Real Working LEGO Television TV Set Custom MOC

Hey everyone! JAYSTEPHER with my
latest custom build. It is a Lego Television Set. Here we have Jay The Surfer. On the right-hand side,
we have our controls. On the bottom, the infrared sensor. I used a few red transparent plates and transparent brown flat tiles to let the signal pass through. This is a working Lego television. I will demonstrate that in a bit. Here’s the LCD panel. This took some time to center this up with tiles and plates. I used some slopes for the bezel. We do have side-firing speakers. I was messing around with how
I was going to do the speaker grills. They turned out real nice. Here’s the rear. It’s even flat tiled as well. Here’s the other speaker. Let’s slide these two levers in to open up the back. I did use some lattice plates to let some air inside the set. Here’s the inside of course. The chassis and the speakers. This was a television rescue. The chassis is from a Sylvania television. I had two capacitors and a
voltage regulator that went bad. So I end up replacing those, and the TV came back to life. However the original cabinet
that was with the TV was brittle and falling apart. So I thought why not make a working
Lego television with the parts. Here’s the locking mechanisms. Now there is risks when
building with electronics mainly due to static discharge. You have to be careful
not to build up a charge and zap out our semiconductors which are ICs inside. One zap could pretty much
cremate your semiconductors. Here’s the bottom. It sits on four legs. Now let’s see this TV perform. We have the wall wart. I’m going to feed this through the hole. I did not want to attach
a panel on the back. It would not be sturdy enough to press on. The Lego bricks and plates that are
used in the television are not modified. Every brick and plate is stock. So no plates have been altered in any way or bricks have been modified. There we go! Feed that through. Now I live in a very rural area. We do not get TV over-the-air very easily except for a roof antenna. So I have to feed in a coax. This can get pretty tricky. Just like with the power adapter, I did not want to mount
the F-fitting on the back. Now if anybody’s interested
in more Lego projects that involves technology, let me know. I’ll sure make more of these. This was a really fun project. Very challenging. Honestly this is my favorite moc yet other my houses and
bathrooms of course. Making sure that this is
getting locked in place. It feels like it’s taking forever
to screw the F-connector in. I think I got it. Making sure that it doesn’t fall off. Let’s close up the back. Lock our mechanisms. I don’t need the back to come out. Let me plug the TV in. Okay! If everything goes well, this TV should turn on. This coax is a bit stiff. The front buttons do work. There we go! Turn up the sound a bit. Let’s see what’s on TV. It’s got a nice picture for being a small TV. I don’t get a whole of over-
the-air television channels. Seems like there’s mostly infomercials on. It is a nice television nonetheless. Trying to find something
interesting to watch. We even do have a remote
for the TV as well, and it does pass through the
transparent tiles and plates. Very handy. Really nice TV. I hope everyone enjoyed the
tour of the Lego Television Set. Thank you for watching!


  1. I saw this I'm was like "you have to be joking, I bet u put a tv inside legos. BUT it caught my attention so let's just watch it"

    Edit: After watching it, I'm amazed. Awesome?
    Sorry for doubting that this was fake
    This is again awesome

  2. i will buy it!! I dont care if you dont sell it or sell it because it is freacking awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. do you have the instructions for it so i can watch some tv or play video games or watch dvd vhs and blu ray

  4. Cool I was building a LEGO tv case for my phone so I can play game with my ps4 controllers but i saw that you build a real tv that works

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