Punya Prasun Bajpai: The Truth behind ABP News Resignation | Dhruv Rathee

Namaskar Friends, Let’s talk about the ABP news crisis and the truth behind it
what happened in this news channel that the renowned journalist Prasoon Bajpai had to resign?
I’m going to tell you in his own words.
He has said such shocking things that will surprise you.
Come, Let’s see.

This whole story begins on 20th June, 2018.
On 20th June our Prime Minister was on a video conference with some farmers of our country
The conclusion of this whole video conference was that basically Modiji is doing a great work for the farmers
and our farmer friends are very happy too.
During that video conference a farmer said that her income has doubled.
and as compared to the earlier how much has your income increased?
It has doubled sir.
Okay and the other ladies who are working with you even their income must have increased?
Yes Sir

Actually our Prime Minister has promised us that by 2022 Framers Income will be doubled.
So this video conference was somewhere pointing to that direction showing that the farmers’ income has started to double already.
After that ABP news sent their ground reporters to Chhatisgarh specifically to ask this lady whether her income has doubled or not.
And on 6th July Punya Prasoon Bajpai telecasted this truth on his show.
His show was called as Master stroke and it used to air between 9-10 at ABP news.
Reporter- The crops field that you have of 2 acres has the income doubled due to that?
Lady- No
This Lady’s name is Chandramani and she said that no, my income has not doubled.
After that the Village Sarpanch was asked what is the truth and he said that a team from Delhi came to their village
and that team selected some farmers and said that when you will talk to Modiji on the video conference then you will have to say so and so things.
Interviewee- That lady has told as she was instructed by the Delhi team but In reality Chandramani Kaushik, the lady who has told the double profit in the agriculture is not seen in reality.
and naturally friends, after this the Government was completely jeopardized.
Such a big lie of theirs was getting exposed on a mainstream media and that too at the prime time!
BJP Ministers started tweeting against the news channel saying that how can you do so? You are not supporting our Prime Minister in his initiative, you are against the farmers.
A very Interesting tweet was from INB minister, Rajavardhan Rathore
He said that some News channel has the agenda of defaming PM Modi and the truth is something else in this case.
He even shared a link of mynation.com website, website whose name I’ve never heard of!
But this website had an article and a video of Chandramani.
I take the pulp out of custard apple and I’ve told the double income due to that.
They were talking about the agriculture but I said that I got it from the custard apple, we work about custard apples.
and I told the same directly to the Minister that earlier we used to give that for 50rs but now after the practicals we take the pulp out of it and our income has increased to double.
Double income was about the pulp and not about the agriculture.
Here she said that my income didn’t doubled because of the Crop harvesting but due to the custard apple.
and this same thing was repeated many a times by the BJP ministers and workers online.
After that Punya Prasoon Bajpai sent his ground reporters once again to that village to find out the truth.
and this time just not Chandramani but also the other women in her group were asked whether their income has doubled or not?
Interviewee- and this year after calculating all the money then we have not even got our profit sir.
Reporter- Then whatever is told by Chandramuniji about the double profit what is the truth about it?
Interviewee- It’s been said to take the group further. Reporter- Has it not doubled? Interviewee- No, Sir! There’s no profit.
Reporter- How much profit have you got like you have worked for one year, two years.
Interviewee- Nothing Sir, we pay 100rs ourselves, we haven’t got even that!
Once again Chandramuni was asked that other women from your group says that the income has not doubled then how can you say that?
and this time friends Chandramuni was in a complete silence.
Reporter- Tell us why is the other women from the group are accusing that they are not receiving the money, 6000rs that they have deposited they have got only 4000rs, what is the reality here?
what is the reality of 12 people’s income?

