1. These traitors ruining this country should be dragged from their beds in the dark of night…never to see the light of day.

  2. Disgusting, the average American is being asked to pay for these losers! The hell with the inner city folks the liberals want to care for the foreigner. This makes no sense. Wake up Americans and take care of our own first!

  3. Send them back home. We won't have a country at this rate, and that is the globalist plan. At the top the people pushing open borders are the most race conscious people on the planet. They think their bloodline is important and none of the rest of us should have a culture, a country or even a family.

  4. Anyone who thinks that letting all these illegal invaders into the country is a good idea, should be forced to take them into their own home and support them out of their own pocket.

  5. I'm in ohio I'm a black man I'm not racist but I dont like being around Africans or Somalis I dont like their demeanor. I feel perfectly safe around my white friends I dont have no issue with white folks I get along with everyone of them I meet.

  6. Once again, FOX NEWS representing the truth, facts and what all the other DEMOCRATIC CHANNELS don't want to show you. Keep the good work.

  7. Whoa Africans are going the wrong way. we're trying to get rid of the ones that we got here ,we don't want any more believe me. We're trying to deport the ones we got

  8. It seems to me that when suddenly a crisis is identified and appears to be out of control, appointed liberal WOMEN are behind it

  9. Why must all these people come to the White Country? This feels like a plan to take over all the Countries that are not torn with war and spread their filthy 3rd world ways!

  10. If United States doesn’t stop this madness, the situation will be scary and terrible.
    Just take a look to France , Germany or Sweden you’ll see what I’m talking about.
    My greetings from Uruguay 🇺🇾 to all the American People.

  11. Get a brain, Govenor take a long look at San Fran. LA, Seattle , Portland Or, etc a sea of homeless Americans, in total poverty many with TB Typhus and new cases of bubonic plague! 
    Crisis level has been reached . Fix this nations serious problems first, before we open our doors to anyone.

  12. Democrats LOVE them….they love to pay for them! Simply put, VOTE the dems OUT of office while we have a country.

  13. Democrats open arms policies is bringing immigrants world wide to America to bankrupt America for free welfare medical schooling as other countries-shut their borders Democrats destroying America citizens of We the people have no rights to peace and safety chaos reigns in Democrat party will be in history books as killing America with erotic political propaganda

  14. When my Grandparents and other cultures came to America, they had to assimilate and they did so proudly. My Grandparents didn't wear kilts or even spoke with a brogue. So why are there even discussions about all the cultures entering here illegally? Let them come by Ellis Island. Let them be invited like ours were.

  15. Hundreds of Africans crossed the US border? What the f. is going on here. This looks like that stupid Germany to me.

  16. Living in Stratford upon Avon, England and suddenly noticing Africans around the place. Social engineering is developing into social vandalism. There is no way they will be anything but an underclass in this town followed eventually by being a new criminal class.

  17. This issue is very serious no one conutry can handle it…I am sure no country wants to be overrun migrants..the root cause needs to be dealt with…rot out corrupt African governments.

  18. They will bankrupt us all
    We only have so much social assistance
    How about our veterans they fought and died for our freedoms

  19. How can this useless fox journalist worries about 300 asylum seekers, she is full of bigotry and hatred towards Africans. If u are not a decent of migrants then u should be the first to throw the stones. Fox Tv is worse in the world.

  20. So what! They are still shading them by sending them to one of the coldest cities in the US. What is going on in the Congo, that is making people of the sun, run to ice countries? If colonizers leave people's countries alone perhaps potential migrants will stay in their own countries that they know and love. The dramatic change to a cold climate, for sun people has the potential to be emotionally devastating. They would rather be at home, but 9 will get you 20, that the colonizers ran these people up out of there.

  21. These Democrats are so blind. They never have a clue what they’re doing. Every city they run is dilapidated. Everyone’s going to say don’t send them here we are at full capacity. Every city they go to I’m willing to bet that that city goes downhill really fast

  22. Fox News leaves our Congolese brothers and sister alone, everyone is welcome in USA. There are many cities in USA that needs migrants to fill the shortages of skilled and unskilled jobs.

  23. The Congo exists on the Equator. It has two dry and two wet seasons. I'm guessing things might change a wee bit for these folks very soon when they experience their first New England winter. Dry and tropical it ain't!

  24. Sounds like they have their crisis. Gotta love the insane liberals. Phoney to the core. Send them to Pelosi and Mad Maxine. They have huge homes.

  25. Listen up you liberal lunatic. Keep all the congolese imigrants yoy want. No one else in their right mind thinks like you. America hea thousands of our own citezens who need help. Keep your precious african imigrants to yourself. You want.em' you keep em'.

