Russian TV Anchor Comes Out On Air, Gets Fired IMMEDIATELY

a Russian TV anchor came out during a
newscast in fact is that the following I’m day and I’m just the same person as
you are my dear audiences President Putin as prime minister Medvedev and the
deputy Zafar doom a out now after he said that of course he
got fired immediately because in russia they don’t like gay people up so he expected that to happen afterward he went on CNN and he said the
following the secular bigoted somebody stupid because some should do it to end are you
know I decided that it’s time to the 00 p.m. am it’s time to
be open are for me that said so this guy’s enormously brave me out and
he said look I made a lot of money in TV and and I in RVC would’ve made more mate
but he decide to come out and come out when not when the heat was
receding but when is epic and so that makes it
particularly craig’s is one thing I mean this country we’re getting better we’re not there yet
but you know I’m assuming a lot of progress and then our season sports
figures and that’s great but this guy in the middle love Russia
met the first wall in a statement is just technically
correct because the russian people have flipped on the issue they’re actually
more tolerant before and there’s been a lot of propaganda
there now less tolerant gays and gay rights gay marriage it’s enright
in Russia and then of course they pass the laws
say that you can do an equal propaganda meeting did you can say anything positive about gays
were being gay I just I just think he’s just who incredibly at it’s incredibly brave
especially when you have a %uh some members of the media in russia and some
public officials that call for really penis violent
actions to be taken against gay people I mean we’ve covered on the show so not only does he lose his job I think
that in in the country right now she really jeopardize is his own safety and he basically says like look this is
my way of protesting what’s happening in my own country right now any like of course he stands to lose a
lot of money as a result is out but he said look I made enough money in my career so
far I can take care of myself this was totally worth it I’m we ought
to give him asylum Michael pay back asylum year yeah other
or were you saying that the russian people
were actually more in favor %uh gay rights were couple years ago
yelling at said they say they may God bless the work well together yes is yes you are so weird like increase in neo-nazis in Russia as well
which is crazy wild if in his partly you know it economic times are always tough right
but I though the tougher they get the more
people turn out and they need a scapegoat I this is we’ve seen this movie before
in this case important has been more and more he’s
grab more more power rate and so people were upset at him and
there was mass demonstration the setup news like let me do the oldest trick in
the book let me divert their anger in the rage in their frustration
to other right and the other the paper is
an easy one its case especially cuz he’s been trying
to get the Coptic vote an officer orthodox you have two
questions yeah Christian vote in russia because they’re
growing and so it was an easy way to get their vote their support solidify his base if a god and gays you
gotta go get the gays right and so it’s it’s really ugly did
you have a whale’s found that headline
mediate I’m using L the game but it’s a its Russian TV
anchor fired after coming out as a gay man at most two I just read yesterday bill
that we need to the man I thought it got coming out as a gay
yeah there was no coming out as gay we’re
coming out for app know what this guy go for a job Russia
this point at it in russia who I think he’s a the just a whole lot are
assessed values the country that Yelp maybe nor with Aprilia mister
head hurts it ok brothers not probable in Russian
where’s he gonna right I yeah and eastern over Russia
India how the republics got their shapes
something like that you get to the country doing a few a geography show that the way what is
this Real Housewives a flat about stockholder that yep a epic trek to so she’s as it’s called still don’t get
Bravo any ideas el país they are running out of cities
to exploit housewife I have it you know i i whatever you hope
%uh you know you look you see this newsies
be as English is is broken but maybe I don’t like like I’ll now I badly want
CNN International the show yeah higher have a job it was
ok you know should I am a newbie creepy remove al-jazeera digitizes up but I was there
america do is provide be a Russian experts done like get it
get it going it’s like a perfect example of how being gay is a choice like who the hell would choose to go
through with this guy’s going through right now yeah you know damian Mike as I said you
know his financial well-being and his physical well-being is now in
jeopardy because he came out today is somebody who’s made a string of bad
decisions the first one being gay the Second Coming Azawad choice after another that yeah


  1. I guess it depends upon the roles of these Russian leaders with regards to the anti-gay legislation. There would be no apparent benefit in outing leaders who were not overtly supportive of but powerless to stop anti-gay legislation for instance.

