Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – December 2nd, 2019 | NBC Nightly News


  1. So much for Fall we went straight to winter! Prince Andrew is a pedophile! RIP to that poor rich family that died in that plane crash. They should have not taken off in a blizzard with zero visibility.

  2. You Report the Weather as if it's Not Normal….People Please Understand that this happens Every Year in the Winter,They should move Thanksgiving to The last Thursday of October, Because this will happen again Next Year in 2020…..(my predictions)

  3. He said they actively worked for the Clintons and then says he has no idea if that is correct or not. I can't even believe these people anymore.

  4. I 'm sorry sweetie you put yourself in a very bad position all because of money and drugs. You knew better. The Republican's are doing the Communist Putin's bidding . Treason

  5. I agree with what she said "I call BS". She sure wasn't crying in that photo. Now that she can't afford the dope anymore and is fat and ugly, got to try and get that cash other ways.

  6. Prince Andrew needs to be charged and exposed the whole royal family needs to be exposed for crimes against humanity get rid of royals!!!

  7. Can we stop showing a "guilty" man crying hoaxs. Especially when given the opportunity to prove his "innocents". He refuses to mount a defense.

  8. I do not go to the mall in florida. O do not understand how people that smart fly an small airplane in such bad weather and expect to survive. Money doesn't make you a GOD.

  9. I can not believe how the weather is punishing USA ,not befitting Gods country. Europe is likewise punished summer and winter …climate change is the reason… The world need to take notice and stop being careless and greedy because soon the problem will be too big to handle. You can not play with Mother Nature…


  11. Trying to make the world a better place….. The good work they did goes with them….. 🙁 I don't know if I like that mayor's comment… maybe I'm thinking too much

  12. More Communist Propaganda. That's what you get when you don't Honor the Constitution or the Rule of Law. You get a Dictatorship of some kind. As buddy as this President is with Putin I have to think it is Russian Communist influence in most things this President does. He falls in love with every Dictator he has met so far. He loves them. He wants to be like them. Above the Law and the Constitution. He brought all this infighting with him. Why? Why can't he work with an equal co-partner of our Government? Because he wants to change our form of Government to something else other than a Republic, and the Republican Party is backing him all the way. Therefore. I have no other way to believe. The Republican Party has turned away from their Oath of office to uphold OUR Constitution and the Rule of Law, for a self-proclaimed Dictator. Trump and the Republican Party are wanting some kind of Dictatorship. If your leader is above the Law, (As Trump has said himself and Republicans are saying also. They say that because Trump is above the Law, (Can't even be investigated for crimes he may commit while in office), they don't have to Honor their Oaths Either. They don't think that they have to uphold OUR Constitution anymore. They think they don't have to abide by the Rule of Law. They. Are now somehow above all America has stood for, since this Countries Founding. A democracy. The likes the World has never seen. Where all people have alienable rights that not even the Government can take away. Our Founders realized the potential for a President to try and proclaim he is a King, and change our form of Government from a Democracy to something else. That is the whole reason they created Congress as an equal Co-Partner in power. To prevent this Democracy of ours from changing to something else, like a Kindom once again. They were worried that someday a President with Foreign ties would try and alter our Democracy to whatever else. Congress was formed to prevent such a man from ever taking power. The remedy for such a President that would be King or whatever else, is Impeachment. Only the Founding Fathers never thought that an American President such as Trump would be able to get his whole Party to go along with him no matter what. Even if he wanted to change our Democracy to something else. Communism. Straight up. I know. I guarded The Berlin Wall in 1976. I saw what Communist Dictators were willing to let their people suffer. At their own hands. This stuff Trump and the Republican Party is doing is all about THE PARTY!!!! And the VERY STABLE GENIUS at the top of that Party. That is Communism. Straught up. How can any American think what Trump is doing is ok? I see so many of our Republican brothers and sisters willingly, or out of ignorance, backing a would be Dictator at best. And at worst. You are backing would be Communist Dictatorship. Trust me. You want no part of this. It is not about partisan politics. This is about Americas future. This is about Communist infuence in OUR White House. To this. We MUST say,"No No No No No!!!!!

