Obama Nat Sec Official: No Reason To Believe Trump Admin Has Plan With Iran | The Last Word | MSNBC


  1. Was the Iranian 45 had killed fighting against an American invasion or occupation in the “Middle East”?

  2. Everything this socalled president takes in his hand is a total mess. That s what happens when an ignorant leads a country to the expected chaos.

  3. Trump has a plan with Iran, and it is not paying the non conversion tax, Jizya, unlike Obama did. Trump plans to put them in their place, rather then give them cash and an upper hand.

  4. …msdnc…listen to everything democrats say…do exactly the opposite…you can't go wrong…osama obama is the worst president ever…"Ever"…little bennie rhodes…you can always tell the a guy who couldn't a date for there senior prom…"msdnc sucks"…that came from my grandma…she's such a sweetie…

  5. Obama National security advisor – this could all be avoided with a $150B payment ti Iran 🇮🇷 ,,,
    Hang this traitor

  6. Good job Trump don't let these countries walk on us the author administrations pay country so we wouldn't go to war that's like paying Ransom to a kidnapper forget

  7. "we have no clarity from Trump" – has anyone ever? on anything? The guy himself has no clarity on the very basics, let alone a strategy

  8. Dems didn't get the strategic plan, they were left out. Thank goodness, they would have warned the esteemed terrorists before Trump got there. No joke.

  9. Ever hear of the Pentagon and all our anti terrorist departments. Do you really think Trump came up with all of this on his own. How DAFT can MSNBC be to think there is no plan. Let's tell the media and congress the plan so Iran has advanced notice of all plans.

  10. Repuglickins are complicit in every move dum tRuMp makes just to feed that need for greed👏👏 enjoy the ride cult 45 members u and your rabid fox😥

  11. American people- there's no reason to believe MS13NBC is a news organization. Hahahahahahahahaha hehehehehe hahahahahahahahaha

  12. Shut up….. what a fool all Obama did is give Iran our tax money for no good reason. You forgot about Obama drone strikes that killed more random people then bad guys. The left is the enemy within.

  13. President Trump is a racist he hates Iranian people the US government has always hated Iran you put the two together and all they want is War

  14. The timing of this strike makes me suspicious. Just think about what's going on in DC now. I wonder if the strike isn't a diversion on a massive, cruel scale.

  15. Trump has no clue how to negotiate anything. Trump only destroys deals like the Paris Climate accord, and the Iran Nuclear deal. Trump has no middle east plan, and his incompetence and recklessness may get us all in a world war.

  16. This country has been dropping bombs on high level "bad guys" for years, but this is the "inappropriate" one? This is the straw that broke the camels back? The faux outrage fear mongers never miss an opportunity do they? I'm still waiting on that war we were supposed to have with North Korea soon after Trump was elected. MSM literally is just speculation, opinion and negative wishful thinking to push an agenda.

  17. It's so surprising that an Obama official would disagree with Trump. We all know what a great President Obama was. I'm from Illinois so I know he always was a do nothing.

  18. In a vacuum of misinformation, the American public can believe any number of scenarios adequately describe what is happening in the power struggle in the middle east. We need the information. Fox news will tell us that this strike was absolutely necessary at this time. They will say that the targeted admiral absolutely ramped up his aggressions in recent weeks, and the strike was a good opportunity. But the truth is, there has been no time in the past several years that Iran has been intent on submitting to American interests in what is essentially their backyard, and have always been angling to improve their standing and influence. But this was best handled through other means. Now we are at the brink of spending another 3 trillion dollars to sustain the on-going campaign in the Middle East, and our economy will continue to be strapped to huge military spending. There goes a chance for the rebuilding of our own infrastructure, education, health insurance, and dare I say it–yes! border security!

  19. LOL!! what about the iranian people protesting in 2009 on the fraudulent election of ahmadinejad? obama teling everybody else to stepdown (arab spring) complete silence when it came to iran. protesters were murdered obama said nothing

  20. LMAO ! The title says it all, Obama national security adviser..I wish he would have been asked if the Trump administration should pay Iran another 170 billion dollars in cash just like his form boss did.. And I would love for him to explain how well Iran allowed the inspectors who verified that they were following the agreement to do their jobs..And trust me I could go on, and on, and on..I think the strategy is clear, if your responsible for the death of any American your gonna die !

  21. Yeah cause you guys did a great job killing all those innocent people with drone strikes. Your advice is sorely needed 👍🏻

  22. I guarantee you one thing, President Obama would have had backup plans on what to do with Iran! But trump had this Genral killed to distract from his Impeachment!

  23. Former ukrainian president office and home raided in corruption investigation. Nobody is above the law. Biden's next? Biden gets indicted Obama does as well. Thoughts and prayers.