  2. He knew what he was doing, and he did it with great composure and careful articulation, I see no ignorance there. He found it time to take a stand against homophobia, which may be unprofessional if his job is only to report, but deserves nothing but praise and applause, given the worrying state of affairs in his country. I think his sacrifice can even be considered very professionally conducted.

  3. i know ūüôĀ there thinking everything is ok today bye 2025 doing bad things to children will probaly be called "not a choice" beause it happens so much people really need to step up to the f#cken plate and relizes ITS A DANM DESICION IN 1605 THERE WAS NO GAY WHY IS THERE GAY NOW!

  4. Bitch why are you on every video with gay people talking the same shit! Shut the fuck up you stupid bitch! Move to Russia and send some gays here to replace your dumb ass. PUTA!

    Please prove this, explaining why the scriptures of a few of the world's major religions allegedly condemn homosexuality, despite those scriptures all being written over 1000 years ago.

  6. So are these Turkish broadcaster .I m assuming the heavy set man was staying life is getting better in Turkey about gays I don't think so

  7. Why are gay rights even an issue warranting a national debate? Who the fkkk cares what the gays do……there are far more important issues to discuss and solve than talking about BS such as this..

    The right and left of this country is filled with wackos who have these strict ideologies that they blindly adhere to……fkkking morons

  8. Why don't you have someone at Young Turks that are against homosexual marriage? All we hear is the same opinion that the gays should marry and have all the rights, that it's just as normal as heterosexuality. You have no freedom of speech on your show, and you can't say whatever you want. You're just as dictatorial as any other news gathering organization.

  9. Got fired for not sticking to the programme maybe. Your gay agenda doesn't give you the right to do what you want live on air.

  10. America is a country tolerant to homosexuality(even though not entirely), Russia is not. Simple as that. Every single country in the world has its own laws, which you MUST obey or else there will be consequences. In RUS any sort of pro-gay propaganda is against the law, using the media to spread it is simply asking for trouble. I'm legitimately surprised the guy was not arrested for that stunt, I don't think he should be of course but you must stop thinking with Western ideology and understand that he broke the law. The guy is brave, I'll give him that. But it was obvious that he will get in trouble for doing something like this.
    Gay laws of Russia is like American failure Gun Control laws. There needs to be a change, yet there is none. Though american gun control situation is different, citizens actually want to stricken gun control like most of the world, yet government doesn't do anything about it where in gay case both citizens and the government reject them.

  11. Shows what a tyrant Vladimir Putin is and how backwards Russian culture is. It's okay, when the conversative generation dies out, their more Humanist youth will change Russia for the better. 

  12. There are lots of gays in Russia, no one pursues them and no one forces them anything. They only does not boost gay propaganda, because it is against local culture and traditions, it is everyone's responsibility to respect local culture.

  13. What is wrong with these religious bigots on the comment section? Gay people are no different than we are, aside from their sexual orientation, which is completely fine. Homophobia is just as bad as racism, and if Donald Sterling can lose his job for being racist, I think the same should happen to you bags of shit. I respect you guys as people, but your beliefs and ideologies don't mean piss to me.

  14. The news is not there for the news readers to make personal announcements.
    If a newscastor had said "I am straight – Just like¬†Barack Obama and Brad Pitt and Elvis Presley…" he would also have been fired.

  15. I have a suggestion why dont the Young Turks take their ultra liberal elitist bull to Turkey and see what happens to them…I imagine this is why they are in good ole corrupt America

  16. Why is it that heterosexuals that believe in traditional marriage and natural unions between man and woman are somehow bigots and homophobes when nature teaches us that men and women were designed to be with each other not two men or two women…

  17. The Young Turks…aren't you guys from Turkey which is Muslim country? How are gays and women treated in your motherland? You guys have real problem with gang raping western women tourists. And how are you treating Kurdish people currently? And what about Armenian genocide in Turkey??

    I am not supporting Russia on many issues but you, young bigoted hypocrite turks have no moral right to bash Russia on human rights issues. Fix human rights problems in your own muslim Turkey first.

  18. why did the presenter feel it necessary to proclaim his homosexuality on live television?! why the hell do gay people think we are interested in their sexuality?!

  19. So is Russia gonna go through what more accepting countries have experienced in terms of gay acceptance?? I doubt homophobic african countries will get there for a long time yet

  20. Copts are actually Egyptian christians, Russians belong to Russian Orthodox Church which used to be a branch of Eastern (Greek) Orthodox Church.

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