  13. Mr. Lester…thanks for the nice job you do… Why do the greedy airlines keep risking people lives during extreme weather like USA is having now… All for the mighty buck…. Why do people want to travel during extreme weather?

  14. You look completely biased when you won't talk about the campaign violations of AOC, Omar, Talib, etc. This is why half of Americans have lost faith in NBC.

  15. Grrrr I was told I was suffering from chronic sinusitis living in Longview Washington. The hospital smelt of mold. The whole town has black mold.. 😡

  16. (Former Police Commissioner)Eddie Johnson & (soon-to-be-ex-Marine Corps Reserve Officer)Duncan Hunter should share a cell. Johnson is probably the most crooked cop in the U.S. while Hunter is just another criminal politician who sold out the Corps.

  17. LISA PAGE, is going to be needing more than sympathy and tissues! At the least she will be in prison for her part in a coup to take down a private citizen and President of the United States of America

  18. Oh, so she sent the 15 year old found on Sandringham property DEAD IN 2016. AND HAS NO OTHER WAY OF POINTING THAT OUT THEN CLAIM TRAFFIC. WHO WAS THE 15 YEAR OLD FOUND ON PRIVATE ROYAL PROPERTY DEAD. WHERE WAS SHE FROM. MADE NEWS OCTOBER 2013. NOTHING ELSE HAS BEEN SAID. She more then likely sent the girl to epstien and he took her to England, killed her there. 🙊

  19. Lester Holt doesn't really think Desmond is amazing but pretends like he does because he doesn't want to lose his high paying teleprompter reading job.

  20. Good job showing positive, heartwarming stories during your news, I hope this inspires others to do positive things. With so much negativity and horrible people in the world, it's nice to see and hear these kind of stories.

  21. He doesn't think he has been duped. Hahahaha. He doesn't care. He will say anything. So no. He doesn't feel duped. Sure looks stupid though. Time for all these Republicans to be put out of office. They have become too big for their britches. Legends in their own minds. Ridiculous.

  22. लो देखों विश्वभर की Nightly News, 02 Dec 2019 की इन characterless Creature @PPY Nagpur के वंशज की,कितनी अच्छी है, इनके साथ ऐसा ही होना है,यही इनके महान कर्मोंअनुसार ,इनका ईनाम है,इसमें दुःखी होने का कोई कारण नहीं है!😊
    इन्हें जूत्ते चप्पल, जो मार सकते हो,सनातन सूर्यवंशी
    महात्रिकाल शनिदेव के नियमानुसार, मारों, क्योंकि ये इसी के हक़दार भी है, सभी राष्ट्रों के कानून इनको ही सज़ा देने के लिए बने हुए हैं, क्योंकि ये शिवहत्यारे ,जगतगुरू हत्यारे, ब्राहम्ण हत्यारे,बदचलन, लम्पट, मक्कार ग़द्दार, मौकापरस्त इत्यादि हैं, नक़ली जीव जंतु, जिन्हें मानव Robots कहते हैं!😊

