Renee Zelwegger looks back at Bridget Jones | The Graham Norton Show – BBC

You famously worked in publishing. Oh yes,
I did, I did for a little while. What did
you do in publishing? I have no idea, I have
no clue. Well how long did you do it because
this was in preparation for Bridget Jones?
Yeah. So how long did you do it for? Well
let’s see, I went over in January and we started
filming after Easter so a good few months.
So like you must have done something? Well
yeah I did. I got the coffee, I made the coffee.
And cut anything out of the local periodicals
that are about the authors that the publishing
company represented. So I would do that and
then file them away. And I had to organise
the book launches and things like that. And
who did they say you were? They said that
I was Bridget Cavendish, so a relative of
the gentlemen who owned the publishers. Which
explained why I got the job with absolutely
no skills whatsoever.

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