Pokemon Go 0.43.4 – Latest News & Update and its features

Whats Up Guys My name is Monish and today
i m going to talk about the latest Update
Of Pokemon Go which is Android Version 0.43.3
iOS version 1.13.3 , So lets Check Out whats
New in This Update
So lets get started
Guys here is the Letter which says ,
Trainers, Pokemon Go is in progress for Updating
To the latest version which is 0.43.3 and
1.13.3 And some Notes below
So the First Update is some what related to
the way Egg System Works , As the company
Professor Willow discovered that Eggs have
different patterns depending on the distance
required to hatch them.
Nobody is quite certain of what this mean,
But the app wiil now probably distinguish
between types of eggs from one another is
some way, Niantic has probably decided to
give all three of them some sort of unique
pattern , Perhaps 2 Km with the same Green
5 km with the yellow patch and 10 Km with
Purple PAtch.
Was that really necesary ? Was anyone asking
for this Feature?
Comment down below and tell about your views
The app has also added an icon to each Pokemon
screen showing what type it is. That�s likely
something they thought of after the launch
of another recent update where players get
catch bonuses from medals.
You earn medals by catching a certain number
of Pokemon of the same type, i.e. catching
a bunch of water Pokemon, so it�s helpful
to give users a way of checking in the game
itself what type a Pokemon is without having
to look up a list on the internet.
Finally, for Pokemon Go Plus fans, this update
adds an indicator to let you know when that
wearable device is running out of battery.
And Some Minor Fixes
This update is unlikely to be on your app
store quite yet, as Niantic usually announces
updates a bit before they actually roll out
to most players. But based on recent history,
Version 1.13.3 & 0.43.3 should be available
on your device sometime within the next day
or two.

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