    @PPY Nagpur: अबे ओ BKL,MC,महारण्डी द्रौपदी की औलाद, दल्ले चोर उच्चके कृष्ण कन्हैया रामलल्ला विष्णु की गंदी पैदाईस, तेरे ये हरामी अब्बा, पूजा किस की कर रहे है!?शिव की या शिव तेरे इस छल कपटी ग़द्दारों के यारभैया राम लखन की कर रहा है!?😊तो जिसकी तेरे ये दो महामूर्ख अब्बा पूजा कर रहे हैं,मैंने उसकी photo लगा रखी है,समझे चोर उच्चकों,महारण्डी द्रौपदी के बच्चों,वो हमारा सूर्यवंशियों का पूर्वज हैं,राम लखन,कृष्ण कन्हैया हमारा पूर्वज नहीं है MC, सूअरियों गोपियों द्रौपदियों के वंशज,वो तुम्हारे वंशज व पूर्वज हैं और हर गली कूचे में चोर आवारा गर्दी करते मिलेंगे!तेरे घर की गोपियों द्रौपदियों संग तेरे ये भगवान रासलीला खेलते मिल जाएंगे,यही तो तेरे असली पपा है,समझे!😊
    हम सनातन सूर्यवंशी कौरवों की तो वो टट्टी खाने के लायक़ भी नहीं है!😊
    चल महारण्डी द्रौपदी के बच्चे!
    जाकर,वृंदावन में अपनी घर की गोपियों द्रौपदी संग अपने भगवान को रासलीला खेलता देख व स्वयं भी अर्जुन की तरह अपनी बहन सुभद्रा सहित खेल,किसने दल्ले तुझे मना किया है पर अपने ये हरामी चोर उच्चके बापों को दूसरों के भगवान क्यों बना रहा है वे फुदकनी के फुदकू!😊
    चल जाकर पहले हिंदी में लिखना सीख ले,फ़िर मुँह खोलियो,सबको पता चल चुका है कि तू कृष्ण कन्हैया कुमार की गोपियों द्रौपदियों की नाजायज़ औलाद हैं!😊

    💝सनातन सूर्यवंशियों के बारे में क्या क्या सच छुपाए गए!?💝

    जानिए आदरणीय सूर्यवंशी शहिद-ए-आज़म श्री भगतसिंह ऊर्फ़ फ़तेहसिंह जी साहिबां के बारे में क्या क्या सच आज तक सबसे छुपाए गए!
    सभी सनातन सूर्यवंशियों को हम सूर्यवंशी कौरवों का कोटि कोटि प्रणाम हैं जी, जिन्होंने सनातन सूर्यवंशी वैदिक संस्कृति, सँस्कारों व शास्त्रों को जिंदा रखने के लिए अपने ज़िस्म का पुर्जा पुर्जा कटवा दिया पर, उसकी आन, बान, शान, स्वाभिमान को आंच नहीं आने दी!😊

    बोलो श्री गुरुश्रेष्ट जी दा ख़ालसा, ते गुरुश्रेष्टकर दी ही हौवे हमेशा हमेशा ही फ़तेहसिंह,जोरवारसिंह ते संपूर्ण कौरव सेना जी!

    ॐ नमों शिवायः,सत्यम शिवम सुंदरम!

    जय दुर्योधन,जय कर्ण!
    जय गुरुश्रेष्ट परशुरामजी,जय वेदव्यास जी!
    जय धृतराष्ट्र जी,जय दुर्वाशा जी!
    जय हस्तिनापुर,जय आर्यवर्त!
    चमकौर का युद्ध,औऱ 40 सूर्यवंशी सिख साहिबां जी का महारण कौशल!😊

    महाराजा श्री रणजीत सिंह जी के बारे में जानिए!

    लो देखो नक़ली Superheroes अपनी Costume से ही परेशान हैं, फ़िर ऐसे superheroes बनने की ज़रूरत ही क्या है!?😊

    इस इंद्रप्रस्थ में ही इतना अंधविश्वास क्यों!?😊
    क्योंकि ये पांड़वों, नन्दवंशी ग्वाले नाई कृष्ण कन्हैया नितीश,नारदवंशी हनुमान, गोपियों व द्रौपदियों के वंशज का गढ़ जो हैं!

