Odd Jobs local news segment (2000) – Hollywood Kisser

(light music)
– I’m gonna try something.
– My hero.
(imitates lips smooching)
– [Beth] Meet Glen Doshee,
though you may not have heard his name,
you’ve almost certainly heard his work.
– Beautiful, beautiful.
– Well a painter what does he have?
A brush, he’s got paint
and he’s got a canvas.
What do I have?
Well, I’ve got my lips.
– [Beth] Glen specializes
in what Hollywood calls
automated kiss replacement or AKR.
It’s a post-production process
that ensures the perfect
kiss for those steamy scenes.
– Hey.
– It’s been so long
since I’ve seen you man.
– Good to see you.
– I’m gonna head in there,
what are you thinking today Paul?
– What are you using for Gibson,
you’ve got an avocado in there or,
– Got some balls,
got some sports items.
I got a few different things.
– We’re looking forward to
seeing what you’re doing
with the balls.
– It’s not what you think,
I’m just gonna be kissing the balls.
– Alright fair enough.
– [Beth] Conversations like
these might sound strange
to you or me,
but in Hollywood it’s just
another day at the office.
– So Jim Cameron calls
me up a few years back,
and he tells me,
“Glen hey I got this kid,
“he’s a great actor,
“but he can’t kiss.
“It looks great on camera,
“the kiss looks great but it
just doesn’t sound right.”
I tell him you know Jim,
do the kiss, shoot it,
make it look good,
leave the rest to me,
and that was Titanic, yeah.
(imitates lips smooching)
– Wish the people at home
could really feel this,
I’m blushing.
So how do you break down a scene?
– Well you have the obvious
things how was it it,
where was it shot,
okay and then you say I’m
kissing for this actor,
what are they wearing?
You might call their
assistant and say what do they
keep in their trailer?
Perhaps I might request
an actor’s home videos,
maybe a wedding video maybe
the birth of their child.
Not necessarily to invade them but
more just to look for kisses.
– [Beth] One major part
of Glen’s artistic process
is the use of a wide
array of different props.
If it can be kissed,
Glen’s probably kissed it.
– You know when you look at
art you feel a certain way.
I happen to look at Mel
Gibson and think of a hammer.
(imitates lips smooching)
I have a large warehouse space
that I rent south of here,
and it’s filled with props I
mean years and years of all
the props I’ve used all the
props I’ve wanted to use,
all the props I hope to use,
you know this is where I think,
this is where I feel out a kiss.
I can try anything I want
I can kind of be alone and
do my own thing.
You know wood boxes, Rolodexes
you know I got a whole lot
of Rolodexes they all sound
different is the thing.
A few coffee grinders that I kiss with.
(imitating lips smooching)
Show you a few thank you
notes I got from some of the
actors I’ve worked with.
It’s a kid from TV Will Smith,
nice kid did a few kisses
for him on the show.
If I am kissing for say
someone who is very beautiful,
you might want to kiss a bike tire,
and if you were kissing for
someone older maybe someone
not as traditionally beautiful,
you might want to kiss a shoelace.
– What props haven’t you used?
– I suppose large machinery.
I’ve never kissed you know
anything that grows out
of the ground that’s larger than 150 feet.
I’ve never kissed anything
that’s live electrical.
I’ve never kissed a bird of prey.
So yeah there are actually yeah,
there are a few things I
haven’t used that I plan to use.
And yes I have kissed a frog.
To answer that question.
– What’s one piece of advice you’d give
an aspiring AKR artist?
– You’ve always gotta practice.
Kiss, kiss, kiss, the three K’s.
– Oh come on here huh?
– Really great working with you guys.
– Can I get one more kiss?
– Yeah, let me,
(imitates lips smooching)
– Yes, alright.
Take it easy.
– Who gets a real kiss from you?
– I’ll tell you there’s only one,
it’s my dog Beansy.
And every morning I give him a big smooch.
And then every night I do it too so.
Come here, give me a kiss.
(lips smooching)
(light music)
– [Beth] The perfect
smooch for one lucky pooch.
– Love kissing this guy.
– [Beth] Beth Master, Channel Six News.
– Best savings are on.


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