President Trump: I don’t blame China, I blame past leadership


  1. Trump feel completely exhausted, when he sees dishonest people having wealth, or cruel people receiving respect and power

  2. Roberta Spence🤔Thoughts and prayers 🕊🌊SAVE🦅AMERICA🗽SAVE🕊OUR🌎PLANET🌊🐬🐳🦢🦜🐘🐅🐇🐒🌴🌵💐🌲

  3. Yes the other dumbass presidents are to blame. But in real news: the National Review has reported: Anti-Semitic and racist Ilhan Omar’s Campaign Has Paid Over $200,000 to Her Lover for ‘Fundraising She needs a good Shri Law pimp slap. I did not know Muslims allowed home-wrecking a family's

  4. Look at all the ball-less people talking trash here. Some of you can't even manage to be community leaders or hold down your own businesses and yet you trash talk about Trump, who has enough balls to deal with China and other countries that are killing the American economy due to political correctness. Trump is arrogant, I'll give y'all that, but you trash talkers have no idea what is takes to do what he's doing regardless of your senseless name calling.

  5. I don’t blame you, I blame the government for allowing you to make millions on the backs of many taxpayers money.
    Mr. 6 time plus Bankruptcist con artist. And where were the Feds have been all this time?

    I wonder how many brown people had to pay for white people crimes?

    Is When and where the malicious investigation kicks in!?

    Nasty, a disgrace Feds!

  6. Its everyone's fault for voting the same globalist politicians. We let them do what they want.Look what they are doing to Tulsi .He is not wrong think about it.

  7. Watch Steve Bannon on the trade war. Vastly more insightful than the China News Network. Suck a dick motherfuckers!!! TRUMP 2020

  8. Just how much did the Chinese pay the democrats to screw us for so many years?? Obama just bought another multi-million dollar beachfront home!…Pelosi and her husband we know have millions from the Chinese! The Clintons…well they probably speak good Chinese and no doubt have gotten hundreds of millions they screwed everybody!! Joe Biden has gotten rich from the Chinese…the only people to lose out were the American people!…democrats are the biggest hypocrites in modern history a well as the worst liars!

  9. He's right paying China billions so they will trade with the U S what are you a moron fair trade it's why our country is in debt because of stupid deals and the demo rats made the majority of them

  10. This is CNN news. The most Trusmpter news not trusted news. I miss fredo. Fredooooo

  11. Donald trump is a very weak person generally and he has no manners at all he insults everyone who does not look like him to him if you brown stick around and if you black go back he is an arsehole

  12. Trump is jealousy about China 🇨🇳 progress on technology and 5g is colonial language will divide the world about China progressive

  13. "I have german in my blood"….. Yeah and syphilis, herpes, and a number of other diseases are probably in there too. #dirtymushroomdick

  14. There happen strange things and I hear that a man tell that he know all so that he hear that the people they work hear kill people and when a man tell this nurses the thru they do something while he nothing do and this nurses put me yesterday with now reason with five cables on my bed to bring me some where where they almost kill me with a dialyse machine. And after they do something with a man a other group people looking to me while I see that this nurses walking behind a man with a beard


  16. I'm a fan of American culture, I think protestantism is very similar to Confucianism, and I'm a Confucian believer, but America let me down! When your country gets sick, you blame it on China? You americans turn a blind eye to your own domestic ills, gun violence, racism, drug abuse, education imbalance, illegal immigration, I can go on and on, day in and day out, waging war internationally that makes other countries wonder, what's wrong with this beautiful country, god's beloved city on the hill? Americans, you don't know your own problems? Or do you americans just want to divert your attention and pressure by playing with the contradictions of the country? As a Chinese who admires America, let me give you some advice. If these problems are not solved, the United States will pay a heavy price sooner or later. Ban guns, build walls, rebuild the education system, regulate Wall Street, crack down on drug trafficking, don't go to war abroad. Keep it up, and the economy will recover, and America will remain the proud city on the hill. The United States can be great again. Trump is almost destroying the United States. Otherwise, what if the United States wins the trade war? I don't want war to break out on both sides of the Pacific one day, yes! You may win in the early stages, but in east Asia, China is the real uncrowned king!

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