Pompeo: Iran to blame for Houthi attack on Saudi oil facilities


  1. oh no, America might have to get involved in this conflict, lol is anyone surprised, Didn't buy the Bolton war monger because trump hired him and we all know trump hires like minded people. Trump will rescue his friends that give him money.

  2. Respect you mean laugh at by the world. The Trump Administration is incompetent.Why didn't Trump have a deal in writting before he cancelled the last deal. What Trump did by cancelling the old deal without a deal to replace it demonstrates Trump's incompetence. Also stop lying about the MONEY WE GAVE THEM. That is a ball face lie that is the money frozen in Western banks that belong to them. The old agreement was being followed.
    Stop letting Israel dictators control our foreign policy.

  3. Saudi Arabia should fight their own fight!!! They have enough of U.S. weapons to take care of their own territory!!! The U.S. should stay out of their problems!!!

  4. Iran wants war. moslems are never fair players. They always take the spoiled child tactics: ‘If I can’t have it, you can have it either’.
    It would seem that the embargo is working, and working very well. Lol
    Starve Iran into submission and ignore their tantrums……same as you would a spoilt child.

  5. I'm sure when Trump actually attacks Iran every Trump supporter here saying we shouldn't go into Iran will totally repudiate Trump. Because if there is one thing I've learned about Trump supporters, it's that they are totally consistent and never completely change their minds just so they can support whatever the latest Trump position is.

  6. What happen to the great patriot missile defense system?? Saudi Arabia should've gone with a better system like the S400 you know the 1 the US sanctions countries for buying lmao

  7. Iran and its proxies need to be knocked out. Iran and its proxies are the greatest threat to the MIddle East, and if Iran develops nuclear weapons – there will be real problems.

  8. Wouldn't you Americans love to know what's being said on the phones of your "leaders" in Washington regarding your safety and opinions. They have all been "stung" very hard by the Stingers and the rest of the tapes from Epstein's Island safes…
    You have no voice or vote regarding Iran or any other place in this region. Your leaders are all comprised from the White House all the way down to your big city mayors.

    When your very own president discounts your intelligence services reports on spy and bugging devices near the White House, you should know he is compromised and not concerned with your say or voicing of opinions..

  9. Incredible logic the US gov. Is using now, I do not support the horrific Iranian regime whatsoever, but this can be an incredible excuse we’ll plan to declare war to Iran, people please look at what Bush did to us!!! Wake up, is a well orchestrated plan! Quit using oil, use ethanol and other fuels, enough is enough from this garbage manipulation and BS speeches from our gov.!!!

  10. So, nobody can tell if the drones came from Yemen or Iran,
    nobody explains what kind of drones these were, I assume big ones,
    capable to carry powerful explosives. If came from Iran that's around 250
    miles, ir from Yemen it is around 500 miles. Nobody says what Arabia is
    planning to do. Retaliate ? Nothing ? This is a major "casus belli" thing,
    the Saudis should do something, but nobody explains what their reaction
    is or will be . Commentators only talk crap.

  11. Go to Iran and they love the US people, they don't trust the government, you will be surprised, so don't fall for this crap, remember the Saudis chop your head off, or hands for stealing a loaf of bread

  12. THE USA must leave the ENTIRE Middle East. The hole area USE the US as an ALIBI to continue there wars inbetween themselves.

    With regards from Europe

  13. @ This recent event might be cause by the C.I.A. to start a war or military conflict with Iran for many years, take over Iran, and leave Iran like what happen in Iraq? Let the UN keep peace in Iran question.

  14. Iran doesn't want talk. They want their extortion payment paid, just like Obama did. Better we just stop their oil money so they can't support terrorism.

  15. Trump's admission that he was awaiting Saudi instructions before proceeding was shameful. His enthusiastic tongue-massage of the Saudi posterior doesn't seem to have garnered much reaction, however.

  16. Just heard about the "trajectory from north" and Iran just now – check with Google maps yourself – looks more like north west – in the direction of Israel…. you think Iran got the ability to let their drones fly a circle and hit all structures so nicely being under all these sanctions ?

