Now That Trump Has Been Impeached, What Happens Next? | NBC News NOW


  1. Impeachment is the equivalent of Indictment. Pure and simple.

    To make it easier to understand, Trump has been formally indicted.

    After you’re indicted, it goes to trial.

    In the judicial system, trial is in court. In the legislative system to remove an executive officer, the trial is in the senate.

    It’s as simple as that!

  2. I am from Ukraine, US government took over the control of Ukraine, it was the biggest corruption in history of Ukraine, 100 billion dollars were provided to Ukrainian government during 6 years, the deal was that 70% of the money would go back to Biden, Clinton and other members of American Democratic party thru Burisma & Binden's co. and 30% for Ukrainian president Poroshenko and his assistants. The poor country Ukraine was used for their personal use and the Trump's impeachment is a cover up of the Democratic party. It's all over Ukrainian TV. All people in Ukraine that investigated this or had any information were poisoned or killed.

  3. He’s not impeached until the crooked Democrats turns over there scam impeachment it’s a joke like the lowlife crooked Democrats piece of crap

  4. What next
    The next is civil war
    Democ ???? insulting GOP that they are not fair
    Who gave them the power to judge other people intention ; only god judge our intention
    Nobody know when the case will be moved
    Trump he is right when he said endless impeachment
    get over it

  5. what happens next?..simple case gets thrown out in the Senate..everybody laughs over this yet another futile attempt of a Trump overthrow and our President gets re-elected in 2020 for another glorious 4 it? Good. Next..

  6. Ha ha your butt is up there with the Clinton's! Donald was you in the white house bumping Monica Lewinsky? Well I guess this is what you get! You lied about my border wall! I'm glad your impeached! Your a liar liar pants on fire

  7. The dems and CNN will be hung for this. Its sad that instead of working together and getting things done, pelosi and her no good lying radical ,media have polarized ans brainwashed half to country, irs time to pay.

  8. Clinton was impeached. Still remained president, then after presidency acquired a lot of wealth. And Hillary gained so much traction from it herself. Is being impeached really a bad thing?

  9. Bots and B.S.! The political process along with the Presidency has been tainted for quite some time. The way the partisan politicians wrangle in Congress, esp. in the advent of Trump's  impeachment will only make clear for public scrutiny, the sham that it is. If there is truly wrongdoing, it should be rooted out and penalized. If I break the law, no doubt, I will be punished! The power and will of the People has been hijacked.

  10. Trump technically hasn't been impeached just yet because the house hasn't sent the articles to the Senate and notified them of his impeachment but I guess in the court of public opinion he has been impeached lol

  11. Nothing happens next other than saddle another four years of trumpianism. and fall in World Order because Russia won.

  12. Nancy Pelosi has delayed sending the articles of impeachment to the Senate until Republicans provide details on witnesses and testimony in hopes of shaping the upcoming trial. There is no timeline for the release of the Articles to the Senate. This is not a Lynching. During Clinton's Impeachment it took 3 weeks for the Articles to reach the Senate Floor. Chilax and take in history in the making.

  13. I feel bad for the trump supporters who are downvoting videos I know they have difficult time in the bathroom just flushing the toilet 27.624 times and they think downvoting videos helps your bladder problem well sweetie It doesn't work like that.

  14. this means nothing but a waste of money from tax payers..this has gone for 3 years and for democrats nothing would have been done on US but trying to imp the President Trump, as a democrat for almost 30 years i never felt so much shame of this broken lying party, yeah president Trump can be a bit harsh sometimes but i feel that under fire he has done what no one did before and by the way always under this hateful pressure imagine if he had some support..he would do even greater things. This time im voting all the way (with my family ) for Trump..he actually made my life better in therms of savings, i can experience a real difference on my lifestyle now about 10%-15% extra(at least) Trump has really been a great President for the people and now i do understand why all the hype that Republicans have with him…count me in

  15. In a nutshell the Democrats became complacent, lost an election to an outsider and now realize their grip on power isn’t a given like they thought. Now since they cannot win on issues they use smear tactics to demonize Trump and try to chip away at the independent vote. Now the masses of sheep who believe everything the lock-step Liberal controlled media say are believing that an evil tyrant hijacked the country and is mindlessly focused on killing the planet and everyone with brown skin. By the Democrats rolling the dice on the flailing impeachment smear tactic and risking losing large swaths of voters, it shows just how desperate they’ve become. The problem is that this strategy is creating major stress on millions of gullible, low information voters, who trust the word of the media as they always have and are now suffering needlessly. In reality the only crime Trump is guilty of is trying to do his best to run the country under constant duress and daring to interrupt the corrupt grip the establishment has on the government.

    When will you quit lying?!?!?

    You are trying to be slick, man have you double talked, BIG TIME, IN THIS LIE OF A STORY!!

  17. Impeached for asking for a very corrupt politician to be investigated. I'm pretty sure every independent voter will now vote for Trump. Well done Democrats.

  18. Nothing happens. Dems (and the liberal media) will just find new unfair ways to attack the man because they know they can't win the 2020 election and can't stand the prospect of another 4 years of President Trump. Thus they "attack."

  19. In all those law books somewhere there must be a writ for time limits, like statute of limitations for what seems like w/holding evidence. Talk about a quid pro quo!

  20. President Trump has NOT been impeached because the articles of Impeachment MUST be transferred to the Senate- Republicans. It will die there, so democrats refuse to COMPLETE THE PROCESS, and admit having lost.

  21. What happens next is the House waits until November to pass the impeachment to the Senate, just as the Repubs waited until Trump was elected for the Supreme Court. Duh…two can play the same game.

  22. Witness what? Success?..don't see any in from the dems side,junkie Biden,well dodgy Pellosi jnr etc etc,these poeple are fuckt, c'mon Donald unleash.the dawgs you know you/we want it,why keep them in the kennels? I was let loose,95% reduced pollution complaints in 1 year,sorta legal tactics, Soprano style..but it got results,kinda legal..ish,just…?
    [email protected]

  23. Hey Nancy , your loosing points fast. How can you be so stupid as to think that you could get away with this sham. You tried to pull the wool over the American people's eyes and it's not working for you.. Hey , I have an idea. How about investagating Joe and hunter Biden for their very obvious corruption with Ucrain and China. OOPS I forgot, you guys are the idiots who paid Russia to dig dirt up on trump and furthermore allowed a clear frame job by the FBI so you can acuse trump of acts of treason. Nancy Pelosi. All You who are responsible for this heinous crime, which you took part in against a dually elected president, should be a serving out the rest of your days in prison. That is how serious the crime is that you have committed .??????

  24. The machine is hard at work trying to make sure the greatest president we’ve seen yet don’t get that second term. Can’t believe the machine is so hard pressed to oppress and enslave. I’m really feeling sorry for us young black people. If trump doesn’t make it we are going back to where we were in the bush ,Clinton etc. etc. eras.

  25. Trump 2020 best President since Lincoln.

    Pelosi knows Trump can't be Impeached legally.
    Congress is full of corruption.

  26. You know when Jean V Jean sentenced 20 yrs for stealing bread Trump gets I'm peached for all the shut he's done.

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