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  2. Countries like UK and US should give the Right of asylum

    to people like Chehat and not to God damn Jihadists who bomb their own countries .
    In the 80's UK welcomed the Tunisian Muslim Brothers who bombed an hotel … burn some women with Acid and burn a man alive .

  3. This is disgusting in my eyes. I am free to find this disgusting and wrong the same way lgbtq is free to find it right

  4. Chahat's
    I would like to get in contact with her
    I live in Australia ,
    I feel sorry for all of them . In regardless who they are or what is their jobs .
    Please I want to support her financially .

  5. I don't know, ChaHat is still there or not… But I really respect your Hustle sister, your story made me so emotional!!! I hope that you are happy now! And I pray to God that you stay happy forever

  6. I am from Pakistan and I think that it is really unfair for these transgenders to be treated like this. Even if they beg u for money and give u wishes like u may have a blessed life and your kids saty safe and healthy forever. And asking for money isn't their job, its just that they are in a need for it. I think it is also really unfair for their families to treat them like that just because they are transgender.
    Actually the problem with most Pakistani parents is that they don't think about their kids lives, they think about what will others say . They care about what other people will say.
    Like seriously?!
    This is honestly just sad.
    And I hope out Society changes by time.

  7. i would give chahat a $1000 for her words that were spoken omg this is so sad can i cry, everyone has two sites to their stories.

  8. This most opinionated big wig of a man should look at science and understand that although you may be born with a certain genitalia your brain could be the opposite of that said gender! And these are the people that the majority are still listening too? Knowledge is not only freeing but also ignorance changing! And even if that wasn’t the case we all individually have the right to be who we want!

  9. Acceptance starts from you. When u accept urself, u dont need the acceptance of other people but if they accept u its just bonus. I feel bad about this docu because it paints a diffrent and bad image of themselves. Makes me realized that people are shaped by societies arround us. They are who they are because of their environment and people arround them.

  10. Seeing this documentary really changed my perspective of things. I never thought of these people in this way. Seeing them suffer makes my heart heavy especially kind and peaceful souls like Chahat! I really wish we all would change how we see things and really try to help these people become a part of our society so that they can live in relief! This was a real eye opener for me

  11. Ok well i feel bad for them but if they knew that they're society dont accept them then they shouldn't change they should accept themselves and they were gonna be happier but now look they wanna be a transgender and have a bad life

  12. Omg that man speaking about them being haram is he himself speaking haram… talking about like God talks to him . Hmm ignorant . They look so much happier let them be


  14. chahat is such a kind soul, all my respect goes to HER, I would really like to get more updates on the case.

  15. They born not from there choice why these communities has to suffer I really wish they all get the respect jobs god bless

  16. I agree with the people who say it’s haram being a Muslim lgbtq in our holy books it says nothing about lgbtq it’s prohibited I don’t care what u say about my comment and mind ur own f-ing business

  17. The ones that are prostituting & not revealing their true Identity to the Tricks are putting themselves in Dire Situations…

  18. I really hope there will be change in Pakistan in how they view these women. They obviously don't do it for fun and if you're really religious you'll embrace and protect them and keep them from harm.

  19. They are abominations in the eyes of our father. Sodomy will not be allowed. Ahlaha hates their works. I hope they change their ways before the call of judgement. Shlama

  20. Seeing Chahat's face that full of sadness really broke my heart, life has never been fair😭😭😭 just wanna give him a hug😭

  21. I feel bad for them because they are being ignored by our people. Hence, our system put so many people on the list of helpless.. They could have been saved by medically or some treatment.. They left in between two lives..

  22. Thank you 'Real Stories'. There are some real heroes in this World. ♥ – Adonimus. ♥

  23. Can i just kill those 6.9k dis likers ?? …and yes we need more documentaries like this and really want to know about chahat amd maggie where are they how are they ?😭😭😭

  24. this made very sad, I wish i could give them a hug and tell them, You are beautiful, you are worthy, Your life has purpose!!!

  25. this man is making me so mad, so ignorant, they destroyed their manhood? this is pathetic!! CHAHAT I LOVE YOU!!! Praying for you!

  26. Thats so sad that these men want to enjoy getting pleased sexually but yet they are so perverted that they dont want to marry these transgenders.
    They are playing with their religion islam. Marriage with transgenders is allowed in Islam

  27. They call transgenders "khadam" which actually designates a eunuch (from arabic literally "servant") and why clerics disapprove them when there were many eunuchs in Islamic World in past era? Eunuchs even served as guards not just in harems, but also in holy places such as Mecca and Madina. Some of these eunuchs were even considered saintly people. But it is society that gives these norms on genders, that's why these poor transgenders suffer just cause they find it hard to be who they are, and instead of living in harmony: get job, have relationships, family, love, because of peoples hatred and ignorance their only choice is begging and prostitution.

  28. They should do decent jobs or start decent small business. Like in my country. It's an Islamic country but most transgender have proper work and they dress accordingly like man. But after work they live their life like trans woman.

  29. Likhna to bohut chahta hon par likh nahi pataa khawaja sira ki zindagi maa ki goad se qabar tak dukh pareshani fikre moash or moshre ky unsupportable salouk se bhari hoi hee iss talakh sachai ko supream court of pakistan ne qadre kam krne ki koashish ki hee jo unko shanakhat de di or b bohut khuch krne ki zarorat hee Allah ne aisa peda kia to ismn in ka kia qasour haan mn ikhtilaaf rakhta hon un chand logon se jinhon ne moashi halaat se tang aakar apni shanakht badli hee maan ky pait se khawaja sara paida honewale ko khandan se moashre se be dakhal krna bohut bara zulm hi nahi gunahe kabira hee iss moamle mn soch badalne ki zarorat hee Allah sabka hami wa nasir hoo

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