  17. Tell Mr Pumpeo, that Iran is likewise responsible for spreading of Buddhism in the Indian subcontinent.
    And through refusing negotiations with the US, Iran will neutralise the US so-called "maximum pressure" strategy. You will see that exactly this will happen.
    By the way, Iran doesn't need other country's drones. Meanwhile, Iran drone technology is among the top 5 drone developing countries. Don't forget that. And Iran will soon join to the weapon exporting club to its allies and beyond.
    I think you didn't stil forget the hack and landing of your RQ 170, did you? Iran has reverse-engineered various classes and sizes of that drone, some of which function even as bombers.
    The US thinks that the world clock is ticking only for them and the other nations like Iran as the oldest and the cradle of civilisations just keep still riding camels. Wake up and see that Iran, despite 40 years of sanctions has progressed significantly on all branches of new technologies relying on its own brainpower and not like the US which is reliant on immigrants to do the job for them. Without immigrants, your whole system would come down because the level of your education system is far behind even some developing nations.

  18. Another failure of the Trump administration. This probably wouldn't have happened if Trump hadn't backed out of the deal with Iran that Obama had made. Trump said it was a bad deal but it really had more to do with wanting to dismantle everything Obama had accomplished. Now Iran is reacting to all the external pressures and the chances of making a deal with them seem pretty slim. More likely there will be some military response.

  19. The bottom line is the elite wants to control Iran so bad they're willing to hide under their beds while thousands of people die for it

  20. You fools about to send your kids to die all over again for a fools errand. These mfs are so addicted to money and power to the point they are sacrificing their young men.

  21. الله يدمر السعوديين والإماراتيين معادين للإسلام فهم مسؤولون عما يحدث في اليمن ، العراق ، الصومال يدمرون بمساعدة إسرائيل وأمريكا أشعر بالخزي عندما يطالب شعبي بالعربية  ارجوك يا صومالي لا يفعل هذا سخيف الذي يملك اسرائيل واسرائيل إذا كان لدي nucler سأضرب emirestes و suadi لن أنتظر دقيقة واحدة بسبب تدمير somalia و 🇾🇪

  22. Iran had nothing to gain from attacking them. Yemen on the other hand is sick of the Saudi's killing them. Now it's going to be a double win, with oil prices going up and blaming this on Iran for another war. As far as Iran exceeding their stockpile limit, THE DEAL WAS SCRAPPED, and not by them. Watch as every MSM channel becomes an echo of each other, calling for war with Iran.

  23. Fox sucks, terrible garbage lies want real news watch RT News, Rick Sanchez went there, Larry King, Jesse Ventura, and so much more. Boycott fake news and watch real news

    Officials, Protagonists, Mainstream Media, Independent Observer, public
    opinions or from a voice from the wilderness)   WHO/WHAT WILL PREVAIL?

    YES! Of course they could not find evidence that
    the drone bomber came from Yemen neither from Iran. And they blame Iran because
    Yemen just cover-up Iran. They pinpointed Iran because it has a motive to make
    the oil as their bargaining power to cool off the sanctions. When Saudi could
    no longer supply the oil, America Will be forced to buy oil from Iran that has
    a vast oil reserved because of the sanctions. NOW! Who is really have the
    biggest motive? This is a kind of a “Kidnapped Me” Operation, meaning “Bombed
    Me” (Bombed our Self), so that our target to balance our GDP be achieved, our
    oil must be sold the least $100 to $150 per barrel. Before the bombing the half-brother
    of Mohammed Bin Salman appointed as the Oil Minister and CEO of ARAMCO.

  25. I know China and Russia said we should look more closely at this…..all im saying, the CIA has agents too start coups all over the world to overthrow governments, and have done in the past…. The DEMS are still so Butt hurt, and at risk of losing another election, there only chance of action was to use their liberal agents in the CIA to start a coup, to force Trumps hand, knowing Iran and Trump can't back down, so by the time the dust settles it will be Nov next year and we will be in another full on engagement, prime time for election, With the DEMS spreading FAKE NEWS for the better part of a year, hoping he loses favoritism by engaging us in another conflict resulting in REPLUBICANS losing the election….
    there is a reason CHINA and RUSSIA are saying take a closer look…