  24. Sounds like this expert has no idea what's happening. Why would a "news" program promote and supply confusion to people unless they're trying to create fear?

  25. Democrats found it ok and wasn't this worried when Obama was sending air sticks to other countries. They hate Trump with every fiber in their body now its bad killing our enemies..

  26. trump is a con man and had some success dealing with greedy, impressionable and gullible real-estate executives. he's completely out of his league with the best the world has to offer WRT international politics. the current generation will pay for the international animosity generated by this administration for decades. not surprising, in that more than half of the U.S. population finds our president to be a despicable example of a human being, that our adversaries uniformly regard him as the ultimate incompetent fool.

  27. it's just unbelivably how US judges wrongly the weakness of Their position in the rest of the World. Firstly, you don't have any allies apart from Saudi Arabia and Israel. period

  28. Communists and socialists are the enemies of capitalist and Christian America. They have no right to engage in Western education, politics, media, arts or society because they have openly declared their intention to destroy the Constitution, law and values that the West was built upon. Therefore, they are domestic terrorists and have forfeited their rights as citizens.

  29. Compared to the other administration the difference in quality is abismal (take it as you want it youtube!)

  30. General Eisenhower at a post world war diplomatic party. To meet and greet the post war families of, central european fascist feudal industry. The black eyed nurses of Nazi strengthening feminist matronly determination. Hillary's eurotrash feminist besty's. She's down to her most fanatically loyal gal pal's. The Crystal fountain of Nazi celebrity. The feudal prince charming. Every Nazi girlfriends dream date, yes the hunk ca hunk ca Nazi prince burning love, like a feminist fall out kid glove. You go girls, the cultivation of higher social station, the strength of the feminist Nazi prince charming. The social re ordering. The risen state reprogramming of the malcontents. The green new deal extermination of the feudal peasant human pollution. The final "Universal healthcare" National socialist solution.

  31. Trump's long term orders and strategy are generally about whether to order pizzas or KFC to further constrict his lower intestine and line his arteries. Are the 20,000 Pentagon employees offering him any scorned advice? Waste of a lot of salaries too?

  32. unfortunately trump and the gop would rather hold onto power (only to continue to enrich themselves and their interests) than prudently protect our men and women in harm's way. #moscowmitch is the second biggest turncoat next to trump against usa and our constitution.


  34. Iran thinks we are weak thanks to the Obama administration. If they had feared us, they wouldn't be attacking us and our adversaries. United States has a policy that we don't negotiate with terrorists and when Obama did, the world was a dangerous place.

  35. Instead of attacking them like you say they’re doing to American troops
    Why not get American troops out of there ? It’s kind of like America was just looking for a problem. You have a choice to leave a place you’re not wanted
    I will be one of the many that refuses to go to war and any American that does is just and uneducated animal.

  36. We all know that the only reason Trump pulled out of our deal with Iran, was because it had Obama's fingerprints on it. Same with Obama Care. He would complain that Obama played too much golf. How many millions have we wasted, so that Trump could play his golf. So why does he think it alright for him to play way too much golf, and not Obama. The guy is a Birther, which is a nicer name for a racist. So now we watch us go into war because of his hatred for darker people and his fear of Justice catching up with him.

  37. Maybe a few people will start to figure out the country has been taken over by a criminal cabal. No Law, No Constitution, No government, and by 2050, only 66 million people in the USA. Whatever it takes to get there, throughout the world, that's what trumpy will do. Get used to it!

  38. 🇺🇸President Trumps accomplishments in 2019 what a great year.
    1.Passed the USMCA to replace the disastrous NAFTA
    2. Over 7 MILLION new jobs created since President Trump took office
    3. A record number of Americans are employed
    4. U.S. Military killed top ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi
    5. More than 10,000 more factories in America than on Election Day 2016
    6. Withdrew from Obama’s disastrous Iran Deal and imposed the toughest sanctions ever
    7. Successfully confirmed over 150 federal judges since January 2017
    8. Tax cuts for small businesses
    9. Made significant progress on building the wall
    10. Hispanic-American unemployment hit the lowest point ever recorded
    11. Women’s unemployment hit its lowest rate in more than 65 years
    12. Record-low unemployment for African Americans
    Asian-American unemployment reached the lowest rate ever recorded
    13. Imposed tariffs on China to combat its abusive trade practices.
    👍President Trump gets my vote in 2020.

  39. There's "projection" for ya…..

    We Obummer dems never had a plan…

    So there's no way Trump could….

  40. Yes because Barry Husseins way worked so wonderful, apologize and give terrorist pallets of unmarked taxpayers money . How did that work out snowflakes?

