favoring the view of the Democratic Party that Trump did, in fact, commit impeachable acts. Censure is a great marketing tool, too, although impeachment is a more effective tool of slander with its "pronouncement effects". Either way, Trump can be smeared throughout the 2020 campaign season without Democrats running afoul of the law, although the intent will have clearly implied that some official finding had been made regarding Trump's legal conduct when nothing of the kind occurred.

  36. Here is what it lets everyone in the service know. They finally have a Comander in Chief that has their back because for 8 years they didn't."

  37. I am not going to watch FOX in the morning anymore. They’ve been rude to President Trump with their WORDS more times than I can count lately, and if I want to watch that, I will switch to CNN or MSNBC etc. so, I’m done with you FOX in the morning

  38. I agree with Newt. The so called main street media is corrupt Liars; I do not watch them at all. Not in my home! ABC, NBC, MSNBC, WASH POST, NEW YORK TIMES, CBS, AND WORST OF ALL CLINTON NEWS NETWORK–CNN. Also known as Communist News Network.

  39. They are just checking Trump for investigating Biden giving money to Ukraine and then going and lining his pockets with the money.
    They are all doing it and have been Nd Trump was about to ruin it.

  40. Jerrold Nadler won the Democratic primary Tuesday for a New York City … and has support from deep-pocketed donors like George Soros.

  41. The news media is now the "Propaganatorium" of the country. They are Fake and they are all liars spewing nothing but word salads to sway opinions.

  42. Remember our military never loss a battle because of following the military code of conduct. The president is weak himself so he is trying to look tough.

  43. Trump will "rue the day", little Newty Boy.
    Correction – Trump is ruing the day right now!!
    Trump: 😭
    Me: 😂
    Basically e v e r y b o d y: 😂😂😂

    By the way do you still live with your mother?

    And, little sniveling, sh_t-eating grin Newty Boy… What is the meaning of the word "Newt"?
    Does it have anything to do with a little old man that scoots around and pisses people off in the modern day?
    A little pipsqueak?
    Which one is it, Newty Boy?

    💥👊😂 – It's too easy!

  44. How dare the left criticize our Dear Leader for wanting a remove all moral or ethical considerations holding back our brave fighting men. We should be able to mow down any non-white men, women and children and then take pictures of their bodies like big game trophies. What's wrong with that? War is war and we should have some fun doing it.

  45. These democrat led congress are legislating house new policy procedures with WWE t.v. wrestling wacky rules meaning, it don't matter if the accused is innocent from someone else's created crime frame up plot, it depends on whether the majority hates or likes the innocent accused that matters .

  46. I’m still not understanding why other Presidents made these calls (that were actually quid pro quo) and no one said anything. Biden brags about his corruption for the world to see, where’s the communists outrage?
    If we don’t get these horrific demonrats put in jail, where most belong, we will be complicit in destroying America.

  47. Navy secretary showed himself to be another typical Deep State denizen by thinking he's in charge over the President of the United States and the Commander in Chief. That Lt Colonel testifying in Shiff's Intelligence Committee hearings was the same way. He as outraged at the very idea that the President was in charge of Foreign Policy. All these self-infated puff-gutts need to be FIRED! The sooner the better off we will all be.

  48. Newt is one of the gang of 92 who started not cooperating with the democrats. He pushed legislation through because he had the numbers to do so. May he burn

  49. Rep Brenda Lawrence from Mi , wants to censure the president . She wants to smugly slap him on the hand and say congress did their job ! ! I don't view this as a change of heart , this is just as stupid as the whole thing is and just as blatantly arrogant. WHAT does SHE want to "censure " Potus from ? ? ? What ? THERE WAS NOOOOO FOUL ! ! ! ! We need a new holiday in this country where Citizens can go to the White House and slap a hair lip on the bull crap artist of their choice ! ! Can I get a vote for that ? ?

  50. Steve Doocy just retire you old nasty goat. What a supportive colleague you are… NOT. Hope your son is nicer to women than you are. Interupting your female and then talking over her.

  51. It is losing its strength as a threat. Talk of impeachment started on Inauguration Day 🤦‍♀️. 3 years of this, there are soooooooo many impeachable charges yet we haven’t heard one.

  52. The whole story here is the democrats in congress want the rest of the folks to believe what they say is truth…… we were all taught the colors of a rainbow ……. now the dems want people to believe all the colors are different shades….. they want to remove four color shades of the rainbow and have every one believe that their way is the correct way…. time to get rid of the dems …….VOTE EM ALL OUT (period)

  53. The whole story here is the democrats in congress want the rest of the folks to believe what they say is truth…… we were all taught the colors of a rainbow ……. now the dems want people to believe all the colors are different shades….. they want to remove four color shades of the rainbow and have every one believe that their way is the correct way…. time to get rid of the dems …….VOTE EM ALL OUT (period)

  54. Robert Mueller Is Being Investigated For Allegedly Framing Right-Wing Man On Gun Charge Oct 19, 2018 Special counsel and former FBI director Robert Mueller is accused of framing a man on gun charges — a case that is officially
    under investigation by the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation (TBI).

  55. NO the Navy Secretary does not understand that he is less than his commander in chief and got canned for disobeying a direct order. He deserved to be fired.

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