Prince Andrew’s Accuser Virginia Giuffre Speaks Out In New Interview | TODAY


  1. Bloody liar randy andy. Your powerful mother called QUEEN Elizabeth 11 will not save you this time. Wicked people. 🤣🤣🤣😜😜😜😜😱😱😱🐍🐍🐍🐍🦅🦅🦅🖕🖕🦅👎👎👎👹👹👹🐖🐖🐖👣👣👣

  2. Epstein's banker was found swinging from a rope, right before he was to be questioned by the FBI. Where's that new developing story Today?

  3. Yeh its hard one to grasp too. She is cryin. But why they not grabbed maxwell by now probably cause andrew is hiding her or protecting it seems. Yeh a complicated story of he said she said. But its the royal always feel above the law this sounds bad to andrew. H

  4. He dripped sweat and sperm over her, then thanked her as he staggered out the door to go downstairs and take a slurp of vino.

  5. 0:34 #HUGE #SMILES #HAPPY as can be #GIUFFRE….. How can you have a joyous smile Giuffre??? When you say you’ve been abused??? You seemed to have enjoyed yourselves in this pics??

  6. Not sure what to think about this. Why was she aloud to go when she was that young? She has some horrible parents that’s all

  7. She's after that 577 million that epstein left behind! Ask yourself what she was doing with epstein at 17 instead at home with her parents.

  8. A very simple answer from Andrew would show his character:
    As you know many are looking for your friend Ms. Maxwell- Have you or anyone on
    your behalf contacted any or all of them to offer your knowledge of Ms. Maxwell’s
    whereabouts, her contacts in Israel (where her father hid after stealing people’s
    money), emails, phone numbers, user names she used, and any of your records
    which might be used to trace her?????? If so, when and  who did you contact? If not, why not???

  9. 17 is not underage. She looks very happy in the photo. She knew what was up then just like she knows now.Her parents were probably aware too. They are all a pack of money hungry liars and Epstein is the scum they look for.

  10. This should be a warning to all people who have someone they love and care about. This could have been your grandmother, mother, your sister, your cousin, your aunt, your daughter your friend. Epstein and Andrew are pedophiles. I have no doubt they also abused boys and men. Experiencers come forward and share your pain.

  11. Marcus Allen, the handler for Meghan Markle spent time on Epstein's yachts. So did Meghan. What a coincidence. When someone starts questioning the Clintons, maybe I'll get tough on Prince Andrew. Right now the Epstein debacle is being used against the Royal Family by people just like the Clintons and the Obamas. They would love to see the monarchy dissolve. To be frank, there is no evidence that Andrew knew how old she was. She was 17, months away from 18 and surely looked to be the age of consent. She was tall, slightly chubby, and well developed. She seems happy and at ease in her pic with Andrew. Does he truly not remember her? Seriously, for a girl who for all appearances was of age, she really wasn't something so special it would be carried in your mind for any reason. She is being used as a political tool and will likely be richly reimbursed from Esptein's estate.

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