  41. Hey USA the world does not support you anymore you are a divided hyper-bigoted violent hateful fearful nation being lead by a criminal madman.

  42. Looking at all this Trump got played like an instrument by Iran. Iraqi militias killed a contractor, America attacks Iraqi militias, Iraqi militia supporters protest outside an American Iraq embassy, an Iranian General posts a meme against Trump and then Trump at night in poor light conditions for identifying a target. Uses two drones to engage an unidentified Iranian General who is one of the most powerful men in the Iranian Government. 🤔💭 I'm sorry, but this is foolish. The Iranian General left Syria after Trump's strike and never went to Iraq. It was an Iranian General Look-a-like decoy. But, the thought of this beloved Iranian General's death will be enough to Unite Iran and Iraq. Trump just lost at this chess game, Iran just palmed a chess peice.

  43. Kim Jong Un may think twice about his next action. Trump did nothing on the drone the Iranians shot down, did nothing on the attack that killed a US contractor and wounded military personal & finally the attack on the US embassy. As well as intel of more planned attacks. I think Iran thought they could keep pushing. You can only push so far. it was time.

  44. Trump solely ordered this attack , if there was ANY legitimate reason for it other than to distract
    from Trumps IMPEACHMENT it would of been put thru congress.

    A failing country that is being run by a coward on TWITTER .
    How much damage does a single person have to do before he is removed as president .

  45. What Does Russia (putin) Get Out Of This ? Imagine A Coward N Draft Dodger Starting A War . Will The Mega Hats Be Signing Up For The Military Or Will They Go The Way Of Cowardly Trump ?

  46. the Europeans are now withdrawing Their forces from IRAQ. Why should they Continue to die in the operations started by US and so miserably handled Right now by US?

  47. LMAO at Obama administration : look at the mess in Libya, thousands die every year because of Obama, Sarkozy and Cameron. And they give lessons LOL. Not to mention Clinton, who failed us with bin Laden, resulting with 9/11. No lectures, stupid hardleft Democrats !

  48. Well if any administration would be an expert on no plan in foreign policy it would be the Obama Administration. We Saw, We Came, He Died…….HA HA HA HA!

  49. There’s a hypocritical Trump tweet for everything.

    Nov. 29, 2011: “In order to get elected, Barack Obama will start a war with Iran.” – Donald Trump

    Oct. 6, 2012: “Now that Obama’s numbers are in a tailspin watch for him to launch a strike in Libya or Iran. He is desperate.”
    – Donald Trump

    Oct. 22, 2012: “Don’t let Obama play the Iran card in order to start a war in order to get elected – be careful Republicans!”

    – Donald Trump

  50. "The global reaction to the attack has revealed the US as increasingly isolated on the world stage."
    "UK warns that a war with Iran 'is in none of our interests' " — for example

  51. Trump is OUT of CONTROL.. Terrorizing His own NATION and every last single friend we HAD is GONE, period! He's DECLARED WAR to claim the 2nd largest oil field in the world. It's about MONEY, folks. Money.. Only the OIL Corporations benefit either way, period!

  52. The rich get richer off of wars, Our fathers, our sons and daughter's lives are sacrificed as pawns for wars for the rich. Follow the money flowing to—-Trump, McConnell, Putin to name a few. Arms dealers rejoice at war.

  53. The Iranian should quietly send assassins to settle score with BONESPUR Trump & the GOPs, not against the US troops because they are just following the POTUS idiotic orders.

  54. We enjoyed diplomatic relations. He killed over 600 of our soldiers in one plan. Oversaw a terrorist attack in D.C. was responsible for the attack on our embassy. Now the left wants to hide & pay them off? They want war.,👌 OK let's see how much power they can project on the US. Tell them to send their navy and airforce! We will just use the US Navy & see how much power they can project to Iran. War? Sure lets go till the last man is standing. I'll rent an apartment in what used to be Iran in 2023.

  55. If you would like George Takei (Mr. Sulu~STAR TREK instead of STAR WARS) to lead us in a protest against putting kids in #3s camps please read text him at (310) 299-9390! To reach more people please COPY/PASTE this and post it EVERYWHERE! #CONCENTRATIONCAMPS must BE SHUT DOWN NOW! SHARE THIS IF YOU LOVE CHILDREN, OUR NATION, OUR SOUL!

  56. Trump needed a way to distract the public from his Impeachment. That's why he decided to start a war, but the GOP laid out the means for him to do it. Their fingerprints are all over this mess.

  57. Obama tried to appease terrorists with cash and ignoring them. The left is mad that congress is out of the loop when they have attacked this country and the president relentlessly. Great job Mr President, keep up the strong unapologetic leadership for the next 5 years.

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