  26. Why are these immigrants going so far north into the United states… crazy… how could it is for people who come from such a hot land like Congo/Africa…

  27. What about the boers of s Africa they are white farmers that are being slaughtered we should let them in

  28. It's one thing to give speeches saying how "welcome" they are but there's this thing called REALITY and it tends to reflect a different attitude in dealing with the REAL problems that result from telling the whole world they're welcome to come to our country, all at the expense of The People of course.

  29. News flash – Our oceans contain 99.99% of water- just like 90% of shelters are used by homeless immigrant ….not rocket science but Fox deemed it important to state that as a fact.

  30. People of Portland Maine,Have you lost your minds for voteing for Demacrats who are giving your jobs ,and daughters away to Africans.

  31. Gross.
    I'm from New England, born and raised in Mass. I vacationed in Old Orchard Beach, have been to Maine (and nh & vt & ct & ri) a million times. Its nice, BC it ISN'T filled with dirty, violent, uneducated "migrants". I've seen what's happened to tx, to ca, to az & nm. And its horrifying.

    Leave New England alone. You're not wanted here.

  32. Who is bringing these people into the country to begin with. Don't you have to have a visa and a plan of work and how you are going to take care of yourself and your family?

  33. The question is, why hasn't African migration into the US through the Mexican border been on the news from the beginning? Why aren't the American media informing on this? Of course there is a collusion and it's the Democrat party, International Socialist, and other organizations that create this media news blackout. Obviously, there is no interest to inform the public because there is an objective (agenda) behind all of this, and not only in the US, but in Europe too: disruption of western democracies to install a global socialist world government through the United Nations.

  34. When criticizing these people, remember where your origins are and who paid the heaviest price for your comfort today.

  35. Our borders need to be closed. Period. Middle class taxpayers should not be expected to take care of the world. We have American citizens who should be first for needed services. NOT put in line behind people who are here illegally!

  36. Welcome them? Janet Mills you don't know what you're inviting into your welcoming America. Come to Africa, see what you will get with your invitation.

  37. "Isn't that nice". With her sarcastic tone, she hit the nail on the head. That political, feel good posturing makes me cringe. I feel bad that a lot of people are dumb enough to swallow that garbage while the politicians separate themselves from any of the filth that they create.

  38. Let the honest refugees who are fleeing a miserable situation into the country on a few mandatory conditions.
    1. They get vaccinated.

    2. They all get sterilized. The USA is full , I agree with Trump on that point. Procreating is not a basic human right. Food, shelter and decent medical are basic human rights.
    3. Also, they must serve in the armed forces, or trained to join the work force. Or volunteer for teaching Spanish , volunteer at homeless shelters, inner city schools etc. , help to build houses for homeless.

    4. The refugees, if they are 15 years , or when they turn 15 must get mandatory permanent sterilization, and if they want a family, there’s a billion kids in third world countries who need a kind family. If they choose to adopt children, they must get a financial incentive and perks.
    5. The USA must treat the refugees with empathy and humanely.
    6. Any gang members or MS 13 get sent back to their country – nothing else.

    Read my comment with an open mind.

  39. More cities around the USA need to do the same thing, welcome those who need a hand. One day you may be in their shoes. Besides it is the humane action to take. Good job Maine!

  40. when are we going say enough is enough? STOP VOTING FOR THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY…america is at a tipping point! look how people are treating each other!! WE DO NOT WANT WAR WITH EACH OTHER, THAT IS WHAT GOVT. WANTS. The new keft creates the problem, manages the narrative and then "fixes" it with demonizing and weaponizing folks. THIS IS THEIR PLAYBOOK!

  41. I'm all for it, as a Conservative Libertarian who's against Illegal Immigration the Congolese are an exception. They come from true despair, where kids die regularly from preventable diseases and there's entire slave classes of people like the Pygmy. That's who America should help and let seek asylum, the most needy. South American Hispanics are living THE DREAM compared to those in the Congo. Also the Congolese won't bring the gangs and drugs.

  42. Dems: Oh lets welcome every person who wants to come to america.

    Me: But where are you going to put them, where are they going to find housing, what school are there children going to go to, what jobs are waiting for them?

    These are questions the Dems need to answer!

  43. This is what the Democrats are up to, fill your state with emigrants and let them vote, which push the American voter aside, vote republican! trump 2020!

  44. I'm really looking forward to the disaster in the making, American Children & Youth agencies dealing with immigrant kids when they are so badly inundated with American-born kids. There are never reports of C&Y operations enjoying great success, and that's because they aren't. It's a tough situation that's bursting at the seams.

    It will be another disaster, my only question to me is, Gee, do I think I will laugh hysterically when I read about this very problem in a year or so.

    Hard to say.

  45. pouring in here to suck off the government ..many of them for the rest of their lives….What about our citizens and children and vets and homeless…..Stop pouring in all these immigrants ..many may bring in diseases with them also….crime etc…we need to vet our borders ..Dems don't want to do anything but open the flood gait ..Vote ..its your voice !

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