Punishment || Latest telugu comedy short film with subtitles 2016 || alidra TV | by kkr

Hey, I gotta tell u a story
Tell me two
listen first bro
okay, go on
did teacher ever punish u at school ?
No, they used to bash me a lot
Why ? They never punished you ?
Never Punished ?!?!?!
They used to bang me like a laundry
BTW, why are u telling all this
How about in college bro ?
What are u talking bro ?
Punishing at college ?
Will any college beat up their students ?
They are beating up bro ๐Ÿ™
I wont believe
Take a look at this, you’ll understand
Whosoever was absent yesterday are called into Vice Principal’s room
Hey, what are u doing over there ?
come inside
Are u playing hide n seek with me ?
what’s ur roll number ?
42 sir
why didn’t u come yesterday ?
Sirrr..there was too much traffic
by the time I got into bus and reached here
Gates were closed sir
Is it ?
Yes sir
But, yesterday there was bus strike
God Damn it!! Screwed up
should have come up with a better excuse
you’re caught
even I thought so sir
come here and stretch ur hand
what man ?
Whats this ?
Seems like u have fever sir, ur body is hot
Dude, he is beating up
Lets say some lame excuse n walk away
I’ll say, I had fever and you say u have stomach upset
Lets say it vice versa
Look at ur face
who took u out for the movie yesterday
you only bro
listen to me then
Stretch ur hand
Stupid fellow
If u skip college again, will rip ur skin off
ok sir
why didn’t u come ?
My granny is sick
Had to take her to hospital sir
Is it ?
What happened to her?
Heart stroke sir
So, after admitting her u left for the movie
Movie ?!
I beg u, plz dont do this drama
I’m telling u the truth sir
Then y did I find u at Apsara theater
u must have gotten confused sir
I seriously saw u at Apsara theater man
When am at Alankar theater
how will u find me at Apsara theater sir ?
Shit! Am screwed up
Caught ya man
sorry sir
I was just beating in the bush
you were caught
Why do u people give lots of unnecessary sickness to ur family members
Come! Stretch ur hand
Is it painful bro ??
No dude, he’s playing touch me not game with me
He’s beating black and blue bro
Say something man
I dont think I asked u to tell that
I didn’t come yesterday sir
Really ?
Yes sir
Isn’t that the reason why I called u guys here
Why ain’t u talking ?
Why are you beating us like kids sir
Hit me with stick only sir
That feels much better
Tell me man
Oh my! Dance, you dancing !!
Ur parents are struggling hard
To send u guys to college
and you guys are busy with Beers & Cigarettes
Sirrr !?!
I don’t smoke sir
Only beer
Oh! Health care is it ?
Bashed me completely
Need to apply some ointment
What man ?
u wont talk to me ?
Did u cut off ur friendship with me (Sarcastic note)
Who is this guy man
What about u man ?
Woke up late sir
What did u do the whole night ?
I slept sir
Oh really ?
Say something else
I dozed off sir
What man, answering very recklessly
Come stretch ur hand
Acting smart ?
No sir
I saw u throwing chalk piece at Swathi madam
Whats ur name man ?
Parthu sir
Okay, don’t skip the classes
Say something
I had mot.. err.. no no
Fever sir
Damn! he’s caught
Seems like u are confused
Yes sir
I’ve mild headache sir
Not sure what am talking about sir
Why did u come today to college then ?
Today we’ve Practicals sir
So only..I’ve come sir
What is this man ?
Go write a leave letter
Go home and take rest
Okay sir
Phone rings
Whats that sound ?
Phone sir
Since am not well
My parents asked me to carry one sir
Just in case if I faint somewhere
Is it ?
Give me
I’ll talk to them man
Please sir
( Other side of the call )
Where the hell are u bro
Banners taht we had put yesterday on the display were taken down today
Come quick bro
Let’s screw them
But..am gonna screw ur friend
Who is gonna rescue him ?
So fu**d up
Come this side man
U told u had fever
Sorry sir
Please sir
Dont beat me sir
U skipped college
Sneaked out for the movie
Acting like a hooligan there
Lying that u have fever
U thought am done ?
Not yet
Get ur parents along tomorrow
Okay sir
Go now
Whats ur story ?
Motions sir
Oh wow
Good story
Go on
Thats all sir
I’ll call ur parents now
If u seemed to have lied to me
I am gonna make u bend down at that corner
Please dont do that sir
I cant bend
Will never skip the classes sir
Forgive me this one last time sir
Who are u bluffing man
Am not gonna let u guys go so easily
Will arrange a Parents Teacher meeting
Will show them ur grades
At least then u guys will learn
Well said sir
U tried to bluff sir
U think sir is too dumb to..
understand ur cock n bull stories ?
Sir is very talented dude
Improve ur brain bro, not the body
Beat him up sir
He’ll realize then at least
What about u man ?
I was busy completing pending records yesterday sir
I’ve completed almost all the pending work sir
Won’t skip anymore sir
Okay, go
Thank you sir
What dude, acting smart before sir
Chuck it bro
Sometimes we have to use our intelligence bro
These stories like motions and all won’t work
He’s not a dumbo
He’s extremely smart
Somehow I fooled him with my intelligence
How s my acting ?
Very nice
Why are u looking there when am talking to u
After a while, u wont be able to see nowhere
What ?
[email protected]#@##
Sir, just one last time sir
This the issue bro
People are beating up this way at our college bro
OMG! Why is he hitting that bad bro
College or primary school ?
Thank God! I’ve not taken admission there


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