  26. Once again, the mainstream media is pushing the neocon story line about the boogeyman Iran. Anyone remember the lies about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, which led us into a senseless and unjustified war, and cost us thousands of US servicemens' lives and over $4 trillion that should have spent repairing US infrastructure? Anyone remember the UN ambassador's child lying on live television about the Iraqi soldiers throwing Kuwaiti babies from their incubators onto the hospital floors? The US government is comprised of the biggest lying group of psychopaths the world has ever known, and the handful of corporations that own the media push the government's lies and propaganda because they earn their money from the military industrial complex and oil companies. War is a racket. Despite whoever may have assisted Yemen in the attack against Saudi Arabia, Saudi Arabia had it coming to them due to the war crimes that Saudi Arabia has been committing against the poor people of Yemen since 2015. Of course the mainstream media isn't telling you about the hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians that Saudi Arabia has been slaughtering in Yemen since 2015 by mercilessly bombing fishing villages and rural towns… they were too busy pushing their Trump/Russia collusion hoaxes. It's too bad Saudi Arabia's oil exports have only been destroyed by 50%, it would be better if their exports were destroyed 100% to teach those Saudi Arabian fanatics a lesson.

  27. I am extremely concerned about war with Iran, or even how it would surely take advantage of even a short-term bombing campaign to terrorize and destabilize us and our allies.

    To be sure, I believe in American greatness and American strength, in various ways, partly through our often having been a beacon for opportunity and religious freedom at many times throughout our history.

    This situation is largely about how best to show American strength, as we fear that military inaction against the Saudi Aramco bombing would show weakness.  

    I would much rather opt for resolve, patience and doing – in OTHER arenas – what we have not done to a great extent – an allied campaign against Chinese theft of intellectual property as opposed to tariff tantrums being only one gigantic example. This at least clearly overlaps with General Robert Spalding, in the interview above, calling for decades of patience on a number of issues.

    And, for all that we have done right in our national life – with a huge case to be made for our saving the world 75 years ago – everybody makes mistakes, and strength in part is to admit mistakes – like supporting the Shah in Iran for so many years, in 1953 and at other times.

    Another way to show strength is to repair our relationships with allies so that we can do what we already did a few years ago – take action which prevents Iran from developing the worst weapon – a nuclear one.

    We bought ten years with the JCPOA, time in which to build good will and international "votes" for America – and now we have years of make-up work to do.

  28. @foxnews please cover the Indian side for the American audience they don't get enough motivation for global understanding of the left and Islamists extremism Nexis that is a problem for all our democracies….

  29. How strange that 5 minutes after the drone attack, America knew exactly who the perpetrator was, while after five years of intensive international investigation into the downing of the Malay civilian plane MH17 by Russia, they say they are not yet sure who the perpetrator was.


  31. Considering the climate the Saudis live lack no weapons defense for this sort of attack leaves me wondering. I am sure satellite somewhere will show where the missiles originated from. Can the Saudis buy these weapons? This has a certain smell to it.🦊

  32. And America is #1 in War Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity. Should be interesting if and when Pompeo, Bolton and Trump are tried!

  33. Trump is desperate for global recognition so he continues to blow his own He truly believes he is making America great again.

    He is in denial of an empire that is in free fall but he continues to lie to his people.


  35. MBS is taking Aramco public next year,he feels he needs to drive up the value from 1.5-trillion to two trillion dollar and taking Iran out of the oil market could only help, American politicians and Putin will be first in line for stock offering,and wall St. Would love to control the regions commodity market,and commodity markets only survive on political stability

  36. Every adm8nistration of USA wants a war in middle east. What do they get out of it. Whatbhave they taken out of kuwait and iraq Afghanistan…

  37. What piqued my interest is two videos: 1) All the missile parts laid out for a news conference, apparent "malfunctioning" cruise missiles that crashed in the desert. These caught my eye because I have built, flown and crashed fiberglass composite r/c aircraft and these missiles looked more like they were torn apart and smashed by hand tools rather than crashed. In addition, one of the missiles had "cobwebs" inside the open spaces between the fin and the sheet metal braces (shown in the longer video not this short clip). . . not something that would have survived flight at several hundred MPH.
    2) The towers in the oil refineries were not hit by missiles. All missiles pack warheads that explode, blowing all non-armored metal structures they hit into shards. These towers were hit by short range artillery rounds, not missiles. This means the Saudis did this to themselves and all this is a set up. Even the parts shown in this video where whole panels with holes, square holes, panels that should have been greatly disfigured due to catastrophic explosive force . . . even the smallest missiles with a 50 pound warhead would do greater damage than that which was shown.
    This whole thing stinks of collusion between the Saudis and Trump to cause a war with Iran . . . .my fellow citizens of the USA, beware.

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