Prince Andrew’s American Accuser Asks The British People For Support | NBC Nightly News


  1. And to think that before any of this, the term "royal" made me puke into my own mouth a little. It's gotten nothing but worse as these disgusting excuses for humanity are allowed to inflict themselves upon the rest of us.

  2. he's a pedo, he knows he's a pedo, the royal family are incestous buggers. Give him a cell next to cosby, or they can be celly's.

  3. Royal Shamly. It's all one big sham of scammers who've been taking from people through history. Living luxury lifestyles at taxpayers expenses. They have a lot of dirty laundry.
    I give her a lot of credit for standing up!

  4. so what ….this interveiw is very lame…the hand is around her. . . there they are taking a photogragh…who'd have thought you pose for a photograph!!!!!!!???!. who is the women in the back…she got hugged and he sweated on her when they danced ….not much of an allegation. . . .she was working it . . . because. . . she was a working for epstein . . . she said it herself. . . oh she doesn't blink which is really creepy

  5. Hey Virginia, how much were you getting paid? Is the worry about going to jail for prostitution the reason for not going to the cops?

  6. You can tell from her emotions she relives it everytime she talks about it. He makes me sick to listen to him. He should be locked up.

  7. He was so hideous she did the horizontal bop. Give this one some cash so she goes away already. Women lie folks…surprise!

  8. Photo's don't lie. This was no cavalier acquaintance with Epstein as Andrew wants us to believe. They were obviously good buddies over a long period of time. I can certainly understand why Andrew would try to lie however!! Good Grief!! Thank you Virginia for your Courage in speaking up and loudly!!

  9. The EU wants to interview this accuser but she has not offered to be made available for interviews or meet with EU law enforcement and that means she could be interviewed in the US but since she has not cooperated her story seems fabricated and based on possible blackmail attempts and other illegal behavior that will increase the interest in her from the EU since she is targeting several EU citizens and has been with the help of the US media for years but presenting zero proof and she could possible have an intent to harm EU citizens

  10. who is that American news reporter at the end talking about nbc whatever? is that a real person? it kinda looks like a robot head what are they? those synthetic robot heads? the votes out on his body havent seen him move enough but i dunno man! im calling robot..i gotta stop smoking weed..

  11. Absolutely well done to her and ALL other poor victims! Definitely keep it up! On the other hand, absolutely shame on "Prince" Andrew! Even children can comprehend that he is absolutely GUILTY!

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