    इंद्रप्रस्थ में पांड़वों,नन्दवंशी ग्वाले नाईं,नारदवंशी हनुमान, गोपियों व द्रौपदियों का आदर्शवाद निभा तो रहे हैं उनके वंशज, औऱ कौन सा उनका आदर्शवाद था या हैं!😊
    गोपियों द्रौपदियों को हासिल करने के लिए ,इनके वंश में सब जायज़ हैं!😊
    इनमें कोई भी सनातन सूर्यवंशी कौरवों के वंशज नहीं है इसलिए इनके लिए अपना समय बर्बाद करना, इन्हीं के वंशज का शौंक है, हम सूर्यवंशी कौरवों का नहीं!😊

    हैदराबाद के हिज़्ज़डे हैवानों का कबूलनामा!
    इन्हें इस हैवानियत का ईनाम भी ज़रा इसी अंदाज में सरे बाज़ार मिलना चाहिए कि सभी का दिलखुश हो जाए, जैसे इनका ख़ुश हुआ था!😊

    तभी तो इन्हें सनातन सूर्यवंशी संस्कृति व सँस्कारों का ज्ञान होगा जी!☺️
    बाक़ी आप सब की मर्ज़ी है!😊

  23. Andrew has taken advantage of a young woman trafficked by Epstein. Clinton and Hilary should also be held accountable. Disgusting. Andrew should be under the jail.

  24. No matter what anyone thinks. With rare acception, anyone going out into that winter weather without the appropriate tires or chains should get a Wreckless Endangerment charge. You don't belong out there if you are not doing everything you can to be safe and not a danger to others.

  25. The media is very reluctant to focus on Maxwell for her part in all of this, they steer clear of questioning her role in all of this as well as the other victims where she was also mentioned.

  26. Why does the so called “reporter” make commentary on what Sen. Kennedy says about Ukraine? THIS is the problem! NBC does not get to tell us how to think.

  27. When are people going to stop risking their lives? Was it that important to board the plane or drive in this bad weather? You only have one life, why chance it. 💀

  28. 4:18 “They wanted to make the world better” Well, they surely got karma for killing those animals when they were hunting.

  29. Just read a comment about weather disrupting lives. So true. Here's the problem it's not the weather, it's doing what it is supposed to do but it's our government's causing the problem. More specifically it's commerce. Making sure that we can get people on the road and into work is the real concern not saving lives. Then theres just plain stupidity especially with guys who drive these trucks thinking they are tough. Out on the road for no reason at all but to drive in bad weather. People are stupid. The plane crash killing 9 people was very stupid. I don't care how much good they did, it was still stupid to get on the plane in those conditions instead of waiting maybe another day. Laws should be passed to fine people for stupidity in extreme cases.

  30. in the end of days my SON will speak and his voice will be heard as wind, storm and fire. those who do not listen!!!

  31. The age of consent for sexual activity in the UK is 16. In England and Wales, the age of sexual consent for women has been set at 16 since 1885, when campaigners fought to raise it from 13 to prevent child prostitution. Other countries have set the legal age at anything from 12 to 20.

  32. The "hush money" dried up when Epstein "died", now she comes forward as a victim. I could be wrong, but it doesn't look like she was held against her will, and doesn't seem to be too stressed out about what allegedly occurred.

  33. I didn't know Massachusetts looked so much like the Black Hawk County Courthouse parking lot during a snowstorm. Wow.

  34. Not one report about the twenty people dead in Mexico. Drug cartels invade a town not far from the U.S. border and nothing on this news report. GUESS BROWN LIVES DONT MATTER TO THESE PEOPLE.

  35. that woman looks like a probation officer here in waterloo Iowa named Laurie Reicherts , Theresa Maule Rossow. she looks and sounds just like her when she talks. she's on the nightly news.

  36. Although Marquette Michigan did only get 12 inches of snow, just 50 miles south in Escanaba Michigan we received almost 24 inches of snow on Sunday.

  37. GOP Congressman Duncan and his wife are definitely part of the swamp! They are despicable and void of any moral compass! Lock them up!

  38. is Prince Andrew's accuser Virgina they said her name is, is she wearing BLUE JEANS to her interview? she couldn't wear a dress or something?



  41. Funny how these newscasters stand outside in the snow so we will believe them. Then they lie through their teeth when presenting fake political news. Shame on these liberal liar losers.

  42. This is what happens when your carbon footprint is huge. And rich people think they control everything. Guess mother nature fooled them

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