Patrick Stewart Shares New Details on Star Trek: Picard! (Nerdist News w/ Markeia McCarty)

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Patrick Stewart shares new details
on Star Trek: Picard.
Pop culture and science
fiction are gonna have
a pretty busy couple of years coming up,
but one thing fans definitely
got on the top of their
to-watch lists is the
upcoming Picard series
coming to CBS All Access that will see
Sir Patrick Stewart
return to the iconic role
of Jean-Luc Picard which he last played
in 2002’s Star Trek Nemesis.
In this age of reboots, remakes, sequels,
and nostalgia grabs,
the new Picard show seemed like the one
returning property that
fans were on board with
right from the announcement.
To be fair, fan hype for
this series was brewing
back when it was just a
bunch of unfounded rumors,
and while this year’s Comic-Con gave us
our best look at the series
yet with this cryptic trailer,
which left multiple
grown men in our office
crying by the way,
(bell ringing)
the greater details of this
show remain under wraps
other than the broadest story strokes.
We know that Picard has
retired from Star Fleet
to his vineyard after
commanding the greatest
rescue armada in history.
We take this to mean the
evacuation of Romulus
we saw in Prime Spock’s memories
in 2009’s Star Trek film.
We also know that Picard
has to put together
a rag-tag team for a mission,
and we know the Borg
will be involved somehow,
but that’s all we really know about it,
so that’s why we’re
grabbing at any table scraps
of information or details we can find,
and luckily this week,
Sir Patrick Stewart
delivered when he opened up
to the Examiner live about
his motivations for returning
to the character and what
the show could cover.
As to why Stewart is coming
back to his role as Picard,
he said, “I don’t regard it as going back.
“In fact, we are definitely
moving the series forward,
“and that’s what made
the difference for me.
“It was a very difficult decision.”
Honestly, it’s great to hear
that this level of thought
is being put into things.
This doesn’t seem to just
be the continuing adventures
of Jean-Luc Picard or a season
eight to the Next Generation,
but rather a very specific story
that will impact Picard in a major way.
Sir Patrick went on to say,
“We are looking at a new world
“with new objectives, problems,
and issues that could not
“have been raised when we were
making the Next Generation,
“and I found that very exciting.
“It’s very exciting, and
people will be surprised
“and perhaps even shocked.”
Shocked, you say?
Well, sign us up!
Now obviously, this is
the benefit of being
on a streaming service
and not on the late 80s
and 90s broadcast television,
and while the Next
Generation had its share
of shocking moments, and we’re
looking at you Conspiracy
aka the episode that
gave us all nightmares.
Seriously, how did this air?
(lasers whining)
But overall, Next Gen was relatively tame,
so it would be interesting
to see how Star Trek: Picard
will wrestle with even bigger issues.
Plus storytelling on
television has changed a lot
since the Next Generation ended.
While that Star Trek series wasn’t known
for much serialized storytelling
beyond some two-parters,
Deep Space Nine was when
the franchise got deeper
into story arcs that last seasons long.
It sounds like Picard will
give audiences the chance
to see characters dive into
longer plots that develop
over seasons of television,
and this fits in line
with what CBS All Access
content head Julie McNamara had to say
about the series at the TCAs.
“I would say that it is in production,
“sort of size and scope, probably
more similar to Discovery.
“In terms of the characters and the nature
“of the storytelling,
“probably more like Next Generation.
“But of course, we’re a
number of years later now,
“so there are some shifts
in the storytelling style,
“but I think it’s a really
nice hybrid of the two.”
While Star Trek Discovery
might have taken a bit
to find its footing in season one,
one thing the show has done
well is juggle character moments
and big sweeping special effects action
and longer story arcs,
So if that is what is delivered in Picard,
the show is definitely in capable hands.
Plus if we needed any
more proof that the show
is shaping up nicely,
in addition to Brent Spiner and Jeri Ryan
reprising their roles as
Data and Seven of Nine,
Jonathan Frakes and
Marina Sirtis will show up
in Picard as Riker and Troi.
Seriously, we’re hanging on
to every table scrap of news
because every table scrap of news
is getting us more hyped.
Hopefully, we’ll be
hearing more Picard news
coming out of New York
Comic-Con next month
and maybe even an official
release date beyond early 2020,
but what do you folks think?
Are you excited for Picard to premiere,
or are you super excited
for Picard to premiere?
What other Star Trek cast members
do you hope make an appearance?
And should Jean-Luc Picard
have a new catch phrase
for this new show beyond
engage and make it so?
Let’s discuss.
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