Pompeo joins ‘Fox & Friends’ after US airstrike kills top Iranian general


  1. What a complete load of crap ..the USA is floundering and needs a war that’s all there is to it ..there will be no peace

  2. THE. USA. HAS. NO. J U S T I F I C A T I O N To stand on at all! as it slithers it's way through in communion with Israel to sup on the blood of MARTYRS. !! Remember what Jesus told THE PILOT19:11 John

  3. I put my money on a win for the USA during the Paralympics in 2024. I am sure Trump is so stupid to send all those soldiers in a useless war.


  5. “If you are very very stupid, how do you know you’re very very stupid? You’d have to be reasonably intelligent to realize how stupid you are. This explains almost the entirety of Fox News.”
    – John Cleese

  6. There’s no one more ignorant than a trump supporter……… past republicans, democrats, the founding fathers and Jesus himself are definitely all rolling their eyes and shaking their heads……

  7. I wonder when irans number 2 demon will step up to claim the dead demons spot !! He will be dead to just like the isis demons , first number 1 , then number 2 , number 3 is still hiding !! 🤣😂🤣😂

  8. Thank you!!How you fix a bully!!! You don't let him keep bullying you and talk is useless.Time has proved this.That's why Donald Trump is President not Hillary Clinton God knows we needed a real leader in this time we are living in right now.GOD knows everything!!!He is nowhere ABSENT Everywhere present!The fear of man brings a snare…..a snare to who…..the one who fears…Iran government is ungodly…..they lie and deceive and hate Israel and us….Thank God we stand with Israel..God Please Give wisdom courage and strength and guidance to the President and all involved .In Jesus Name!!

  9. With the trump Administration there will be no another Benghazi. Thanks god for President trump, god bless our troops in Middle East and Protect them, and god bless America

  10. Doesn't sound good. Pompeo should just keep to explaining their strategy, not making up stuff, like the claim that piles of cash was sent to Iran. That has nothing to do with it. The US simply unfroze Iran's own assets worth billions. He should just stop talking about the past.

  11. "Don't let Obama play the Iran card in order to start a war in order to get elected – be careful Republicans!"

    – Trump tweet 10/22/12

  12. WRONG! There is no war started, just continual fighting from the current fighting. Our President did not start a war.

  13. Im not saying the general was a good guy, he ordered the deaths of hundreds of iranians protesting for freedom, but I fear that this is just another Afghanistan, Believe me I want the regime to end, Iran used to be a beautiful country where the girls could wear mini skirts pre revolution, but if we are throwing ourselves into war I can only hope that we lose a minimal amount of working class boys who dont want to be involved, and that Iran gets its freedom back

  14. U really think that the guy that replaces him will be different?
    They said they did it to protect americans in iran, it's obvious to anyone with 2 brain cells that this endangers them. People were burning american flags in the streets in Tehran.
    Even if this guy might have deserved it, killing him was a stupid move because it benefits no one.
    Actually it benefits one person, Trump because you all seem to happy about what he just did, even if before today u had never even heard the name qasem soleimani, and this year you gotta vote, what a coincidence that is.

  15. Couldn't agree more with Trump's orders in this case & wonder if the female news caster's bottom matches her wonderful top?

  16. Beautiful! now that our Orange Clown and his minions are ablaze with almost daily Court Ordered document disclosures of their criminality… of course, it's perfect time for them to get us into a Wag the Dog war. And spawn another full generation of terrorists attacking us for decades to come. What has happened to us? We are the greatest country is the world, so how did we end up with such an idiot for President? It's all about him. Frig all the rest of us.

  17. Well Americans are viewed as evil away by the world and by the traitors within our own country. This move was long over due. We will no longer hand over our lunch money to the school bully.

  18. That US troops are only now being mobilized to the area indicates the lack of forethought by the President of his actions. I fear that Trump's impulse was merely to over shadow Obama's accomplishment of killing Bin Laden. Most of the White House rhetoric is to fill in a back story that lacks verifiable details. Where and what was this imminent attack on America? I call Bulls&*T. Trump should not be given the authority to wage war indiscriminately to stroke his fragile ego.

  19. Fake news…. BS. Foolish Trump is a lap dog for the globalist. Libya lies ,Syria lies ,Iraq lies , Ukraine lies, Iran lies….OK it’s time to believe them now. What a joke. Who believes these known liars.

