1. click bait, came to see a violent fire or throwing things at police. If I don't see a video then these idiots are unsubbed, sick of click baiters. Show the actual video or quit hyping it up.

  2. Trump should be hanged.That’s what America did to traitors in the good old days working with Commie spies.TRAITOR!💩

  3. I'm so ashamed to be a democrat ….. this is not democracy.
    No one ever did this to Obama even though conservatives hated him
    We are better than this

  4. I support Ilhan Omar but this just sucks
    She should have spoken out against this
    We can't beat trump by being like him

  5. I swear….; you cannot ever accuse the left of having any class at all. These are straight frickin animals! And no one on the left if calling it out so they must be the same thing.

  6. Omar and her new lover were filmed here in mask at these riots. If you dont believe me look it up. It's time for the right to storm the halls of Congress and get her out of there. Enough is enough.

  7. Lazies who want someone else to take care of them, some who got sexually used by liberal pig professors who put them in deep debt for crap degrees and all this while supporting politicians how who’ll make sure there are no jobs.

  8. this is another reason why I cannot stand the Democratic supporters you're throwing things at the horses what the f*** do the horses have to do with anything you're evil anyone who supports the Democratic party. You are no good you are no good

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