We can’t blame Chandramani here because we don’t know what all kind of pressure she must be at
What all kind of threatening she must have received to not open her mouth but we can see the truth here friends.
For the second time Government’s lie has been exposed and this time all the ministers who were supporting also had to face the embarrassment.
Bajpaiji has exposed this on the 9th July episode of Master Stroke and after that all these ministers and supporters continued to maintain their silence.
But friends after 9th July, this channel started to black out.
Many people started complaining from the country that whenever it’s Bajpaiji’s Master stroke time between 9-10, ABP news is blacked out.
and they only see this black screen or a lot of disturbances and interruptions.
Surprisingly this wasn’t the fault of the dish or antenna, all the other channels were running fine it was only for the ABP news and especially between 9-10 pm
ABP news was working first class all the other time. This was observed in many cable operators, TATA sky, Airtel
Later, ABP sources cleared that this problem was created intentionally.
After that the sources of The Wire and Scroll reported that this pressure was building up slowly.
ABP news’ Executive director and CEO they reportedly pressurise ABP news’ Managing Director, Milind Kahndekar and ordered to keep Bajpaiji in control
and on 30th July, this whole crisis reached it’s peak when another daring journalist of APB news, Abhisar sharma presented a show on Lucknow’s daylight shooting.
A restaurant owner was assasinated in the broadlight at Lucknow’s posh locality.
and all this was captured on the CCTV, few people came, they fired and left openly.
coincidentally at the same time Narendra Modiji was at Lucknow calling investors to invest in Lucknow, it’s a very safe place.
This same thing was mentioned by Abhisar Sharma on his show which turned out to be a big problem.
Journalist- Prime minister Narendra Modi was in Lucknow yesterday, he was addressing to businessmen, the intention was to call a large number of businessmen for investing in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh.
But you can see how the criminals are firing at the businessmen fearlessly in this high posh locality.
and the raise of this question is compulsory that when will Uttar Pradesh turn crimefree?
Then friends, ABP news’ Managing Director, Milind Khandekar resigned on 1st August.
and on the next day, 2nd August, Punya Prasoon Bajpai resigned too.
Yesterday, that is on 6th august, Prasoonji has kept his views openly about this topic.
and for an exclusive blogpost for The Wire, he wrote what all was happening from the back all the time.
Friends, whatever he told is very shocking.
I’ve shared the link of this blogpost in the description, you can read that.
But I would like to share some events from that blog post, as they are very shocking events.
Bajpai writes that on 14th July, ABP news’ editor in chief visited him to talk
and in talks he said that you stop taking Modiji’s name and in response Bajpaiji said that it’s going to be very difficult as in every Government scheme, policies Modiji’s face is there.
but he said that you can try, it will be better if you do so and in a few days an order is issued to ABP news that Narendra Modi’s name will not be mentioned in Master stroke show.
Few days after this another order is issued that even Narendra Modi’s face shouldn’t be shown in this show which is going to be further difficult.
Bajpaiji writes that between 2014-2018 106 new Government schemes have been announced.
and each and every scheme has been announced by Modiji himself.
so in every thing, Modiji’s name, face is there, his publicity has been used.
Then how can we refrain from taking his name?
Bajpaiji further writes that to manipulate news, Modi government has made a monitoring team of 200 people under Additional Director General of INB ministry.
This monitoring team works under three levels.
Out of them 150 people are for monitoring the news channel. So everyday they watch what all kind of content is been shown on which all news channel.
Out of them 25 people shape narratives, so they decide which content should be shown on the channel.
the remaining 25 people give the final review to this content.
After that all the information this monitoring team is collecting is compiled by 3 officials and a report is prepared and this report is presented to the INB minister.
that is information and broadcast minister.
INB ministers give this report to PMO officials who issues directives to the editors of different news channels and tell them what should be broadcast on the news channels
what all is wrong, what you need to remove and what all we need you to show.
Bajpaiji states that the control over the news channels has reached to the point that even if a news channel says bad about Modi for 10% times although it has shown him in the positive light for the rest of the 90% times
so for that 10% of bad, BJP spokesperson stops going to that news channel
Like at ABP news, no BJP spokesperson has come since the last week of June.
So this is the truth of our country’s news channel these days.
Now some people will say that tell us first how the news channels used to work during the time of Congress.
How were the news channel during the time of Congress, today and the time of last BJP Government, Vajpai’s time; this thing is explained every well in a speech by Punya Prasoonji.
This speech is 2 months old but it will explain very nicely the difference between the scenario of today’s news channel which has stooped so low than during the time of Congress and Vajpayi.
In present time we are being scared during the time of Congress we were advisory
Don’t show riots in bharat groups, don’t show protest regarding Telanagana
There used to be advisory and Journalists used to be called
In today’s time directly people are killed.
You can get calls from anywhere, it can be from the ministry from PMO, from the BJP head quarters.
That time things were accepted, advisory is there, journalists should be called and it was not even shown during that time too
and journalists used to agree about leaving things and in today’s time it is directly told.
So, can this not be accepted that in this country no institution is left?
My Friends who has been with Vajpayee says that when they used to go to meet Vajpayeeji that time it used to feel that among the PMO all are Prime Ministers.
Vajpayeeji is not the prime minister.
and he even goes now and he says that now I feel only one person is the Prime Minister and rest of all are nothing!
No one is even the minister, nothing and what to do?
and this is why it is told Friends that in our country there’s an undeclared emergency going on.
The level to which our media has stooped down was never before in our country.
How many news channels dare to critcise the government?
How many new channel dare to take Narendra Modi’s name show his last speeches and point out his Jumlas to you?
and show his lies to you.
I can say that in the Hindi mainstream news channel just 3 such people were there, Ravish Kumar ji, Abhisar sharma ji and Bajpaiji.
Now Bajpaiji had to resign, Abhisar Sharma has been sent on leave Abhisar Sharma is also been pressurized to stop making blogs on social media which he used to do.
So he has even stopped that.
In some way now Ravish Kumar is the last man standing in the Hindi media
This same story is in the English media too, just few countable people are there who can criticise here.
All the criticism you see about the government, all the actual journalism that we see in today’s time has slowly shifted to online.
The wire, Quint, Scroll, The print all these new ones are just online. Independent media in our country has been completely finished on TV.
and the solution for this is not easy friends
Imagine even in 2019 if the Government changes, then what is the guarantee that the upcoming government will let the journalists stay independent?
It can be possible that the new Government treat the journalists even worse than this.
can even try to control them even worse than this.
One thing can be that you can yourself support independent journalism.
This happens in most of the developed country.
Tax payers’ money is used to fund the news channel, this money doesn’t go diverted from the government but some amount from the tax goes to the channel directly
BBC is one such news channel in UK which works this way, Deutsche Welle in Germany works this way.
So this system is adopted by most of the developed country through which the Government is not able to make their influence on the news channel.
and the media here remains independent.
Till this thing doesn’t happen in our country I would say donation is the best option.
You can donate to your favourite news website, it doesn’t need to be a big amount, it can be any little amount.
Just every month, donate a little amount regularly.
If most of the people starts doing it then the independent media of our country can sustain very easily.
So share this video Friends and if you like my work the you can donate on patreon.com/DhruvRathee so that I can continue making such videos.
Let’s meet in the next video. Thank you.


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