  20. Plan for the worst and hope for the best, actions over threats and posturing. POTUS Trump the right MAN for job, called by people to clean up Americas world blunders and corruption. Promises made, Promises kept Trump 2020.

  21. Cadet Bone Spurs the psycho babbling non negotiator: “Our president will start a war with Iran because he has absolutely no ability to negotiate,” Trump said of Obama. “He’s weak and he’s ineffective. So the only way he figures that he’s going to get reelected, and as sure as you’re sitting there, is to start a war with Iran.” Obama never started a war with Iran and was never IMPEACHED.

  22. Holy lawful? Assassinating national leaders> Get out of the middle east and start acting like a major power – not a schoolyard bully who's repeated grade 3 four times.

  23. The regim of islamic Republic was borrowed in iran in 1979 by American and British for meny intrest like as economic politics…… Etc… Is not about Obama, Bosh, Clinton, Tramp, it was about system intrest now the date of issue of regim is expired just otherwise the there ia no any care for people of Iran or Iraq or Siria….. Keep these boles hits for yorself……


  25. This guy was obviously a threat and a murderer. Basically, this administration said, "Enough," take this Iranian general out. Should we be on high alert regarding Iranian and sleeper cell retaliation? NO DOUBT. But, that general had it coming. It's just sad that it took a man, whom the media seems to want us to hate, to make the hard decision.

    Much respect.

  26. All lies…don't be complaining when we are in another war. DRUMPF IS STARTING A WAR FOR HIS RE-ELECTION. STOP DRINKING THE DRUMPF-AID!

  27. Trump punched the bully in the mouth finally after getting pushed. Its scary because you know that bully is gonna come back after he gets his gun. Must stop Irans nuke program.

  28. This move is setting up a future war. Maybe not in the next year, but eventually the government will frame Iran for an aggressive act, say it was retaliation for this killing, and launch full blown war with them. Sadly the American people are not allowed to see peace. War after war after war……forever.

  29. "This Will Not Be Another Benghazi."
    This is what Our President talked about.

    Soleimani was the "Architect" of Regional Expansion & Terrorism. No Replacement

  30. I applaud Trump for this. All of these haters don't know the facts, and they don't want to know them. Just because you don't like somebody, why don't you use your common sense and check the facts, not your feelings. MAGA 2020. Another thing to you idiot Democrats, Trump is not out of office and he won't be. Stop parading around with your smile's, Trump Will be president, your president, for another four years. PS: Feminism killed chivalry! 😉

  31. The world is threatened by thugs financed by Obama..he sent plane loads of hard cash to the Ayatollah and the Mullahs..Obama gave aid to Americas Number 1 enemy in the far east

  32. 🇦🇹 the United States are the world's greatest terrorists and war criminals today, I hope these United States war criminals are condemned by the international court of justice and one day the war criminals will be held accountable.

  33. Support Trump , those evil grow s bigger and bigger ….. attack now or it’s too late , American people should always remember Sep 11 ,

  34. Time to get the trump followers to enlist and go to war against Iran. Or do they all have pussyfoot ( bonespurs )

  35. "Now it is important", says Mike Pompeo. Yes, of course, the "Donald" was playing golf and he decided alone to put the USA and the world in a dangerous situation.

    Or is it a ploy to view; One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest?
    “PEOPLE, when you lose your laugh you lose your footing.”
    “All I know is this: nobody's very big in the first place, and it looks to me like everybody spends their whole life tearing everybody else down.”
    One thing is for certain; “But it's the convoluted truth even if it didn't happen.”
    But societal madness, is too lame to fathom.
    No one shoves a toothbrush up their rectum in order to brush their TEETH!

  37. God bless America. God bless President Trump and his staff. This a great start for the 21 century……. taking out the trash.

  38. I sure hope someone ensures our Use of Force policies are truly defined in the Arabian (Persian) Gulf region.
    Our US Navy needs to be ready and able to respond to Iranian hostile naval actions in the Straight of Hormuz. We cannot have our US Warship Commanders asking first for permission to "fire." God Jacob protect our US and Allied Armed Forces in the Arab Peninsula

  39. Well, waht's happening to you, dear Fox speakers? You usually jump with joy when your president does something, playing golf, lying, mocking someone, or … But now that he is very close of begining a world war, you look so serious, so concerned…

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